Supernatural Episode Preview: What is Real?

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Wow. Supernatural aired a season premiere on Friday that felt a lot more like a season finale. That's how much action was packed into "Meet the New Boss."

What can the CW favorite possibly do for a follow-up? Next week's "Hello Cruel World" will feature Castiel struggling with his new role, as well as Sam hallucinating. Often. What is real and what is not? It won't be an easy question for this hunter to answer.

See what we mean now:

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I agree with filmguy, the show is feeling really unbalanced, and based on the promos for 7.02, it appears to be about Sam's hallucinations, and we know that 7.03 is Sam-centric and Dean-lite. So, that means Dean has very little to do in three episodes in a row. There are only two lead characters, the writers should be able to write active storylines for both characters, they did it in Season 4 and part of Season 5.


I'm not saying that Dean should be more central then Sam or anything. I'm just saying that the show is too Sam central at the moment. It should be equally about both of them and it's the dynamic between both of the characters that makes it good. If they are going to give Sam a bunch of things to do then Dean should have his own thing going on too. Season 5 did a great job of that by having both brothers dealing with fighting their destinies to be vessels for the apocalypse. When ever the show becomes too focused on Sam it just feels unbalanced. Some of my favorite plots have been with Dean. His deal with the devil and going to hell only to be resurrected by Castiel was all great stuff. Some times Sam's plots get repetitive because it's always something dark inside him that he's wining about. Dean some times is a breath of fresh air from Sam's crap.


Loved the first ep of the season and it was a nice change to see the boys after 5 hellish months, Felt sorry for sam and Cas suffering though, I just hope they can help Cass instead of killing him if he isnt dead already inside.... Cant wait to see the rest of the season all 3 of the boys did a wonderfully amazing acting job playing the story out so far and playing there charas Hell to me aside from Sam suffering him and Dean where almost the same close brothers they used to be, but i guess time will tell what it has planed for the brothers later on. Love it so far


As Ive said before on other sites, Sam isnt being shadowed/supported by Dean. and personally dean can get pretty boring to, I got bored with that "Ben and Lisa" crap and yes he buries his emotions and doesnt show them right away but Sam&Dean are to different people and there personalitys are a part of who they are. Whats it matter who has more screen time or whos "Shadowing/supporting" Who? What matters is that we enjoy the show, the stories, and the time we do see Sam or Dean onscreen, it shouldnt matter about all the other stuff just that we enjoy the brothers and the writers stories they put together and how well the boys are acting.


How about we have some episodes that actually utilizes Dean instead of just having him as a supporter to Sam. Sam is getting old with his dark crap. Every season it's something with demon blood or his soul being in hell and he wines about it non stop like emo pansy. Dean is much cooler and more complex. Dean represses and buries his emotions and doesn't wear them on his sleeve. This creates a character with layers and complexity. I find Dean much more interesting than Sam.

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