90210 Season Premiere Review: So Long, Summer!

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Hail! Hail! The gang's all here... and a few new additions as well. As you may have read, Teddy's swan song has already been written (booo!) and, of course, Ryan and Debbie were kicked to the curb last season (yay!). So on the 9020 season premiere, we got Nila, Navid's bratty teenage sister; Austin, the hottest thing to hit Beverly Hills in a LONG time; and Jeremy, a possible new love interest for Annie.

Transitioning from high school to college is never easy and that was never more evident than by what so many of the BH crew was going through. And, if you're anything like me, the best part of coming back after summer vacation is seeing how everyone's changed.

Up in Smoke Scene

So what did the new, more grown up gang bring us on the season premiere?

Naomi's days as Queen Bee are completely over. Time to climb back up that totem pole. But she's still filthy rich. Ditching her plans to live in the CU dorms, she bought herself what appeared to be the Taj Mahal...
Silver on 90210

... And promptly threw herself a mega bash complete with pot bonfire and all. Ivy and Raj are living there, along with Annie. Max apparently was not her Prince Charming, after all, judging from her bad memory of his reaction to her not being pregnant.

I couldn't really blame him for responding the way he did. They dodged a bullet and can now pursue their dreams instead of becoming premature parents. But Naomi hadn't seen it that way. His being overjoyed at her not having Max Jr. bummed her out big time. Which led to their break up.

No worries. Shirtless, ripped-abs-to-the-max, country hunk Austin was introduced as Naomi's sexy new future conquest. There was actual heat between those two. Could you feel it?

Annie found out Marla's family was contesting the will so she had to defer her first semester at Carnegie Mellon. But Liam proposed by dropping a ring on the hood of her car.... after not hearing from him all summer. What a romantic!

After Annie turned him down, he decided to go big or go home and proposed to Annie for a second time at Naomi's party. Surprise! Liam went home. Annie once again was not having it and gave him a big fat "no." And the best part was the sound effects from the fireworks immediately afterwards.

A 90210 Surprise

It seemed that our little Miss Annie grew up over the summer. High school crushes have led to real life pondering and Annie wanted more than puppy-love declarations. Plus, she had her eye on Jeremy, an older college boy who intrigued her enough to invite him to Naomi's party.

Navid and Silver started shacking up together and acting like Ma and Pa Kettle after 50 years of marriage. To complete the picture, they decided to raise Nila, Navid's spoiled teenage sister, who decided not to relocate to Switzerland with the rest of Navid's family/

Silver wasn't too thrilled at having to raise a testy teen but now that she's part of a couple she wanted to do her part to support her partner. That Nila proved to be more than a handful though and, after throwing a hissy fit, ran away. Good times.

Silver also had to contend with Adrianna once again trying to weasel her way into her good graces. Living with the natives in an African village over the summer seemed to have changed Adrianna for the better. At least that's what she wanted the tabloids to think.

Adrianna on 90210

She confronted Silver at Naomi's party with seemingly heartfelt apologies but Silver put her in her place. Silver nearly killed herself because of Adrianna's bipolar meds switcharoo so she wasn't in a forgiving mood. Rightly so.

Dixon found himself as a "homeless, black man" after Navid screwed with his dorm application. But not to worry. In true 90210 style, he ended up getting an amazing condo by the beach complete with Austin, his easy-on-the-eyes new roommate.

Dixon also decided to not go to college and be more like his '80s stylistic musician hero Theophilus London. After being part of a hip-hop tour over the summer, the thought of sitting in a classroom for four more years lost its appeal. He's an artist, damnit. He neededs to create, and create he shall.

Ivy and Raj spent the entire summer attached at the hip, as is to be expected of newlyweds, but time had taken its toll. Raj looked like death warmed over because, well, death IS warming him over. Dying from cancer tends to not make a person glowy and warm. Poor Ivy had to struggle with being a newlywed, soon-to-be widow. She's definitely not the hippy-dippy surfer chick from last year anymore.

