90210 Review: Going Greek

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Revenge was in the air on 90210. But the real tragedy in "Greek Tragedy" was that the episode was NOT entirely about Naomi.

Every scene this character was in was amusing and fun to watch. From the catty one-liners she shared with Holly to the laser pointer to her chic Greek makeovers, she was on point. Naomi was typical Naomi. Oblivious to Ivy's pain, she simply walked away when she saw something more interesting. Like a magpie spotting a shiny object.

Queen Naomi

The perfect weapon to wield against her new nemesis, Holly, Naomi made a beeline to CU's big fat Greek sorority, which was all to happy to help Naomi get revenge. And, after Holly's toga stunt, all I wanted to see was Naomi wreak havoc on that beeyotch's busted weave. Especially now that Holly found Max's love letters and intends to use them to bury her. We'll see about that.

It was good to see Millie (Sarah Hagan) from Freaks and Geeks playing... well, Millie. An older, college student Millie, but still Millie. Still nerdy, still borderline Amish. And still the voice of reason. She may have been being used as a pawn by Naomi, but she was going to get hers as well. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Annie was hurt that Liam had moved on so quickly after just proposing marriage a week ago. But did I believe for a second she was so crushed? No. Wasn't she flirting with Jeremy last week? At this rate of bed hopping, we should see a few raging cases of herpes soon.

Broke because of the legal battle being waged by Marla's family, Annie had to struggle to find money for her sorority dues. So, of course, that meant she unwittingly became an escort. Shocked at first, she seemed okay with it once she saw the wad of cash.  A scrawny, not too attractive girl becoming a high paid escort. Wasn't that the plot of a Lifetime movie starring former 90210 alum Tori Spelling?

And Jane's pregnant already? Whining about being 20 and a widow and in love with someone who's in love with someone else? Yes, please go back to Alaska. You've already treaded on my last nerve.  By the way Liam, time to lose the Bieber 'do. Bar owner and soon-to-be baby daddy, that look was just way out of sync.

Poor Navid. First his annoying brat of a sister and now his sleazy uncle, Amal. It looked like suffering better be something he gets used to this season. And what exactly crawled up Amal's butt and died? Why the hate towards Shirazi Studios? Navid owed him money but the disdain seemed to be deeper than that.

And why couldn't Navid tell Silver about his uncle blackmailing him? I thought they were such a tight couple.

Dixon created a rave masterpiece that was perfect for Liam's Offshore bar opening. But of course. I loved when the ADD rage kicked in when he found out the infamous Juice Randall didn't show up because of Navid. The histrionics in the coming weeks should be good to watch.

Adrianna, all of a sudden, cared about Liam and his problems. The waitress with the heart of gold. I thought she wanted to redeem herself. And yet here she was again stirring the pot and sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

And a bitter, angry Ivy made an appearance. Ivy needs to start hanging out with a different crowd because if she was expecting a sympathetic ear from the Beverly Hills brain-addled gang, she got a rude awakening. It was understandable that she became increasingly frustrated with them, but did she just meet them? What did she expect? Compassion was not on the menu. Not then, not now. Maybe she should just stick to hanging out with Silver from now on.

The BH clique may be facing more adult problems, but they all have a whole lot of growing up to do. Hopefully the writers let this happen. View the official trailer for next week's "Let the Games Begin" to see if that's the plan.


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As much as I enjoy watching Naomi's storyline, I shall stop watching this show since my favorite couple (Annie and Liam) are officially over. Really writers, can't you have one normal couple on the show?! They're the only couple that's close to normal then you do all these negative drastic changes. Ugh. My days watching this show are over.


I'm sad that Liam and Annie are over. I liked that couple. I do not like this Jane person and really don't like pregnancy storylines. A baby never brings excitement to a show. I also miss the days when Arianna and Navid were together and he was one of my favorite characters. Now I can't stand him at all. I really liked Silver when the show started but have come to the conclusion that I don't like her in a couple. Make that girl single and not after a friends boyfriend! Love the drug storyline with Dixon and bring back Max!


Write off Raj. Cheer up Ivy. Ivy should hang out with Silver more.


Can you please just put silver and dixon back together gosh.


Am I the only one thinking that Holly already has an insider in Naomis new sorority? It feels a ittle fishy to me... I'm kinda digging this ''war'' aleady but I think they need to shake things up a bit. I like the idea of people that hasn't ben hanging out as much in previous seasons finally get to spend some time together. Like Ivy and Silver, why haven't the been hanging out before? It appears to me that they hav a lot more in common than with either Annie, Ade and Naomi. I kind like that Adrianna and Liam are hanging out, they doesn't necessarily need to hook up, a real and strong friendship would be nice.


I feel bad for Tristan Wilds. He is wasting his talent on this show. :(


Naomi is GORGEOUS. How can someone look that hot all of the time? Especially when she's pissed and her nostrils flair up. But, as usual, I'm attracted to the dark one, Adrianna. What is wrong with me? Even Silver is better gf material... even though she's mental. Question: Why does the actress who plays Jane always appear on other shows as the messed up one(Priviledged, Detroit 187, Terminator)? Does she give off a vibe to casting agents who are looking for a troubled girl?


Naomi always have good chemistry with almost everyone in the show, even with the pig. ;D


I really think it's a good that Annie and Liam ended things. Come on, people, they were just boring! I quess that the hottest couple on the show was Liam and Naomi but then, in season 3, I can't even count scenes they had together, if they even had any. I didn't expect them to hang out but it was like they lived in different cities. I kinda hope that Naomi will get something going on with Austin, I see a potencial for a lot of chemistry there.


like everything this season. EXCEPT IVY AND RAJ. does anyone care if he lives at this point? I hope they move to alaska and get their own spin off or something, cause they dont belong on this show.

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