The Vampire Diaries Season Three Scoop: A Focus on Alaric?

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On season three of The Vampire Diaries...

... Stefan will be globe-trotting and murdering with Klaus.

... Caroline will be wrestling with feelings for Tyler.

... Jeremy will be dealing with the return of two dead ex-girlfriends.

... Damon will be looking sexy and saying a lot of snarky lines.

But what about Alaric? Producer Kevin Williamson actually says he'll play a prominent role, rest assured.

Alaric Pic

"Alaric will wrestle with the death of Jenna because that's going to weigh on him a little bit," Williamson tells E! News. "We're going to see how he mans up with regard to how he can be there for Elena and Jeremy in sort of the family unit, which we hinted at in the finale. We're also going to see him get right in the middle of trying to help save Stefan."

The Vampire Diaries airs new episodes again on September 15.

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