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Navid: You're running a car theft ring?
Amal: No, we're running a car theft ring.

Bree: They paid us.
Annie: Yea, like prostitutes.

You're gonna need a new look from the neck up. Judging from the lip brow perhaps a little grooming from the waist down?


You joined my big fat Greek sorority?


You proposed to me last week and you're already sleeping with somebody else?!


Give her a chance. I like her shoes and she smells like lavendar ice cream.

Fat sorority girl [referring to Naomi]

If you let me in your sorority, I'll buy your entire chapter.


Yea...that's exactly what I'm going thru. Cause my husband's cancer equals not having a social life.


What happened to the good old days when you could buy yourself into high society?


The janitors got new uniforms. I kind of liked the old ones better. This one's very Sunset streetwalker.

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