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Anyone else think that if Teddy had really left that voicemail his dad would just think he was saying... "dad.. I'm okay" cos it didnt really fit ha. 90210 has got sooo much more cheesy and there are so many plot holes, but its still a good watch.


I love Teddy! I hate the fact that hes there for only 5 eps! Anyways, I like this ep.


Austin reminds me of Teddy when he first appeared, th annoying pretty boy!! It took forever for me to like Teddy (the gay story line helped A LOT) and now he's going away!! It really made me think "so they changed nice gay Teddy for annoying straight Teddy!" anywho if Austin is remaining a cast member I hope he ends up with Ade cause him and Naomi would be too Cliche!


I was REALLY disappointed with this premiere. Once again 90210 throws away storylines out of nowhere. I wasnt thrilled with the idea of Naomi's pregnancy but you cant make that a season finale cliffhanger and then dispatch the storyline in 2 minutes! completely unrealistic, this show has become a satire of what it once was and im sure it will be cancelled this season.

also, i feel liek this review is just a RECAP of hte episode instead of a real review. i get that you have the star system to let us know that you liked it, but you should also try and ya know give your opinion on the episode instead of just telling us what happened.


It was a decent premiere,well, it was more like a build up to what's gonna come next. i really dont want teddy to leave.


@Dan: I guess it's for the best.


mmm good, but not a great episode.

Liam: stupid. "Let's do this!" C'mon!!!

Silver looked like Nila's mom, and I liked her Ade drama

Teddy: I thought it was gonna be old 90210 fashion: "I'm gay but since the dude that plays my dad is not getting a spot in the show, I'm just gonna pretend like I don't have a family to come out to at all". Fortunally, that was not the case.

Dixon: meh, and not really excited for his future relationship with Adrianna. Because, trust me, there's gonna be some Dixanna this season. Just hope both couples (Nilver and Dixanna) to swing sometime, you know, recalling the old good days.

And finally, 90210 got us waiting this entire break to see what happened to Naomi and Max and this pregnancy thing... and it got resolved in like 2 minutes.. WHAT?!?!!? I was like "is that it?", "false alarm?", "break up?" "REALLY??" I liked Max and Naomi :( I really really missed them in the rest of the episode.

Austin: Lame, but hot.
Jeremy: sweet, perfect. Loved him.


Awww, I miss Matt's scathing reviews.


It's sad that garbage like 90210 stays on the air while the good shows get axed. Sad, sad, sad.


yay a good review im so happy :) the episode was awesome and im so glad they are tryin g to redeam ade but they needed to give teddy more then 4 min in the hole episode and whats with him on a plane at the end where is he off to already ???

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