Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Review: "Free Falling"

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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Seattle Grace! The eighth season of Grey's Anatomy kicked off with "Free Falling," an episode that focused heavily on our original characters and where their future is headed. So, let’s dig right in...

Yang Looks On

Catch up…Things are pretty much the same as where we left off in last season’s finale. Meredith and Derek are still apart, with Christina and Mer back to being each other's “person.” Lexie and Jackson are unfortunately still together and Alex has been blacklisted from the group. 

Meredith & Derek: These two need to get it together and quick. We spent enough seasons waiting for them to get it right and now that they have, there is no reason that they should still be apart. I get why Derek is angry, but come on. Your wife was trying to help someone. Time to move on from this storyline. Meredith getting fired and then leaving with Zola? She is now a full blown mother.

Cristina: You can call me the president of the Cristina Yang fan club and this episode made me remember why. Sandra Oh is flawless, every episode, every scene. The girl can show so much range and still make you laugh why she is doing it. 

Derek and Zola Pic

Other Thoughts…

  • April Kepner as Chief Resident? Not working for me or anyone else at the hospital.
  • Bailey is back as her outspoken, running-the-world self and I couldn’t be happier. Not that I want to see the Chief go, but when he does I think we know who to call the new one should be.
  • Who will turn out to be the Gunther? My vote is on Yang.
  • This Sloan and Jackson pairing could be a whole lot of fun. 
  • Lexie = HOT with bangs.
  • Who didn’t love her throwback Bailey speech to the interns?

The big case of the week was pretty intense. I have seen pictures of streets breaking down like that and it is SCARY. If there is one medical thing that this show does right, it is making big cases with patients you come to care about. The pole through the two bodies? The bomb? Hands down a couple of the best Grey’s episodes ever.

This episode set the season in motion, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be good.

Back to basics is what we need. Focus on the core characters; this could be the originals' last season, after all. This series defines how TV shows are supposed to make you feel: relating to the characters, being on the edge of the seat with worry and anticipation. Here is hoping that Season 8 takes us back to the Grey’s Anatomy we once knew and loved.

So, TV Fanatics, what did you think of the first hour of Season 8? Everything you were hoping for or did it still feel like the mediocre season seven? Sound off on “Free Falling” and then come back for the second hour’s review to wrap up premiere night.


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Cristina was the obvious Gunther and she was. Just not on that case. She stabbed Alex with the epi and someone had to take over so Jackson did. It was between Jackson and April left so obviously, Jackson. McDreamy has to get over it. And even he said Mer has to let the Chief take fall for her so they can keep Zola. I just hope the Chief can still be a surgeon. Finally, he was ready. He wasn't ready to give up Chief seasons ago, he wasn't ready when he had to step down for drinking. Now he is. Bailey's not too happy though. He's protective of Mer because of Ellis. And with the phone call to Adele, it looks like the drug is working. Mark should be with Lexie. I'm not much for Teddy but I like her scenes with Henry. Owen finally got it. He'll get over it. Can't wait next week.


I am sorry to say but i really dont care that Jackson Avery is the Gunther. He might be hot and pretty but seriously he did not emerge as the Gunther from the beginning until Christina and Alex stepped aside (not until Christina almost accidentally killed Alex). He failed to keep the team under control. I do not see the reason why Bailey would say "Meredith's the reason we need a Gunther!" to the Chief. Was it because they have lost her, therefore they need one now ( a new Gunther) or was she pointing out the fact that by firing Meredith, they would lose a Gunther, hence we need to get her back. BOO! Avery as the Gunther? SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? He's not focused nor is he as excellent as Christina and Meredith. When Meredith and Bailey instantaneously shouted "THE BIGGEST NIDDLE YOU CAN FIND" together at the intern, I thought Meredith was amazing and Miranda Bailey had taught her well. She would be an excellent surgeon someday. Who gives an ass about Avery.


Derek may be the brain surgeon, but Owen is the one with the brains. Good for him for finally understanding the person he decided to pair up with for the rest of his life.
I can understand why Derek is still upset, even if it hasn't been well articulated in the season 7 finale and season 8 premiere. Anyone else remember when Mer stopped him from telling the board about Richard's drinking? "Flaws are unacceptable to McDreamy!" That doesn't seem to have changed, he just seems to have forgotten the post-it.
Richard... man, he finally, finally, finally did so very very right. It was right for him to do what he did. After all, Meredith did what she did to protect his life with Adelle, why would he sacrifice her career so that he could continue to work long hours as his wife was ill? His actions seemed to tie into Teddy's baby-delirious babble about handing the reigns to the next generation. So, you know, that's a nice and subtle tie there, Grey's writers. Good episode. :-)


What a great episode! There's so much that was set up for the rest of the season.
Mer/Der: It's gonna be really interesting seeing them try to come back together but I hope they don't try to make it all about Zola, but that they really fall in love again.
Chris/Owen: Personally I was hoping that maybe they would compromise on adoption but they didn't. But I really appreciate the way the abortion scene was handled. I don't think that Shonda or any of the writers were trying to make political statement. It was a totally personal scene and couldn't have been done better.
Alex: Yes, he was wrong to do what he did. But the poor guy has been pushed down and then kicked a few times almost every season and what Lucy did to him last season was unbelievable. He deserves a good storyline this season and I hope he gets it, I hope they don't kill him off because of the arrhythmia.
Mark/Lexie: She is just one of the best characters this show has ever had. I want them back together. 'nuff said.


I love Alex, even when he's a jerk, but I was laughing my butt off when Christina temporarily killed him. I wonder if the underlying arrhythmia and its cause is going to become his storyline for the season, especially since his family is supposed to show up at some point.


Great episode! Every character.....really an awesome start, now I'm pretty confident we will have an incredible new season!


Although I liked the season opener as a whole, I so tired of Meredith's pitiful ways. Yes, I probably would have done the same thing for the Chief and his wife, but take responsibility for your actions. And Christina has really ticked my last nerve. What type of doctor is she not to be able to figure out how NOT to get pregnant. This is her second pregancy. Should she have learned the first time?


i loved it but i just wish Merder were ok :(


Great season premiere. But nevertheless miss Mark/Lexie scenes? Any hope for their fans?


Awesome episode worth the long wait. Hope Derek forgives Meredith soon, I could see shadows of hope during episode 2 when he realizes Alex is helping Meredith and that the Chief may have put a new angle on what Meredith did and the Chief taking the fall for Meredith.

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