Nikita Season Premiere Review: Game Changed

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The game was definitely changed on the aptly-titled season premiere, "Game Change," which was interestingly the name of the corrupt operation back in 2004.

Nikita and Michael are using the black box they found last season to try and bring down Division. That is about the only thing that hasn't changed.

Downed Alex

Amanda is now in charge of Division, which has supposedly cleaned up its act. Even though she had questionable motives at times last season, I really think she is trying to do the right thing. So far, I enjoy her as head of the company. Percy has finally gotten what he deserves, too: prison! Though I'm sure he will find a way to continue to manipulate the situation to his benefit. It was will be crazy ride watching Amanda and Percy working at odds. What will she have to give up to get what she needs from him?

Alex is back working as a freelancer with Division to track down the black box Nikita took. She's teaming with Amanda in exchange for Division's help to bring down her father's killer. I, unfortunately, think she is misguided on how much Amanda and Division will help her. Amanda may intend to keep her promise to Alex, but does anyone believe this will end well?

While I don't think Alex wants Nikita dead, she definitely isn't in her corner anymore. I was relieved to see that Alex didn't join Sean and his crew by shooting at Nikita. But, in the alley, the huge divide between the two of them was evident. What an amazing fight scene! While I don't want to see them go at it every week, once in a while will be worth it. In the end, Nikita overstepped by breaking Alex's arm and shooting her. Yes, she did it to get Alex out of Division, but it will most likely accomplish just the opposite.

In Her Sights

New at Division is an Oversight lackey, Sean. He's going to cause problems for both Amanda and Alex, but ultimately I'm guessing he will decide to turn against Oversight. I see him as a potential love interest for Alex - her "Michael" perhaps?

And then there is Birkhoff. How awesome were his fighter drones? I hope we see those again, even though they won't be nearly as cool to see the second time. His rescue of Michael and Nikita, denial of helping them, and in-the-face challenge to Amanda and the Division programmers was fun to watch. Birkhoff was previously kept in his tech cave at Division, I can't wait to see what he comes up with to help bring down Division. And, with money being no barrier, this is gonna be crazy ride!

In the past, the lines were clear - Division was bad, while Nikita and Alex were good. I'm not sure the sides are quite as obvious this season. Amanda appears to genuinely want to clean up Division and return it to its original mission of protecting the country. If that's the case, will Oversight be the evil group that needs to be brought down rather than Division itself? Oversight showed tonight that it will use whatever means necessary to protect itself, including sacrificing one of their own.

The case of Tony Merrick was well incorporated into the episode as a means to show us everyone's current loyalties. There was a cover-up of the original cover-up to clear him of any wrongdoing and reunite him with his son. In the end, Nikita and Michael were able to help someone from having the black box. It wasn't enough to bring down Division or Oversight, but as Michael mentioned, one down... and only five to go.

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Wat i dnt undastnd is Alex problem, one time,shes wit nikita,d nxt time,shes fightin her.i term her a confused brat who doesnt no wat she wants and wen she wants it. Again,am sorry 2 say dt am fallin 4 micheal cos he is sexy especially his eyes.


i really like this season & am dying to watch it.the season seems to have more since michael & nikita are on the outside


New season is a blast. 'game change' will keep folks glued to it. Upload the whole season to net so we can catch up with the fun here in Kenya.


i loved the episode and hope there will be a little more nikita and alex fight scenes but i think that once alex gets the guy who put the hit on her family she shouldn't take back the empire instead she should go back and help nikita take down division and not like work with nikita right away but work on her own stopping division and after running into each other a couple of times on missions she should go back with nikita but that's just what i want and think should happen.


Seriously,why is no one mentioning Percy and his Magneto prison!He's in a giant square hamster ball.Nuff said.


First of all! How HOT are these actors!? Insane! Michael and Sean! Alex, Nikita & Amanda!
What an intense premier!!
I love the new game plan! It is so different from the original show and it's so much better!
Michael! U can see the desperation in his eyes! He gave everything up to take the division down and he wants to do it fast! Who wouldn't!
Sean and Alex what a chemistry, I don't think Mikita are so hot together!
Amanda is hiding very well that her pants are full of shi*! But in some of her moves U can see she isn't cold hard but a leader must be cold hard!
Birkhoff! Not hot but a bitchy mastermind! And I love the Nikita-Nerd speech!
the plot was really well done!


Lovedddd it! .nikita bad ass chic. Alex is trusting the wrong people, she should had stayed by nikita side and she would have helped her 2 get the revenge that she so despretly wants 4 her fathers murder which division had part in. Michael is such a hotty and loved that he turned 2 the good side last season. Birkhoff 2 the rescue was awsome. Amanda is a bitch and untrusting. I dont believe she suddenly wants 2 do the right thing. Amanda is playing alex. Glad 2 see percy exactly were he belongs.


Birkhof's drones were an awesome surprise. Loved the Alex/Amanda fight scene. Michael and Nikita both sympathize with Alex for different reasons. Birkhof wanting Division to know he's not working with Mikita but gloating to Division on videochat and then Michael's line; hilarious. Percy's psychoanalysis of Alex's need for a mother figure was spot on. The Percy/Amanda relationship will be fun to watch. Series endgame should be Alex in charge of Zetrov


I did miss that show !!!


I'm so glad they have Maggie Q as Nikita ! Nice season starter!

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