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I'm with wavering truebie; I am frustrated at what a beautiful, vapid thing this show has become. There's been far too much focus on secondary characters and their storylines this season and not enough development and interest in what should have been the major event of the season; the culmination of the Eric/Sookie romance. There's a reason people keep referencing back to book four for this - because it was hot and it worked.

I'm all in favor of taking departures from the source material when it makes sense and things can be improved upon. I'm glad for instance that Lafayette was not killed off as he was in the books. I can't help be feel cheated though when I see what's been done to Sookie and Eric's storyline. I'm still reeling over the inane dialogue and flaky staging of the much anticipated "shower" scene. It was simply one of the goofiest things I've ever seen on television. To be fair, while it lacked brains, passion, and heart, it was beautifully photographed.


Opps! I meant ep clip 11


Spoiler!)If tommy is dead then who is the look-alike in the clip of ep 10 with a part of his face burned?! He still looks dead but how did he end up there outside?

I liked this ep except a few thing:

andy and the v rehab-woods thing- took to much air time

I hated how tommy died-Yes I said it

Lafayette's new hairstyle is awefull its like no one could decide which hairstyle so they went with the predater look

. I think the point if having another person touch the hot door knob was for comeic relief.

Did anyone catch Pam's slight jealously over learning Eric did not call her when his memeory returned? It also seemed like Eric was less loving towards Pam he was distant in body language, like he doesn't feel the same towards her,but why? Was he still at shock with what he remembered and what he just dicussed with sookie and over that fact he said I love you to a human?


Oh for f*ck sake.. erik is not suppose to remember about his time with sookie. And sookie and bill being forced together. Yes we know writers, you love sookie and bill. I know it is an adaption of the books, but please.. this is not an adaption. this just happens to be a show where the people have the same name as characters in a series of books.


sookie's hair looked nice in the last scenes though -maybe a clue as to how involved i am in the storyline, i spent the whole time wondering how i could get such lovely waves in my hair. and did she go to the beauty salon before heading for witch showdown?-


im glad there are only 2 episodes left, im getting tired of watching this waiting for it to get interesting. my problem is i can't leave a story unfinished otherwise id have stopped watching this season a long time ago.
what about the ridiculousness of jesus struggling through marnie's protection wall with a bad halloween mask stuck on his head? tara and that other blond woman's cheesy dialogue? andy suddenly 100% ready to face the world v-less after shooting some cans and wrestling in the woods? i dont care that tommy died but that was IT? THAT'S how they did it?
my boyfriend happened to be watching it with me last night after hearing me rave about true blood for the last 3 seasons, and i was seeing it through his eyes - it has become crap. i was embarassed that my hot sexy vamp show has been reduced to this. either somebody sort it out or i won't be back for season 5


I wouldn't be too surprise if both Eric and Bill state that if Sookie can't choice between them then they would rather leave her alone. I don't think many would protest....

Let Sookie dwell on who to choice...

...which leads to the Scott Foley character or Alcide character. More Vampwiches to come/ or Were-Faery-wich...etc.


I wish they would've spent more time with Eric & Sookie.

Sick of ppl complaining about books & show!! I read the books, loved them! but love the show even more. Seriously if you hate it so much stop watching and just keep on re-reading the books.


I have been thoroughly disappointed with this entire season. I was expecting an electrifying love scene between Eric and Sookie, but instead got a **rass** Viking bed with snow. Are you serious?? I am loosing interest in True Blood, my favorite show.



I think its great they aren't copying the books. Then I'd be bored. I love sookie and bill. People if you don't like the show just read the books and stop complaining already. Glad they finally got rid of Tommy tho. Aaand I person personally like the love triangle. Maybe we will get to see a lil 3 way action haha

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