The Mentalist Season Premiere Promo: Let the Mind Games Begin

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Are you ready for the mind games to begin... again?

On the season four premiere of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane will be in jail. For killing Red John? For killing a Red John imposter? It won't be clear to viewers or to Jane himself when the CBS drama returns on September 22.

But "I believe I have the right to kill the man that killed my family," he argues in the following preview. Will the police agree? Check out photos from the premiere now and then enjoy this trailer:

Visit our section of The Mentalist spoilers for more of a glance ahead.

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aahhh... I love Simon Baker .. anyways... this starts next week here in Australia, I can't wait !!!


The Mentalist jumped the shark!
Last season's finale was a great ending to the Red John story. But the season premier had far too many leaps in logic to be a credible explanation of Patrick Jane's release from jail. For one thing, how did his case go to trial so quickly? And another thing, what compelling argument did he make to the jury that he should be exonerated? This episode was just an example of a lack of imagination and poor writing. If the production team can't do better than that, this series is finished.


Glad to be of help or did I spoil it for everyone. Even with Jane out of jail, and with revenge behind him along with the driving force to impel one to act, it was exacted in a final fantastic way and quite thrilling and satisfying. As he told RJ, he will go on with his life. Sorry to hear that you wont see the new season 'til November in England, bummer!


Genius!! I'm from England so don't know any of that, but love the show! Thanks, it is comforting to know he gets out of jail!


anyone who lives in southern California can find where they are filming, and since they are often filming more than one episode at a time, you can see what they are filming so you can judge what the episode is about sometime. We know they filmed at the courthouse that was used before, and which mall was used for the final episode, the jail is the same one used before, they arenow filming at the beach and were in the Canyon and in palmdale recently. One only has to research locations on line to know. Of course getting access is quite difficult sometime and filming is quite tedious.


How do you know anything about episode 2?


Since we know that episode two sees him already in the field, we can assume that they have all been reinstated along with jane being exhonorated.


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As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night.

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