True Blood Review: Boom Goddess?

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So, should we just call her Mantonia at this point? How about Arnie?

Either way, the most significant development to come out of  "Burning Down the House" was actually NOT the return of Eric's memory, but rather the reveal that Marnie is really driving the connection between herself and Antonia. It's not a possession, it's a "union."

And that is gonna create quite the dilemma for Bill over the final two episodes of season four.

A Royal Chokehold

After all, this is war, right? Isn't that what Bill said in response to Tara's possible death if his plan to blow up Moon Goddess went forward? It's a perfectly reasonable point of view, but will it be one he can maintain when Sookie is included among the casualties?

It's easy to take a stance when you have nothing at stake. Let's see what the King decrees on behalf of his kind if it means killing his favorite fairy.

On that note, the scene with Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric going all Reservoir Dogs to close the episode was absolutely awesome, but it did continue a frustrating trend on True Blood: the show always concludes an hour mid-scene, which is a lazy way to create a cliffhanger.
Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric


  • Let's return to Eric for a moment. Considering the effort put in this season to get Eric and Sookie together, so much of which was based on what would happen when his memory returned, was anyone else disappointed at the lack of attention paid to that seemingly major event this week?

Sookie used her fairy powers (she still is a fairy, right? There are two episodes remaining. Did the writers devour some shiny apples and forget all about this storyline?) to reignite Eric's brain, he said he still loved her... and that's was all we got? I'm actually sick of this love triangle (seriously, Sookie loves them both, we get it; either go with the threeway relationship, kill someone off or make her single), so I was happy with a focus on Marnie and the danger she has brought to Bon Temps.

But is it safe to assume the Team Eric members out there were looking for more?

  • Nice moment between the Bellefleur cousins. It seemed a bit random, as it's hard to imagine many viewers all that invested in this relationship, but I'm all for background on Terry, especially if he'll become more prominent on season five with the addition of Scott Foley.

But why did Terry leave him in the woods? Not sure how that is meant to contribute to Andy's healing. Just seemed like a plot device that will come in handy at some point over the next two weeks.

  • RIP, Tommy. And, seriously, don't you dare shift into a living person at any point. Follow that white light. Go on now.
  • I didn't really think Jess could get any hotter. But angry, anti-human, "I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill s**t" Jess? Hotter.
  • Belief in yourself, Tara, said Holly. Find better, less cheesy and cliche-filled dialogue, says TV Fanatic.
  • Jesus may have come across as noble in his invasion of Moon Goddess, but I know better. He just wanted to get as far away from Lafayette's new hairstyle as possible.

What did everyone else think?


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So many problems with this season, and nearly everyone feels the same way with varying reasons. Eric has been completely misused and so has Lafayette. Sookie, you suck. Officially, you suck. Eric has wasted his time with you really and at least he gets to remember the sex you fiiiiinalllallly gave up to him after all his obvious worship of you. She loves both of them? What a load of crap, once you go Eric you never go Bill again. Lafayette was one of the very best characters on this show until he became such a wuss over Jesus. I loved him through all the maenad mess and his captivity by Eric and after that his bite was taken away. He's too effeminate and his hair is unforgivable. So much more I could say but I'm at my pathetic job and need to wrap it up. Hang in there everyone- maybe it will get better.


The 'old' Eric is back!! I love it when he stands by the wall commenting on everything Bill says to Sookie!! His humour is back - so cute!


This is my favourite episode of the season! The 'old' Eric is so much more endearing to watch say 'I love you' than 'emo' Eric.The other story lines are starting to inter-relate like they used to which I really enjoyed. This going back between Bill and Eric is frustrating because it's nothing new, her and Bill had their time (and I honestly don't know how anyone could love someone who had done horrible things to them, Sookie has no self respect sometimes). If Sookie chooses Bill, we all know the triangle will just begin again. Some relationships have to end for new story lines can begin.


Please quit trying to put Bill & Sookie together, Ive only read a few of the books, but like the show better. I believe Eric and Sookie had more of a connection from the start, than her and Bill. Bill tricked her from the beginning, he may of really cared for her, but not truly they way her and Eric started out. Please keep Sookie and Eric together.


Also: Bill's little "Claw" when he wanted to ... kill Eric was too funny. You're not a bird or something, Bill, why the claw?


I keep watching this show, mainly because Alex is hot. I really enjoyed watching the past series but that one is really absurd. The story with lafayette and the spirit made me think about a bad episode of ghost whisperer and this episode was even worse...the mask on Jesus, the last scene that I found hilarious (and not scary at all), the blond one, Nan I think, totally useless, the storylines never completed...I keep watching and thinking how good are the writers of The Vampire Diaries....and how must the true blood actors feel acting in these scenes...I hope Alan Ball will find some way out of this mess...And I've never read the books, so I think that this show is bad in itself...


I think that they need to fire Alan Ball. He is totally screwing this show up. I love the books and while I realize that they probably will not keep this show going for 13 seasons, I wish Alan Ball would get over all the gay crap and stop trying to shove Sookie on Bill. I don't like his view of Faery and the way he made Fairies ugly. Claudine was a major part of the books and he killed her and how will he introduce her fairy grandfather now? Calvin Norris was important in the books and he turned him into an A** and killed him. Sophie Ann and the summit in Rhodes is important to all the characters but most important to Sookie and Eric. I don't expect the show to follow the books to a T but I think it should be at least somewhere in the same zipcode! And when will Sookie get to blow Debbie Pelt away?!? And how is amnesia Eric supposed to bury her and dispose of her car? I think I see how Alcide will become packmaster but I very much dislike the current packmaster. Will I continue to watch the show? Heck, yes! I can't help myself and I think that is why AB is taking such creative liberties with the show. He knows that we will all keep coming back to see what's next even if we hate what he is doing to the show.


This show is the most addicting show i have ever watched and i love it sheech if you all have problems with it stop watching it!
It's not hard to understand why Sookie's in love with both of them there both great and yes they have strayed from the books but it didn't start this season frankly it started in season one with Lafayette not dying ,the show just takes from the book's not copies them and it's great some of it might be a littler out there in bit's but were all still watching and loving it or no one would be on here writing ,

Uncle jackass

WARNING SPOILERS DISCUSSED... Damn, I forgot that despite being defeated, Marnie or somebody else casts a spell to create zombie servants... dawn resurrections! We may yet get a Tommy back in a more twisted form than ever!


I am so DONE with this show. So disappointed how the shows tries to shove Bill with Sookie down our throats. I don't think that I speak alone as an Eric Fan that this show does not care at all about Eric fans. Enjoy! I'm done! Maggie

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