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If you want to put your past behind you, you should know what it is.

Annie [to Naomi]

I don't give a crap how sorry you are. You're dead to me.

Silver [to Adrianna]

It was great seeing you Dad and...I'm gay.

Teddy [leaving his father a voicemail]

You are not going to come out to your family on a napkin.

Silver [to Teddy]

That is a $200 bottle of champagne not moonshine, you hick!

Naomi [to Austin]

This is a private party. No hillbillies allowed.

Naomi [to Austin]

Maybe when you don't get what you want you realize there may be something better.

Jeremy [Annie's new love interest]

What is it with you and your sister? You get handed exactly what you want and you're still not happy.

Liam [to Dixon]

To women...apparently you have to be drunk to understand them.

Liam [drunkenly toasting]

What are you almost wearing?

Navid [to Nila]

I love you but it's not all that matters to me.

Annie [refusing Liam's proposal]

I'm ready. Let's do this.

Liam [proposing to Annie the first time]
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90210 Season 4 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song Changing Airborne Toxic Event iTunes
Highlights from a cold and desperate song Highlights From A Cold And Desperate Song Hotel Eden iTunes
Pictures 1 Pictures NagNagNag iTunes