Warehouse 13 Review: "Past Imperfect"

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In a lot of ways, Season 3 of Warehouse 13 has been about Myka, her journey back to being an agent and in her redemption. "Past Imperfect" was more about the latter.

Myka has a lot of weight on her shoulders. One of the main reasons she decided to take the job as a Warehouse agent was because of Sam’s death. Because of Sam, Myka erected walls and closed off her emotions. She became cautious and analytical.

Artie and a Dog

For Myka, closure regarding Sam allows her to truly begin healing and moving forward in her personal and professional lives.

Although I honestly don’t care when (if ever) Pete and Myka get together. I’m 99% sure we’ll get something before this season is over. There have been too many hints and callbacks. Both Pete and Myka have gotten closure on their past loves, they’ve helped each other emotionally and there’s been plenty of try-too-hard friendship moments.

Elsewhere, Steven and Claudia were relegated to a rather small artifact hunt this week, but we did receive some crucial information that pushed the ongoing plot forward: Agent Stukowski was the one who attacked them and stole their artifact. It feels like the reveal was one episode late because Steve, for some reason, couldn’t tell she was lying last week.

I’m curious where things go from here for Stukowski and whoever she’s working for. Is it someone we’ve already met? There seems to be a lot more in terms of flashbacks this season and I have to wonder if that means something. Will Stukowski offer more redemption for HG?

Overall, “Past Imperfect” left me with a lot of questions and I can’t wait to see how they’re answered.

Two more thoughts:

  1. Watching Artie interact with and mime a dog was hilarious. As was watching Claudia and her excessive drooling.
  2. Is anyone else ready for Steve to join Pete and Myka for an A-Team mission rather than the B plot?


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I actually see tons of romantic chemistry between them, and I like how they are setting up the relationship. I have always thought the best romantic relationships start with being best friends, and I think they have set that up so well. As I have heard from the cast before, they don't want them to hook up just to hook up. It would cheapen it. So, to start them out as building a best friendship is smart on their part to build to a romantic relationship. it very much UN-cheapens the idea.


I don't see any romantic chemistry between Myka and Peter. Philadelphia Experiment! Cats are prisoners but dogs own humans! Artie and the dog! Claudia drooling!


Yeah a no on Pete and Myka but could see Myka and HG hooking up though


Katie > You're not the only one, I only see a strong friendship between Pete and Myka nothing else.


Am I the only one who doesn't see anything romantic between Pete and Myka? I see them as best friends and yes you do love your best friend but I don't see them as ever sleeping together and being "in love" there is just to much friendship chemistry for me.


I'm hoping that we get episodes with one large story showing the whole team working together on one case. I think that'd be more entertaining than the current A Story/ B story structure and would allow for more variety in the pairings during the course of the investigation. We'd get know more about the characters as we see them mix and match and it would build team unity.


Since there is now a bond between Artie and the dog, will we get to see more of the dog? You have to admit, the Collie made a great retriever with the scarab! As for Steve going to the A-Team, I don't know. I like the interaction with him and Claudia. He's kind of like the older brother who explains things, and is still protective. Besides, Myka and Pete still have things they need to work through.

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