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I also loved NCIS. This type of eposide was on Law & Order first. The girl killed one of her High School teachers when she was af
raid that the teacher would figure out her real age.The girl's name was Fionna.McGee is still too skinny!!!


I liked last night Episode it was good I liked how we are back to the team, I know Law & Order Svu had an episode like this a few years ago but NCIS made it so much better I can see Lindsay pain and what he uncle did to her made her like that I also liked how the family took her in.
I loved Ziva sheep comment it made me laugh love when she messes up her english.
and now to Tony felt so bad for him when he went to say sorrry to Stinky John about putting him up the flag pole and it turned out that it was Tony up the flag pole poor Tony, I also Liked when Tony says McGee will never let me lives this down Gibbs said you don't half to tell him and Tony says he will anyways.


don't have much to say.
great review!
love the team back together, tony was adorable and sweet.
the story of a 27 year old repeating her high school years over and over again? as tragic as it was, and as twisted as it was, i saw the same identical thing in Law and Order: SVU, a 28 year old was in her fourth or fifth circle of being a seventeen year old, she had a relationship with a classmate and she was being charged with statutory rape because she was really 28 and he was 17.
Ziva's sheep comment-hilarious!
Abby was hot in her homecoming dress and i can't believe what Tony went through in school, made me want to punch that John guy!! poor Tony, i love him soooo much.


I got to amit I though last night they were going back to Ziva but they didn't and I was happy that they still keeping Tony funny yet more mature now if only they could do it to Mcgee.

Did anyone eles see Gibbs on E man Mark is Funny I would love to see more of that

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