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Community started off the semester with a solid premiere. While "Biology 101" didn't induce any real belly laughs, the addition of two new guest stars more than made up for it. Hello John Goodman and Michael Kenneth Williams!

After kicking off with a Jeff Winger song and dance hallucination, we went back to the old "is Pierce in the group or not" debate. Doesn't Jeff realize that he can't control everything? No, and he likely never will.

Community Season 3 Premiere Poto

As we've seen in the past, Jeff goes a little crazy whenever he loses his power. See the above photo for the latest example. As Shirley noted, Jeff attacked a table with a fire axe and was still only the second craziest person in the room.

Alas, we discovered that Jeff didn't really get kicked out of Biology because of his cellphone, although frankly, that would piss me off quite a bit if I were a professor. Jeff was kicked out because Pierce bribed the teacher.

Or so he had the group convinced...

Jeff knows that the professor dude from The Wire would never take a bribe and Pierce made this up so he would be the resident bad guy again. Well played Mr. Hawthorne, well played.

Besides, I think Pierce relishes the role of the bad boy. If Jeff didn't get back into the group he was going to go crazier than Abed did when he found out Cougar Town only got a mid-season pick up. Nobody wants that!

Once again, Chang was cast aside as the loner, longing to be a part of the study group. But the crew had better watch out now that Senor Chang has been given a new title: Security Guard Chang. I guess Dean Pelton sort of owed him after he monkey gassed him out of the air vents.

Then again, you're asking for trouble if you're living in the air vents of your school. By the way, how on earth did Jeff Winger fit inside of there when he chased Chang? He is one tall drink of water.

So what did we learn in Biology 101: The Study of Life? Well, Britta decided she wants to major in psychology, Troy and Abed have taken their relationship to the next level as roommates, Dean Pelton got OWNED by the Vice Dean (John Goodman), and apparently Greendale gets most of it's money from the annex school of Air Conditioning Repairs.

Here's to a good school year. Oh, and please, no more musical numbers unless Shirley and Dean Pelton will be wearing matching sparkly outfits.


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Community is back! Yay! And my comments on the season premiere episode are seriously late! :) I loved the opening musical number. What a catchy way to tell the audience that 'we're gonna have more fun and be less weird than the first two years combined.' And then to have the nice '2001: A Space Odyssey' bit and Dean Pelton coming in near the end of the episode to remind the group (us) 'this year isn't going to be that different' were reassuring that this season may be able to match last's greatness. I'm glad the Pierce story arc about getting back into the group was handled quickly and without too much back and forth. We didn't need that to be drawn out in some multi-episode fashion, and I'm looking forward to a more 'normal' Pierce who doesn't end up being the evil one of the show. John Goodman's Vice-Dean Laybourne character has some real potential as the new bad guy. He's just quirky enough to make his smugness funny. Having Jim Rash finally be added to the main credits was good too. He's as consistently funny as an extended-group member as Ken Jeong's Chang. Overall, a pretty good episode.


I loved it. But I love Community. I think they're setting up some interesting situations that'll be played out over the course of the season. I'm esp glad that they got Chang to be a security guard. He was funnier during season 1, when he was Senor Chang, and had authority. During season 2 he was desperate. Now he can be his nasty self again. Gotta go catch the next episode in a few minutes; I'm so glad it's going to be about Brita. I don't think she had enough to do last season.


aw, i feel kind of bad for jeff in this. lol, i love cougarton abbey. im so happy it's back! although if i got kicked out of class everytime my phone beeped i wouldn't be at uni

Mlynda team dark knight

Oh, Pierce freakin' Hawthorne...

Canadian mike

I love it! So happy that Community is back. The dean was pretty funny in this episode, and he pretty much has more screen time than anyone else on the show lol. the expression that britta/annie/shirley give Abed and Troy during their "announcement" their was hilarious


@erin yea they did. lol "We're gonna live forever. And we're gonna sleep together"


did jeff and annie actually sing we're gonna sleep together??


Just watched it again and i wanna up my rating to 3.5/5 pretty much the only parts funny/enjoyable were the dean/vice dean scenes and the "uh i guess they share 1 important feature in your eyes." scene
and im a guy so i probably shouldnt notice and/or care about this but im happy they went britta season 1 hair...i dont know why but her season 2 hair weirded me out


yea i didnt particularly like the season premier either. it definitely wasnt "season premier worthy" I would even go as far to say it was one of the worse ones yet [although take that with a grain of salt b/c i'm a huge fan and in my opinion there arent that many "bad" episodes] It seems like to compensate for pierece being to much of a "d!ck" last season they transferred some of his "d!ck-yness" over to Winger. I thought it was a little messed up for him to so emphatically want pierce out of the group
and i completely agree with Commfan i really think they need to go back and watch/analyze season 1 and try to get back to that
And I just wanted to mention something that i think caused some of my waning interest. I feel like in season 1 the group seemed like regular people with little quirks that made them interesting and now it seems like they have become caricatures.
overall i give it a 3/5


I love this show no matter what, but I wish they would just get back to the original format that people fell in love with. Focus on the study group, not adding new cast members. And quit having the group constantly analyze their dynamics and talk about how unhealthy they are together. Just have them be their quirky, dysfunctional selves and leave it at that!

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