Wilfred Review: Show Some Pride

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Wilfred claimed to focus on "Pride" this week, but the writers didn't seem to take any in their attempts at humor or originality.

My main problem with the show has been its one-note concept, and that was exacerbated this week. The entire installment was based on the premise that Wilfred likes to have sex with stuffed animals. It's a storyline that's lazy, unfunny and simply illogical.

Jane Kaczmarek on Wilfred

The series can't figure out how to use its featured, furry character. Wilfred is an insightful, human-like being one moment, and then he believes that stuffed animals are relatable sex partners the next.

Am I taking a sitcom about a man in a dog suit too seriously? Maybe. But it's difficult to give myself over to its lunacy when said lunacy simply isn't funny.

Did anyone laugh at Wilfred going down on guest star Jane Kaczmarek's character? Or anything involving Bear? It's shock humor that isn't all that shocking when it's the same basic joke over and over.

FX airs my favorite shows - Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Terriers before it was tragically canceled - so I've wanted to fall in love with Wilfred. I barely like it, though, and I have to continually write negative reviews. If something doesn't change in the next week or so, I may need to abandon the series.


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Wilfred is one of the cleverest shows on tv right now. If you don't like it, you might not understand it. It's funny, and there's a lot of deeper meaning to be had as well. I love it!


I tried to get my family and friends to watch this, because up until this episode i thought it was really good, not slamming like Archer or Sunny, not even Frisky Dingo level, not even Parks and Rec or office level, but still pretty good while killing time for Archer and the rest of normal tv to start again. Then this episode had me cringing. I couldn't even watch it in the living room. One sex joke, two sex jokes, fine. One every five seconds on the same unfunny joke was kinda sick. I thought the reviewer was bashing the show all along, but i have to agree here - who would write this and expect it to be funny? The bear fetish was one thing that i wasn't even offended at (i was like - yeah, because dogs do that if the stuff toy is big enough and it's mating season or something) but of all the running gags to feature - that's the one you want to put center stage?


Are you all insane?! You do not know what funny is if you think Archer is gold and Wilfred is lame. This episode was by far my favorite. The problem with critics is they don't make anything or produce anything of value. They tend to grab on to anything that seems trendy and hip. If you own a dog then this series makes a lot more sense.


Worst show I have ever seen. What a waste of time and energy.


I love this show.... It is seriously my favorite show on tv.


I think you´re right. I love Archer, Always Sunny, The League so i was really excited for Wilfred, but so far the show is disappointing.


Yeah, I think you're going a little too hard on this comedy. Also, you should probably compare it to FX's Archer, Louie, and It's always Sunny before you bring up Sons or Justified. That being said, it isn't as good as any of those, but it's still an interesting off-beat comedy. Your right about the strange balance, but I see it as more consistent. Wilfred is human-like but as a dog thinks stuffed toys are alive. Yes, Wilfred has sex with stuffed animals, but he also wines and dines them. He is the only one on the show in a full-on (bad) relationship. I did laugh at Wilfred's open relationship explanation and you-tube habits.


I agree ive watched it from the start and I think this episode wasnt very good...idk if ill be watching it again. But all hail FX for shows like Sons..Justified..Nip/Tuck..The Riches which was canceled too soon (imo) Rescue Me etc .. :)

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