True Blood Review: Boom Goddess?

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So, should we just call her Mantonia at this point? How about Arnie?

Either way, the most significant development to come out of  "Burning Down the House" was actually NOT the return of Eric's memory, but rather the reveal that Marnie is really driving the connection between herself and Antonia. It's not a possession, it's a "union."

And that is gonna create quite the dilemma for Bill over the final two episodes of season four.

A Royal Chokehold

After all, this is war, right? Isn't that what Bill said in response to Tara's possible death if his plan to blow up Moon Goddess went forward? It's a perfectly reasonable point of view, but will it be one he can maintain when Sookie is included among the casualties?

It's easy to take a stance when you have nothing at stake. Let's see what the King decrees on behalf of his kind if it means killing his favorite fairy.

On that note, the scene with Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric going all Reservoir Dogs to close the episode was absolutely awesome, but it did continue a frustrating trend on True Blood: the show always concludes an hour mid-scene, which is a lazy way to create a cliffhanger.
Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric


  • Let's return to Eric for a moment. Considering the effort put in this season to get Eric and Sookie together, so much of which was based on what would happen when his memory returned, was anyone else disappointed at the lack of attention paid to that seemingly major event this week?

Sookie used her fairy powers (she still is a fairy, right? There are two episodes remaining. Did the writers devour some shiny apples and forget all about this storyline?) to reignite Eric's brain, he said he still loved her... and that's was all we got? I'm actually sick of this love triangle (seriously, Sookie loves them both, we get it; either go with the threeway relationship, kill someone off or make her single), so I was happy with a focus on Marnie and the danger she has brought to Bon Temps.

But is it safe to assume the Team Eric members out there were looking for more?

  • Nice moment between the Bellefleur cousins. It seemed a bit random, as it's hard to imagine many viewers all that invested in this relationship, but I'm all for background on Terry, especially if he'll become more prominent on season five with the addition of Scott Foley.

But why did Terry leave him in the woods? Not sure how that is meant to contribute to Andy's healing. Just seemed like a plot device that will come in handy at some point over the next two weeks.

  • RIP, Tommy. And, seriously, don't you dare shift into a living person at any point. Follow that white light. Go on now.
  • I didn't really think Jess could get any hotter. But angry, anti-human, "I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill s**t" Jess? Hotter.
  • Belief in yourself, Tara, said Holly. Find better, less cheesy and cliche-filled dialogue, says TV Fanatic.
  • Jesus may have come across as noble in his invasion of Moon Goddess, but I know better. He just wanted to get as far away from Lafayette's new hairstyle as possible.

What did everyone else think?


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What a boring episode! Eric getting his memory back was such a major letdown! It was so underwhelming. Sick of the triangle already. Eric/Sookie was boring for me so I was hoping him getting his memory back would make it more interesting but no dice. Sookie should stay away from Bill. King Bill is much more interesting to watch than whiny Bill. Keep him as the friend who supports her. Interested to see what the vamps will do once they find out Sookeh is inside the emporium.
Felt bad for Hoyt but I am pretty sure they are going to kill him off. Terry/Andy scene was a really good one but it took too much of the episode. The only thing I enjoyed was the twist that Marnie was apparently the murderous one instead of Antonia.


I am like most of the other viewers, sick and tired of the Sookie/Bill/Eric love mess. The whining about being in love with both of them is just pure sickening, HBO you have spent a whole season on this boring story line. Get with it, Sookie needs to move on from Bill, he betrayed her, used her, let her have a relationship with Eric, at least it will be more interesting then the same old tiresome Bill. And what in the world has happened to Lafayette, sick of him being afraid of his own shadow. Man he use to be my favorite, now he is boring and tired. Same with Tara, loved her, now bored. Great finally done with the whole Tommy scene that should of been wrapped up last season, instead of tortuing us this entire year with his whining. And Andy on V, never liked this story line, HBO you take some of the strongest most interesting characters and make them into boring chicken crap in less then one season.


the whole lafayette and jesus story line is a big problem. Since Lafayette never made it past the first book. He was the dead person in the back of Andy's car begining of book two. So was the ending of the Bill Sookie love. She moved on to werewolf then a weretiger. i would have love to seen that. Along with the big fight with the witches, it had all the super community involoved. Can we please stop showing bad wolves. In the book not all packs are bad. And our lovely lone wolf is actually part of a pack in the book. They are just missing soo much by going away from the books. Why were season one and two so good. They followed the book more than this season. I hope the next season moves more toward the book not farther away. It would have been funny if Jason would have changed (he did in the book) But since he hasn't a how about a whole lot of little jasons running around hotshots?


