Parenthood Season Premiere Review: Six Months Later...

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On the Parenthood season premiere, six months have gone by since we last saw the Bravermans. But this show has the exceptional ability to drop you right into the middle these people's lives and make you feel that you've never been away.

The characters grow at a realistic pace, and half a year away didn't bring about any life altering events. I kind of like that.

Zeek and Drew

Adam was going slightly stir crazy, as he remained unemployed. Kristina was swelled with pregnancy, but that didn't stop her temporary job from hiring her for a full-time position. I have to wonder if, in reality, an employer would do the same with a glut of non-pregnant unemployed people vying for the same job. Yes, I'm cynical.

Crosby was still a womanizing idiot living out pipe dreams. He seemed to be sleeping his way through town in Jasmine's wake, with his last redeeming quality being his fatherhood to Jabar.

Amber was still reeling from her inability to get into college, and she found a loft and jazzy little car to help ease her transition into her new  life. You know the kind, a vehicle not seen inside the U.S. for decades and a one room loft with a sliding door. Those items that make the cool kids on TV quirky and unlike the rest of us.

Thinking only of herself, she was the first one to leave Sarah's fortieth birthday party. The party was another Braverman event where looking in from the outside they seem the perfect family. All getting along, loving each other and life. And yet each child harbors so much inner pain. All things come around, and Camille reminded Sarah that she missed her 40th birthday party, too.

Some good news for Sarah was that, right off the sinking of The Event, Jason Ritter was back as Amber's teacher Sean and hot on Sarah's trail. Good for him because he fits the role of semi-goofy teacher far better than that he did on the aforementioned piece of junk. He and Sarah had something good before they rushed him out of the picture. I look forward to seeing their relationship blossom again.

I was surprised there was no mention of Sarah's progress as a play-writer. Last season ended for her on such a high note, making me a little disappointed not to find her reveling in her success.

Haddie was still sporting a snotty attitude, and a new, horrific, hairstyle. I wanted to take a brush to her head like nobody's business. She lost her way, but no details as to why were revealed. Dating an alcoholic and doing jello shots do not mix. Whether he was with her or not, it proved how much she doesn't understand about the person she is dating. I was heartbroken for Alex when he found her at the party, smashed out of her mind. Such betrayal.

Julia, sporting a farmer's tan from what I believe was a summer of Ericka Christensen bike riding, was still itching for a new baby of her own. I actually cringed as she spoke with the latte girl about her unborn baby, although the later conversation she had with Sarah that since she sold coffee she figured maybe she'd sell her unborn child, too, was pretty funny. 

That's about it. There wasn't much to the episode, just another day in the life. As such, this is less of a review than a rundown of where we found the Bravermans after six months. Not stalled and yet not screeching forward to destinations unknown. Just living their lives, inviting us into their homes to watch. Like your favorite comfort food, they'll be here each week to remind us of who we are.


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does anyone know the name of the song that played in the closing minutes of last night's episode (forced family fun)? it had an aaron neville feel to it...


For the past 2 weeks Parenthood has not been on Tuesday at 10. Has this show been changed to another day and time?


Lola and Jemchum, you were both right-the song at the end was by Paul McCartney. Thank you very much, just added it to my music!


Thank you very much, Jaxgirl71! I really appreciate the information and additional details. :D


YES, Laura! The high school party scene was completely unbelievable. First, kids who are underage drinking would NEVER call the cops. They'd all be at risk of arrest. That would just be stupid. Were the writers never teenagers? Also, I agree that the kid's parents would be at fault. And were they actually THERE? That's even worse. They would have been the ones hauled out in handcuffs. This bugged me and was an unrealistic spot in what is usually a VERY realistic show.


The song at the end was "Junk" by Paul McCartney.


I enjoyed the episode but it seemed to fall a little flat after waiting since May to see them. I was glad they didn't mention Sarah's play or writing. I didn't like that story line at all; it felt forced and out of place. Haddie's perm was horrible and someone please give Max a haircut! I assume Amber has a job to pay for that apartment and car but didn't hear them mention that?? We need more Craig T Nelson. Looking forward to more interesting episodes.


Max is SUPPOSED to be exhausting. Have you every spent any real time with a child or adult with aspergers? It is exhausting at times. I do not say that in any way to discredit all the wonderful qualities they may have, I'm simply pointing to one of the realities of living/loving/caring for a person with aspergers.


Party scene was VERY badly written and nonsense. No kids EVER call police attention to a drinking party - ever. Why did Alex stay there and wait to be arrested? When police come to a HS party it is unannounced and everyone runs like rabbits. The police then ticket every minor they see. They can care less about a "fight." The police would be more concearned with the owners of the house and who bought the alchol or condoned the party. This part was almost as stupid as that old hipster car and silly apartment. Does Amber even have a job? What is making, tops, $20K? So figure insurance, car payments, lots of maintenance on a vintage piece of garbage, etc. How could she hope to afford the bay area, in an urban apartment with no roomates? Not possible, despite the fact she would most likely require a co-signer. Who lets there kid live in place like that anyway? The writting has never been this poor on any other episode. I hope this is not a sign of the demise of a once expertly crafted show.


Who calls the police over a PUNCH? Let alone a punch thrown at an underage drinking party? No one would have called the police in real life. That wasn't realistic. But it's TV, so I'll forgive them this time. :)

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