The Good Wife Season 3 Premiere Pics: Work and Pleasure?

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Following a night of passion to close out season two, can Will and Alicia balance work and pleasure? That's one of the key questions viewers have as we head into the September 25 return of The Good Wife.

Based on at least one of the following season premiere photos, released this week by CBS, it appears as if Alicia (and her new haircut) might have some trouble keeping her mind/eyes away from Will. See what we mean below:

Awkward in the Office
A New Alicia
The Good Wife Season 3 Premiere Pic
The Diane Stare

The third season premiere will guest star Peter Jacobson (not pictured here) and focus on the case of a Muslim student accused of killing a Jewish classmate. Oh, yes, The Good Wife will continue to tackle touch subjects in the office, even while focusing a lot this year on the bedroom.

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Sunday is the worst night The game always runs late and screws up the schedule. Please move it back to a weekday


what channel as season 3 the goodwife returned on it said CBS but I can't see anything for sunday


Good job on the first show of the new season. I am glad that Will and Alicia got together. Let's keep them together and keep the heat going. This is the best Va Va Va Voom on network TV in a long time.The cat and mouse writing that is usual to keep the shows going gets old and mundane after awhile. Good for you writers and producers for keeping this exciting. After all, Alicia deserves some romance in her life after Peter has been such a jerk. And Will.................YUMMY!!


Why in the world would you move this wonderful drama to Sundays? It was a nice break from all the shootings and murders on other shows. Now you have buried it on late Sundays, competing with football. It is a great show.

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