What did I think? I really don't think that Alan Ball wants us to think too hard. This season has been a joke in my book. Sadly, I am not laughing. Claudia dying. Fairies are aliens from Space. Really? The whole Sookie is a fairy went out the window for me when the spaceship showed up. How do you go on from there? You can't. Yet, I am still questioning what the heck is the whole demon look when they died. The love triangle between Bill, Eric and Sookie. Boring! I am still reeling from the best sex I ever read in the book to Eric and Sookie going into a shower and it's snowing. Snowing, hot sex with Eric. Snow doesn't come to my mind at all. I have a Good Riddance and glad it's over list.
1.Tommy and his parents story line.
2.The whole my son is a reincarnation of his serial killer father.
3.Andy getting off of V. He shouldn't have been on V in the first place. Some suggestions for Alan Ball.
2. Lafayette and Tara deserve better. Heck at this point they all deserve better.
3. Start writing more about the characters. Less about stupid crap like Tommy, possessed babies, Andy on V, Pam looking like a zombie, Bill becoming King, faeries are aliens, I could go on forever. I know I am repeating myself but it seems that what the fans want just isn't being heard at all. The whole Marnie is the evil witch did surprise me. When Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill walked out of the Van. Well get me a poster on that moment. I actually cheered when Tommy died. It really should have been a sad moment. I feel sorry for Hoyt, Lafayette and Tara. I didn't think it was possible for their characters to get more sad and boring than they already were. Arlene, Claudia, Alcide, Jessica, Jason and Sam, no comment or this will become a novel. I am hoping that I wake up from this nightmare. Come on! HBO you can do better. What the heck are you all thinking. Thanks for letting me vent. Yes, in the end I will always watch the show. It doesn't me I have to like it


I don't read the books but I remember that someone said the Sookie/Bill relationship ended after Sookie knew the truth about him. Well, Book!Bill is even worse than the one on TV, but whatever. WHY, WRITERS, CAN'T YOU JUST DO IT LIKE THE BOOKS?
It's as annoying as the Damon/Elena/Stefan one on The Vampire Diaries.
Also, what happened to S1 Lafayette & Tara? I really liked them at the beginning but right now they're just ... completely useless and boring.
I'm doing a Snoopy Dance that Tommy died, I agree that I liked how they killed them off.
I just hate it that the writers want everybody to love Queen Beel and they don't seem to get that it doesn't work. Even Charlaine Harris was bored of his character after a while.
I really wanna see the fairies & those other things (At the beginning of the season) back, they should explore them more.
If Sookie will be like "I forgive you, Beel, you can haz meh, i am yur sookeh" I will be done with her. This man almost killed you and manipulated you. TAKE THE VIKING.
I'm also waiting for Russell Edgington to come back. Can anybody tell me if he was german? 'Cause he called Sookie a "Schlampe" (And other things, I should not translate) last season, when she does this thing with Talbot - or what's left of him.


No more whining over Bill. Yes you loved him and still care, but move on with things and get with Eric. I know Alan Ball is a big fan of the Bill and Sookie romance, but get with what the fans want, Eric and Sookie. Bill betrayed her terribly, so why all the love!! At least they killed off Tommy, yay. Glad Eric is back to his old self. His bad boy attitude is what we all like. Am looking forward to the next episode and hopefully they will spend a little more time with the Eric and Sookie line.


I'm getting sick of the triangle, too. It was fun for a while when Eric was just vying for Sookie's attention, but now that they've developed a real relationship I'm so over it. Bill hurt Sookie in ways that would have had him arrested for stalking if he were human, but Eric never did. Even before Marnie wiped his brain Eric was honest. He was an ass, but he never lied to Sookie or tried to mislead her. And seriously, we need FEWER subplots not more! So Tommy's dead- whatever. He's been replaced by "Debbie cozying up to Marcus" and "Terry saves Andy from himself". For every stupid, non-contributing subplot they get rid of the writers find 2 more equally uninteresting story lines to put in its place. Not to mention the new love triangle of Hoyt/ Jess/ Jason. Enough already! I would like to see more attention on the new old Eric. Maybe Sookie could defend him from Bill for a change & accidentally on purpose kill the king. Eric could ascend to the throne & Sookie could quit whining about Bill. Lastly, writers could you please write us some more scenes in Fangtastic? It's not a requirement for the story but it's infinitely a more interesting background that woods or Merlot's.


Tired of the moaning between who Sookie should be with. Bill might have been Sookie's first love, but what he did to her was pretty unforgivable. Need to move on to greener pastures Sookie and Eric is about as green as it gets. Love Bill as a friend, but no more. I do know that Alan Ball is all in favor of the Bill and Sookie romance, but he should listen to the fans of the show and get it back with the Eric and Sookie chemistry.
And on a high note, Tommy is dead, hooray. Took them long enough. Best line of the show last night from Jessica to Jason, that she had to go eat somebody. Love this show, just please, no more whining over Bill. We've all loved someone and had to move forward so do it here please.


I don't care what anyone says.. King Bill Rules. Sookie can have Eric. I just want to see more of King Bill. He needs someone for his own... Not, someone who falls for the first guy with amnesia to come along. And... More naked Alcide. So Hot. I'm liking Sam's character alot this season. Although, this is not the show that it started out to be with Season 1, it still keeps my attention. PLEASE... MORE KING BILL and ALCIDE... WOO HOO.


I would have preferred having a bit of time between the spell being removed from Eric and Eric remembering. I like how in the books it's frustrating to him to have this chunk of time missing. I mean at least if you're going to deviate so much from the book, make it worth it... Plus, is it just me or does Eric really seem changed? He didn't seem happy at all to see Pam. He just seemed far away. I'm a little upset with how they're handling Tara. I understood the how and why she felt the way she felt, but to turn her whole attitude around in less than 1 episode has given me whiplash. I'm ready for more Jessica, she's so funny and so sexy!

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