Ivy and Raj Photo

Teddy managed to be in a few scenes but it seemed as if the whole point of it was to just get his goodbye storyline underway. Trying to figure out how to come out to his family, he finally came up with the best way yet: Leave dad a voicemail. Perfect.

Liam got trashed after Annie dashed his marital dreams and ended up buying the beach bar everyone will most likely be hanging out at this season. But where did he get all the money to do so from? Fishing at sea doesn't pay THAT well.

Oh yeah. And Adrianna apparently slept with Austin. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

CU next Tuesday, folks! Literally.


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The episode could have been worse, I’ll give it that. On the other hand...
I already dislike Navid’s kid sister, while he and Silver setting up home together just feels weird and premature. Which it would be for, say, any other 18-year-old couple who have only been going out a number of months. Will Annie ever use her holidays to do something enjoyable? Given the way she spent her two previous summers in Beverly Hills, she clearly drew the short straw once again. I would be devastated if I passed up two potential trips just to sit at home with no contact from my other half, like she did. Truthfully, I believe that she and Liam have now reached their sell-by date, and the fact that she was supposedly the only one he has ever loved is just an insult to Naomi. Jeremy, meanwhile, looks to be a good replacement / rebound.
When I heard that Liam would become the new owner of a bar, I was intrigued; no way did I anticipate his acquisition happening in such a moronic, could-be-done-better way. Let’s hope it’s all uphill from here. I also enjoyed seeing Cory Matthew’s dad making a surprise appearance.
Dixon really should have been far angrier at Navid for messing up his whole living arrangement all for the sake of pulling a “hilarious� revenge prank. Hopefully, he won’t regret taking Austin on as a housemate.
It’s a shame to see Teddy fading into the background, especially since the gay storyline humanised him for me; he was no longer the typically handsome, sporty, playboy from season 2, but now had some actual depth. Was it even mentioned where he was flying to? Wherever it is, he’ll be missed. I’m honestly glad that Naomi is not pregnant – it’s been done before, and it frees her up for greater storyline potential (like getting arrested, perhaps?). The whole “buying the perfect party house� thing was a bit over-the-top, but then it is 90210.
I am eager to see how Adrianna attempts to redeem herself and make some positive changes. No doubt it will take effect in due course.


4.5 for this episode? oh, that's funny..
I didn't like at all the premiere. Teenagers/Wannabe Adults want to marry, The world is being hit by the economical crisis, and Naomi (an 18 year old girl) changes houses every other year, a 18-year old guy stays with his sister and his girlfriend while the rest of the family live in another continent. Same storylines all the time. Adrianna is going through the same Annie went through 2 seasons ago. Raj is having cancer and will soon be dead just like Silver's mother did. Pregnancies (Ade,Naomi,Jen). Ok Naomi was not, but they made us to believe that. These writers suck. And i think the show can't be saved, and a season 5 is practically a dream right now! If they keep the stories at this way, it will lose more-and-more viewers!


This was a so and so episode for me. I liked how there was continuity and answers from the season finale. I think it's rather cliche that Annie and Dixon don't end up going to their planned colleges and are forced to stay in Beverly Hills. I liked the continuity of Naomi's story in the sense that you really see her hurt because of what happened with Max. The way this story was concluded as seen though the bad dream wasn't very good but I like how we continued to see Naomi's reaction of this. We really get to see her as someone human rather than just someone with money. Ivy and Raj were sweet in this one that I look forward to seeing them together for the rest of the season. I like how real their relationship is and it will be interesting to see it tested by something as uncontrollable as sickness. I find them to be very mature as compared to the rest of the characters. Silver and Navid's storyline was rather lackluster cause you didn't really see anything special between them. I think Silver's best scene was when she told Adrianna that she nearly took her own life because of what she did. The addition of Navid's sister to the story was rather painful to watch in the sense that you don't really see anything useful with the addition. It's like bringing in Navid's version of Annie's annoying cousin. The addition of the cowboy didn't amuse me much either. And I'm looking forward to the rest of Teddy's story just because I think that the topic they're tackling is a very good one.


