Vanessa Lengies Cast as Spoiled Sugar on Glee

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With LaMarcus Tinker on board to romance Mercedes, Glee has cast another recurring player on season three. But don't look for her to be as sweet.

Vanessa Lengies has nabbed the role of Sugar, a wealthy, spoiled William McKinley student described by TV Line as a cross between "Molly Shannon and a New Jersey Housewife." Interesting. Intriguing. Kinda confusing.

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Look for Sugar to try out for New Directions, despite a voice that makes Sue sound like Rachel.

Lengies currently appears on Hawthorne and has guest-starred on Castle and CSI: Miami, among other shows.


Im actually excited, but I actually think the reason they are adding so many new characters is so you can get used to them BEFORe the original ones leave!!!!!! :D


By the sounds of it (all the sneaky spoilers) Santana will be Cheerios head cheerleader but will have to share the title with someone else (and not be happy about it), my money's on this girl and I'll say it again I reckon this girl will make Santana's life hell.


Hopefully she won't get that much screen time.. And they should really stop adding characters the newer ones will just be hated.


not sure about my opinion on her character, but i love her in The Perfect Man.
but i'm getting quite sick of all the random new characters on Glee. i'd prefer it if they just focused on the regular characters and their storylines.


Never, because they're terrible together.


I have no interest in anyone new (soz but I have my favourite characters and most of them don't get enough screentime so why should I care about characters I don't know?), particularly if they are yet another 'mean girl'. I have a feeling she may go after Santana and make her life hell, dunno why.

Gaby ee

I have a feeling she won't get into New Directions so she will try to get revenge in some way. I just hope she doesn't go after Finn!


If she's coming on board as a new mean girl, by all means please do.
But I have a bad hunch, she might be after Finn. Oh, poor Finnchel, just when will you get a full season without a meddling third person?

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.