Glee Round Table: "The Purple Piano Project"

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Will has a spine. Kurt and Rachel have a mission. And Sue has a new cause.

A whole lot of went down on the season three premiere of Glee, all of which editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal and staff members Chris O'Hara and Steve Marsi are here to analyze in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. We encourage readers to play along at home...


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
Matt: Never thought I'd say this about yet another scene of Kurt crying, but his conversation with Rachel in the car. It was inspiring and realistic. I really hope the show focuses on the struggle of seniors unsure where to go after high school.

Chris: Had to be Blaine's song on the steps in the quad. He really can belt it out and the Cheerios were smoking hot, as were their dance moves. Sue did some nice recruiting in the off season. I was a little bummed, though, that we didn't get to see the Warblers farewell to their former captain.

Steve: The reactions of both Santana and Becky when Sue named them co-captains. It was even funnier then when the latter got angry over the concept of toast.

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What was your favorite song?
Matt: Rachel and Kurt, FTW again! What a unique take on "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead." And I'm not just saying that because I'm a sucker for "Wicked."

Chris: "We Got the Beat," although it was a close call between this number and Blaine's solo. In the end, I liked how the whole club was showcased here, while still showing off individual talents such as Britney's dancing and, of course, Puckerman's pushup form.

Steve: No argument with either of those choices, but how could you guys have not gone with the concluding number? "You Can't Stop the Beat" perfectly set the stage for what I hope to be another season of underdog-themed awesomeness.

Which new storyline has you most intrigued?
Matt: Sue's run for Congress. Simply because it gives Sue a new platform on which she can be all... Sue-like.

Chris: I was most excited to see that my man Tinker from Friday Night Lights hooked up with Mercedes. While I liked seeing him dote on her in the hallway, I am a little worried he is trying to hook himself to her shooting star. Like I do for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, I hope the love between Mercedes and Marcus - or "Marcedes" - is for real.

Steve: As Matt indicated in his first answer, everything related to senior year. Will Rachel and Kurt get into the school of their dreams? Will Finn figure out a post-graduation direction for himself? Can Quinn get even hotter by dyeing her hair a different shade each week? I'm anxious to find out.

Would you vote for Sue Sylvester?
Matt: Only if Please Don't Call Me During Dinner drops out.

Chris: Would I vote for Sue? I think I'd rather let The Skanks dye my hair purple and pierce my nose with a rusty nail.

Steve: Probably not. But please don't tell her that. I'm very insecure about my hair and don't want it being mocked.


Wow. The best performance was obviously Lindsay Pearce as Harmony when she performed Anything Goes/ Anything you can do. DUHH. Did you hear that note she held? Perfect. She killed it.


1. Rachel and Kurt's scene in the car. It just felt so real and I loved the vulnerability that we saw. 2. I've got to go with "We've Got the Beat". It was fun to see them perform in the cafeteria cause I don't think they've ever done that before. Although I also enjoyed Blaine's solo a great deal. 3. I like the idea that they're tackling the futures of these characters. I really appreciated the scene between Kurt and Rachel in the car because it was such a reality for them to know that there are better people out there and it's time to think about their futures. It's going to be really interesting to see how they deal with this and how the rest of the seniors deal with it as well. 4. Err. Not even if my life depended on it.


My favorite song: Can't decide. I'd say "Ding Dong the witch is dead" followed by "It's not unusual". Most intriguing storyline: Kurt and Rachel's dream to study in NY. We shall see if it happens. I'm just glad that they realized they may be talented but they need to be even better in order to make a difference. That means we'll be able to watch their progress. Can't wait for more duets of those two. Would I vote for Sue Sylvester?: If I was American maybe I would. God knows I've had to vote for worse options in my country due to the even more terrible alternatives here. Blaine's "bad day?". I'm probable biased (I love Darren Criss to bits)


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
I'm with @Matt on this one. Rachel and Kurt's struggle for their dreams. It's just awesome. What was your favorite song?
"We Got The Beat"! It really shows the club as one and Brittany dancing on the table is just pure epic. Which new storyline has you most intrigued?
Call me pathetic but I really would like to see how Quinn's story will be served on the table. Would you vote for Sue Sylvester?
Nah, I'm the rapist running from prison anyway.


I loved the first 1 but i gotta say not enough finn and rachel for me, i really hope they dont keep them in the back ground, we have watched them go through alot together n i just want to see them happy and in love this season, really hoping they dont be lazy n use old storylines like them splitting or cheating, boooorrring!!!!!!!!! i hope as finn doesn't really know what he wants to do with his future that he;'ll seek it out by following rachel to NY, ahhhhh how sweet would that be!!!!!!!!! I loved Quinn being punk 2 n to go be honest i think it really works, she has had alot of heartache and confusion for a young age so its only natural that she's goin rebel abit and experiment and she has always been a bitch so fits quite well!!!! Bit dissapointed that they skipped alot over the summer, emma and will and mercedes and her boyfriend. And im still not happy about a few leaving and dont really understand that they are all in different years, why not use one season for half a year to strech it out more. I hope they are doin something with finn and rachel, quinn n kurt because i love glee but wont be watching it if all the best ones leave, pointless n why after only 3 seasons!!!!! Roll on next thurs for episode 2 :)))))




What about the gay high five?? That was hilarious!!

Uncle jackass

My thoughts was that the New Directions was running on a skeleton crew? As expected from an opener...


I was disturbed with Blaine throwing away his future for a guy who won't kiss him.


I'm with Steve on Becky tearing apart the concept of toast. She was my MVP of the night.

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