Harry's Law Season Premiere Review: Changes Abound!

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The Harry's Law season premiere ("Hosanna Roseanna") marked a triumphant return for the underdog show that many thought wouldn't make it back. If you're like me, you've been waiting months to hang out again with tough-as-nails Harriet Korn.

Harry in Court

However... the show we enjoyed and rooted for back in April underwent several major unexplained changes since we last saw Harriet.

First, there was the new office directly above Harry's shoe store/office. There was no elevator in their office before, so it was a little strange to see her walk in and press a button to be taken to her digs.

Before you say it could have been built, it’s not new; it's clearly as old as the building. But I'm willing to concede that they could have remodeled/expanded the shoe store office and absorbed an elevator from the rest of building, so I'll let this one go.

But I draw the line at the sheer number of no-name extras roaming around in the office when Harry came out on the second floor. There is no reason Harry would suddenly hire dozens of people she hasn't met. Harry said it best when she asked, "Who are all these people?" I want to know the same thing, Harry. How did you go from a struggling team of five to whatever the heck that was? 

That’s when the biggest change landed and Tommy Jefferson walked out of his office. HIS OFFICE?!?

Why does Tommy have an office at Harry's? Oh, Tommy and Harry are sharing an office space, but not practices. Huh? Really? REALLY?! 

Come on! I know Tommy was a fun recurring character last season, but he wouldn't have been my first choice to become a series regular. Actually, I'm not sure he would have even made my list at all. 

At this point, either we have all been sucked into an alternate dimension or David E. Kelley has decided that for the sophomore season he would reshape the show into what he envisioned the show to be originally. I'm going with choice number two.

That being said, I have to give Mr. Kelley credit. He got all the really big shockers over in the first five minutes of the premiere. It was the TV equivalent of pulling off a band aid. With the unexplained changes out of the way, let’s look at the additions that were explained.  

First, there was at least one new lawyer, Cassie Reynolds. I like her. Watching her break the rules to help Bennett get the painting of his daughter back reminded me of something Harry would do; she and Harry are going to get along very well. 

Then there was Ollie Richard, played by Mark Valley. Having watch Valley on the first season of Fringe and then again on Human Target, I think he may be a hunky addition to the show. Where Adam has a tendency to go flying around the room like a sparrow looking for a window out, Ollie strikes me as the cool and collected type.

Then you have Jean Smart and Alfred Molina, set for multiple episodes as the Eric Sanders' case takes center stage. Did anyone know that Smart could play a despicable bitch so well? I wanted to slap her so many times my wife threatened to turn it into a drinking game.

She is going to make a very good adversary indeed. Of course, Molina is always amazing, so any screen time he gets is going to be golden. I swear I could just listen to him read a grocery list and I would be mesmerized by it. 

As announced during the summer, Jenna and Malcolm aren't returning as series regulars. While sad, their story was awkward and clunky at the best of times, so I'm fine with them being gone; however, it appears that Jenna will be in the same episode arc that Smart and Molina are in as they are written out. 

In the end, I’m not sure I saw the same magic in this episode that I did last year. However, if Kelley will be willing to avoid jumping on his soap box and beating us with a message about how bad the legal system is, I'm willing to give Harry’s Law 2.0 a chance. 

Finally, I will leave you with a few random questions I had at the end of the episode:

  • Who is Lisa Swartz (Tommy’s assistant) and where did she come from?
  • What happened with Rachel and Adam? 
  • Has Harry used Vinnie before (did we see him)?
  • Will Tommy be the same force of nature he was last season, or has he been relegated to comic relief?
  • What did you think of this episode? Did the changes surprise or shock you as much as they did me? 


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Glad to know I'm not the only one disappointed by season 2. I actually started season 2 only a couple of hours after finishing season 1...and I couldn't believe the difference! I usually dislike law and courts but season 1 was interesting - all the human interest cases and watching old and kind though slightly eccentric Harry save the day. Season 2 is just...law. Much less interesting.


I too was very disappointed by all the changes. It's not the same show. I used to like all the neighborhood, the weird clients, Jenna and Malcolm and even Damian. And what about the unresolved cases she had last year? Cop killer anybody? The kid who played doctor, the guy who was on death row? We used to get invested in the storylines and I got attached to the characters that we don't see anymore. What about Rachel and Adam. They set up season 2 as if nothing happened. Ans I agree with the reviewer, Jefferson was great as a recurring character. As a regular, not so much.


Did this show like they did the mentalist. Changed the lead character from good hearted, hard working lady to an arrogant ass with far to many people. Where did they all come from and where is shoes lady? Well, back to the crummy reality shows. Harry's Law now sucks.


in Boston Legal William Shatner played Denny Craine a carbon copy of Tommy Jefferson that being said (and i loved boston legal) harrys law has gone from a must see one of a kind to a if i catch it i catch it no big deal


I loved this show first season. Different, quirky, great characters. If I wanted to watch Boston Legal again I would just tune in to re-runs. At least be original enough to change the music. Bring back the first season.


I thought that it was just me, but the new show bears no resemblance to last
season. I loved the originality and the quirkness of the characters. This is not the same show and I have ceased watching it.


I agree, the show sucks now. It's like all the rest of the law firm shows that have been on tv for the last 20 years. I don't watch it anymore. They ruined a great show with that Boston Legal feel to it.


Harry's Law was located in an under dog office....LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION,,, bring back season one Harry's Law and LOCATION! Dam it!


I agree,,,Harry's Law was great the 1st season. Not so great the second season....why mess up a good thing, that if were lacking viewers , would have caught on...it was good... bring back 1st season like Harry's Law!!


What is it with Writers? They always seem to mess up a good thing. Harry's Law last season was a wonderful show. Now, it seems, some nutso thinks he or she can make it better. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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