NCIS Producer Previews "New Side" of Tony

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NCIS' ninth season begins tonight with the resumption of a mysterious plot line introduced in May’s finale. What can we expect from DiNozzo's mole hunt and E.J.'s return in "Nature of the Beast"?

Executive producer Gary Glasberg offered TVLine some teases. Excerpts below ...

Still Hunting the P2P

On the timeline of the premiere: "We're going to start the show in real time, in September, look back all the way to May, and then sort of jump through the mission that Tony was on, and carry us to present day."

On tonight's opening sequence: "People are going to see a side of Tony that they’ve never seen before. I highly, highly recommend that you not miss the first five minutes of the show, because it’s going to start with a bang."

On whether fans will recognize Tony's target: "Absolutely. We’re going to learn what the microchip was that EJ found; we’re going to learn who’s in that photograph; and someone is going to die – someone near to NCIS."

"It’s a roller coaster ride, and the nice thing is that while Tony’s aspect of the mission will wrap up, a whole other door will open at the end that sort of keeps the whole thing going. It’s not quite over."

Follow the link for the rest of Glasberg's interview with TV Line!


Loved the show. I love the glimpses of humanity in Tony, but I don't want him to change too much. We love Tony the way he is -- even though there is room for a little improvement.. I'm always a little tense at the end of the season because I would hate to lose a team member or change the format too much. This team works beautifully and I hope nothing happens to hurt it!! Love the Gibbs-Jimmy interaction.. love the Gibbs-Tony special relationship.. love all the cast members..


I really loved the start of the new season. I still hate EJ as well. But love Tony and Gibbs. I really look forward to the way they all, the whole group look out for each other, that is what makes the show so strong. What is wrong with the Emmy's that keep passing this show by? It is a wonderful show, the actors are great and the story lines are great and they vote for other shows that are less powerful than this. This show is top in ratings what is wrong with this world>


Great episode. The writing, directing was solid and Michael Weatherly's performance was terrific. BTW, I hope they let Tony continue to do his impersonations, which are spot on and very entertaining. Can't believe that after 9 seasons this show is still strong, outdoing itself every year. Kudos to everyone connected with the show.


I hate to say this but Sean Murray appeared more sickly in the first of season 9 episode than at any time before. I kept thinking was that a toupee and did he have chemo? Also, his voice was not as strong as it had been. I hope not. I like him very much.


Not a bad new beginning. Noticed a lot of comments on writing. Here's a blatant error which amazes me got by. Tony when discussing Angels with Dirty Faces, states "Bogie was the Priest' Au contraire, and no movie buff would make this mistake. Bogie is the real bad gangster Cagney Kills, Pat O'Brien is the boyhood chum and priest. Pay attention guys


dont know whats the problem i watched it on tuesday morning on my laptop and i dont live anywhere canada or the USA,anyway it was a exellent episode michael weatherly shone one of his best episodes ever but we dont want tony to change to much love him the way he is.


I loved the premier episode! I have a feelint these chips go into something way more deeper then we know.. Tony and Ziva need to hook up already! And Ziva's still not used to using american talk, I love it! Is this season's mystory tying into Mike Franks?? Why do I have a feeling Jenny had something to do with this?? Loved the cliff hanger!


Thought the premier was terrific. MW did an incredible job as amnesiac, conflicted Tony. He is a truly gifted actor. I loved the Tony and Gibbs interaction. I liked the way the episode resolved, yet set up more mystery. I just sincerely hope that the selling of these chips doesn't somehow turn into another Mossad drama. I'm real sick of those overly contrived and highly unlikely stories. I hope where ever this latest story is going will be a fresh idea.


I still dont like EJ


Wow it was good tonight I knew when the party of five guy came in after Gibbs told him not too He was bad guy. I hope they catch both those loser. EJ must e in witness protection her uncel has her safe.

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