I just hope Liam finds someone better :D


These are new producers on the show who were left with Rebecca Sinclair mistakes they had to start it anew for themselve just because she wants to redeem doesn't mean she can't have sex or enjoy herself is she posed to just walk around stalking them then u guys would complain how unrealistic that is and if running away isn't a form of rebellion I don't know what is and its the first episode but die hard fans like me go through the good rough bad and great so #90210 for life


Sometimes i feel like watching a completely different show. And all of them looks like adult now, not teenagers anymore. Their characters also changed from the previous season. Max, in season 3, he was soooo sad to break up with Naomi.. Even before that, he decided to choose Caltech over MIT just to be near her. BUT suddenly, when the doctor said she's not pregnant, he looked so damn excited to leave Naomi and go to MIT instead. Did i miss something here?


I really wish that Ade's redemption arc had begun in the premiere. Judging by the comments I've been reading on these forums, many people have clearly been given the wrong idea of what's to come for her character this season.


I thought this episode was ridiculous. First of all, a false positive pregnancy test is very rare so that was pretty unrealistic. Also, everyone's parents are gone. I never had that much autonomy in college... I lived in a dorm and came home on holidays. And sorry to rant on something from last season but how in the heck could Annie and Liam live together in college if she was at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and he was at Drexel in Philly? that's across the entire state of Pennsylvania!
The show has gone from stupid but fun fantasy to just stupid!


@Rande - I agree 100%.
I mean hello - what the f*** was that? This was possibly the worst episode in 90210 history. screw it, make that tv history. 1)Naomi's pregnancy being dispatched after it led to sooo many discussions over the summer is ridiculous!!!
2)Dixon was whining about not being able to go to uni last year because Debbie was out of money. Now all of a sudden he doesn't care? He wants to be a musician instead? Sometimes I think 90210 characters don't even know the meaning of the word "realistic". I mean yes, Dixon lives in LA, he's got chances - along with a few thousand other aspiring artists though. My feeling tells me Dixon will soon be a homeless black man again. but then again... this is 90210.
3) Dixon moves in with a random stranger who was actually being quite unfriedly to him when they met. Sounds very reasonable. Maybe Adrianna's not the only one who likes his looks.
4) So Adrianna wants to be redeemed. By being a whore? Nice.
5) The actress who plays Navid's little sister is horrible. Also, I was looking forward to a rebellous teenager bitch who does what she wants - this girl however dresses up to go out but as soon as Silver says "I think we should all go to bed" she's just fine with that then.
6) Did anybody else notice Silver was quite supportive of Navid's decision to raise his sister with her until Nila pointed out that they couldnt have sex while she was around? Maybe they should've let her go out.
7) What the hell is up with Liam? I desperately hope there is a reasonable, good explanation for his weird not-at-all-Liam-like behaviour. If I were Annie I would've said no loud and clear. What is he thinking?
8) Telling Annie she was the first and only person he ever loved must've been a kick in the ass for Naomi.
9) All this fuss about a big Teddy storyline and he only shows up in like 2 scenes. One of them is Silver telling him he has to come out to his dad in person. He doesn't. Awesome.
10) The only thing I actually liked about this episode was Ivy and Raj and they didn't even really do anything interesting. 11) And last but certainly not least - WHAT was that review???? Like Rande said this was a recap. I want to know your opinion! Make it funny! Be sarcastic! For god's sake, read one of Matt's reviews. Please. Then at least I'll have one thing to look forward to about watching 90210.


Bad episode. Anything they want, they get. Why would Annie let Dixon spend all the Marla Money on the beach house? For now, he should just get a little cheap room somewhere. And where does Naomi get all that money? Noami is a plain, rich and stupid child. She really annoys me.

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