Charlie's Angels Review: A Fresh Look

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Pleasantly surprised. That was the feeling I walked away with after watching this week's episode of Charlie's Angels.

I wasn't thrilled with the premiere. I felt it lacked the fun of the original while degrading the characters, but as pilots can be a tricky thing to pull off, I decided to take a look at "Runway Angels" with fresh eyes. I'm glad I did.

Isaiah Mustafa on Charlie's Angels

First off, Miami is gorgeous. It's got water, palm trees, skyscrapers, and bikinis. It's easy to make the city look good on screen and it fits with the vibe of this show.

The characters are starting to grow on me, too,  but does anyone else want to take these girls out for a cheeseburger? They are all so very thin it's a little scary. And what was Kate wearing at the runway in the beginning? Was she working undercover for Vice afterwards? If that outfit is high fashion then I'm out.

I'm finding this is half the enjoyment of Charlie's Angels. Much like the original, you can poke fun at it but in order for it to work you need to care about the characters and, yes, and I'm starting to do so.

I'm curious to find out what the bad decision was that Kate made that got her booted from the police force and sent her fiance packing two weeks before their wedding. In the pilot we were told she was a dirty cop, a connotation I abhor but I'm willing to give Kate the benefit of the doubt until the show shares the circumstances of her downfall.

Kate's ex, Ray, is certainly hot. Although I think Kate is right and it's time to move on, I wouldn't mind seeing Ray back again. 

The investigation into a dead model involved in a green card marriage scam was twisty enough to be entertaining but still light enough to be Charlie's Angels. We even got to see the Angels do some old school water boarding in a public restroom. One of my favorite scenes was watching the Angels yawn and sigh as Mitch gave the cliched line about being afraid for his life. It's as though the show is making fun of itself.

I like how Ray points out that going rogue has its consequences and I'm hoping to see more of them as the show continues. I know the Angels are suppose to win in the end but interesting obstacles just add to the fun.

The Angels taking down security to save the Russian first lady was just plain silly but having enjoyed myself up to that point I was willing to overlook it.

To be honest, I was dreading watching this episode. That's how much I disliked the pilot and, don't get me wrong, I don't believe Charlie's Angels will ever be great TV.  Then again, it never was. But if you're looking to have some fun with beautiful women who like to kick some butt in a beautiful setting... then Charlie's Angels deserves another look.


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I thought that the recent Charlie's Angels episode of "Runway Angels" was pretty AWESOME!!! To me, the title of the episode (alone) said it all!!! Also, I thought that it was HILARIOUS having the (new) Angels WALK DA' CATWALK!!! Just one thing though: In my opinion, the actor who played Kate's ex Ray looks (a little bit) like actor Eriq LaSalle (from ER). Catherine...I noticed it, too. Darlin', I look at it like about your last-minute costume changes. HAHAHAHAHA!!! All in all, it was a well-written and a well acted episode. Once again...kudos.


anyone else realise that when abby was climbling across the window, she was wearing socks and sneakers, yet when she got through the window she had some killer heels on? Hmm continuity issues... lol


I have to admit that I didn't hate the episode. I almost liked it. I agree that for some reason there's a decision to make Abby the "Farrah" of the show and I think it's a mistake. Maybe they should have allowed her to keep her accent. I liked the fact that there is some continuity like the fact that Kate know Russian. That came in handy this episode and I kind of forgot about it.


It was better but I still give it a failing grade.


Abby (Rachael Taylor) is dead pan. Kate, Minka Kelly and Bosley are not enough to overcome the lame writing.


I hv a problem with their backgrounds. Hell, none of these women would even be allowed to own a gun. The problem with reboots and remakes is that they are most likely to be viewed by an age group which was young when the original was on. I was in my pre to early teens and didn't notice how stupid the story lines were. So they bring it back, with many of the viewers now a tad bit older, and the idiocy of the bad writing and plots just doesn't sit well. Whether it's Knight Rider, Love Boat, The Bionic Woman etc... nostalgia wears off very quickly & the show is gone in a heartbeat. Another thing about their pasts... the original women were all cops who weren't getting moved up the ranks due to the sexist times. The show actually had a statement to make about social attitudes about women in certain professions. The terrible movies and this TV reboot certainly do nothing of the sort. Some things are just better left in the past.


Is there a way to cancel a show after two awful episodes? An hour of car salesmen would be more interesting. What a shame they made such a mess of a clasic show.


Agreed. It was better. Of course the pilot was kind of painful so if it had gotten worse that would have been pretty bad. But I liked the girls more this week and it was more fun.


it was not as bad as the pilot, i am still not sure if i will watch this show, but it convinced me to watch another ep.

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