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Revenge may give me something I didn't realize I'd been missing: A glamorous drama with rich, beautiful people in a gorgeous setting looking to do one another harm. The show harkens back to the prime time sudsers of the 1980s and I think I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Emily Thorne is a beautiful, wealthy, young woman with a mysterious past. When she was a child, her father was framed by some very powerful people and ended up dying in prison. Emily, or actually Amanda back then, was sent to social services and must have had a rough time of it because we later see her getting out of some type of juvenile detention center.

In an added twist, her father was able to leave her with a fortune, which gives her the means to change her name, move back to the Hamptons, and seek her revenge on the people involved in destroying her dad.

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Emily VanCamp really sells this show. If she were too cold we wouldn't care. If she were too sweet it wouldn't seem plausible. But Emily is a delicious combination of innocence and evil. She's hunting. And in the pilot she sets her sights on her prey and takes one down.

How many people are on her list? Hard to tell just yet. Certainly Victoria and Conrad Grayson, who seem to be the masterminds who set up her dad. Then there's his former secretary Lydia who testified against him.

Emily manages to out Lydia's affair with Grayson and make sure she loses her home and standing in the Hamptons, all within the first episode. One of my favorite scenes was watching Emily artfully let it slip that she saw Lydia and her sick "husband" at The South Fork Inn."

The look on Victoria's face as her best friend's betrayal sank in was wonderful and she somehow managed to privately send Lydia packing in a very public setting. Oh, and is The South Fork Inn a sly nod back to Dallas' Southfork Ranch? Either way, the reference made me smile.

There were some other interesting moments here. Nolan knows Emily/Amanda's secret. He's wealthy and powerful but doesn't fit in with this crowd. He could be Emily's one ally if she doesn't freeze him out. 

Then there's her childhood friend Jack, who might not recognize old pal Amanda all grown up but his dog (formerly hers) certainly does. A few well placed doggie kisses and it took all of Emily's self control to not give away her secret.

The women were the powerhouses here and I'm hoping the men step it up a bit as the show progresses.

As the story's told via flashbacks, we learned that Emily's engaged to Victoria's son Daniel. Is she in love or is it simply part of her plot? Of course, Daniel ends up shot on the beach during their engagement party.

Did Emily set this up? Is her plot for revenge more serious than fortunes and reputations? Is she willing to kill to get her pay back? An eye for an eye, as Victoria may lose a beloved family member just as Emily did years before?

Given the small scene shown here it's hard to tell. Emily didn't give much away. Was she in shock or simply relishing the next step in her plan?

Revenge may not be for everyone. It could be too soapy for some, but I liked how unapologetic this show was about that. This is a continuing drama about sex, lies, greed and revenge. What more do you need to make entertaining TV? And what goes down next week? Check out the official Revenge promo for "Trust" now.


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can revenge/act(s) of revenge be justified? no matter what the reason you give for it.. 'how to get over' the feeling of revenge and feel satified.. now that would be a good feeling to have.


best show on tv!!!!!


This is the best tv series I have ever seen in my life. Emily and Madeline are two of the best actresses for this format. The plot and the way the show is formulated is fantastic. It is suspenseful and so interesting especially because of the high tech. I 've told everyone to watch this show and they love it. I am a Revenge addict!


Love this show. I'm hooked and next week can't come soon enough. Van Camp is really proving herself as a great actress. The best of the new fall shows!


The best show I have seen since "Dynasty". Great writing. The plots are amazing. The actress playing Emily/Amanda IS simply amazing in this role. I enjoyed very much the way Emily manages to out Lydia's affair with Grayson. If this is an indication of what to come or more to come next, I am simply loving this show.


I'd rather invest myself in a drama, even if it fails in the end, than waste my mind on watching pseudo-reality crap. If all there was to watch was tripe like any of the various pseudo-reality 'talent(less)' shows, then I'd not be watching TV at all (except football!) That said, this was a very decent pilot. We were shown just enough about the characters and their relationships to hook us, and the main protagonist isn't someone that we can embrace as good or evil--she's both, and that will keep us on our toes.


Please let it get picked up for the next 5 years...


I was really interested in this show. I do plan on watching it in the future. I wasn't sure I would like it, but found myself pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is a bit soapy, but by showing the engagement party first, I definitely want to know how things got to that point. I don't think Emily likes Nolan because she doesn't want anyone to know who she really was. And with Jack, I thinks he does not want to care about anyone, or really let anyone in, at least while she is handling her nasty business of revenge. I don't think she is done by far though. It might seem unsatisfying to only see the secretary lose her home and friends, but there might more coming. The one thing I don't think she did was arrange for her fiancee's shooting. I think she only has plans to hurt those who took down her father. Unless you get in her way...


This show is a keeper. Liked everything about it.


I think this show is a keeper. Liked everything about it.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Two wrongs can never make a right because two wrongs can never equal each other.


Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.