The Good Wife Round Table: Jews, Muslims and Tutors

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It was a brand new, hot day on The Good Wife this week, as Alicia and company returned with an inner-office romance and a case that focused on Israel-Palestinian relations.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal teams up with staff writers Christine Orlando and Steve Marsi to tackle the premiere and the various issued it raised. Welcome to the latest edition of The Good Wife Round Table!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The introduction of the new Alicia. She walked out of that elevator with a confidence (and a hairstyle) never before seen on the show. Eli took notice, Grace took notice later on. Hot sex with your boss can do wonders, apparently.

Christine: Honestly, it was Will and Alicia discussing Diane's observations about their relationship while having sex up against a wall. It's such a departure from what I'm used to seeing on this show. I didn't see that one coming.

Steve: Every one that featured Kelli Giddish. I may need to start watching Law & Order: SVU.

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Should Will and Alicia go public with their romance?
Matt: Absolutely. Any fear Alicia may have had about the effect on her children was cleared up when Grace essentially have the divorce her blessing. Are she and Will afraid of the ramifications at work? Being caught in a lie would look much worse.

Christine: I think Alicia should officially file for divorce first. Then she can be open about moving on. Until then, this is their dirty little secret and can be a very sticky situation both personally and professionally.

Steve: No, not yet, not with Peter as the State's Attorney. He may be sincere about his desire to run a clean office now, but watch him change his mind and go hard after Gardner/Lockhart if this dalliance came out.

Give a grade to the case of the week.
Matt: Just to the case? D. Yes, it opened up doors for other characters to get involved in interesting ways, most notably Eli. But the actual defendant and the crime and the evidence (video game logs?!?) were a snooze.

Christine: B-. I enjoyed it, not necessarily for the case itself but for the involvement of the characters. The one-upsmanship between Cary and Kalinda was great and how wonderful was Eli? He unapologetically plays all angles. His "Arab Spring" campaign made me laugh. It's like Irish Spring, only with Arabs.

Steve: A-. Mostly for the guts it took to even feature a Jewish/Muslim debate. I can't think of another show that would touch this subject and do so without offending either side.

Grace's tutor: Cool and quirky, or just plain weird?
Matt: Ummm, I didn't even know the tutor was a female until Grace uttered the appropriate pronoun near the end. So gotta go with "just plain weird."

Christine:Just plain weird, but sometimes someone so very different can be entertaining. We'll see if the tutor returns and how different she continues to be. 

Steve: Everything with Grace feels a bit forced. Remember when she into religion for like two days? I understand the show has to include scenes of Alicia as a mother, but it needs to do a better job incorporating her kids into sensible storylines.


Alicia is a slut.

@ player

I know two years I just started the show so how dare you call her that she deserved to be with will


slept with peter years ago but that the entire time she was becoming freinds with her k was lying to her face and now she will never know if k was just being her freind to make up for sleeping with peter. i also think peter may well start trying to get back with alicia so maybe they wont divorce this season as she is still partly thr good wife - if she wasn't she would have made the separation public to humiliate peter and told the kids why she kicked him out to turn them against him but she hasn't. xx


bill, if you don't watch the show anymore why waste both your and our time writing about it when you don't know the whole story? i don't think alicia and will sleeping together is morally right, but due to the separation and peters actions it is at least in a bit of a grey area, like so many of the other characters decisions. i also think that there will certainly be repercussions down the line as demonstrated by will conversation with Kalinda in ep1 and with Diane in ep2. as for 'reality no longer has a place in this show' yes it does! the reason you know that office romances usually end badly is because this happens all the time in real life. If alicia took peter back and totally forgave him after countless new revelations about his affairs no one could relate to her. THe fact of the matter is people hold grudges, especially after being so publicly humiliated. in my opinion the main reason she is still angry with kalinda is not that she


Everybody has their own comments about what is right and what is wrong so be it.
People talk about Peter and his hooker and one nighter years ago, but don't say very much about Alicia hot flirting with Will from their kiss to the return for more plus the cell call about the plan. I guess that doesn't count when you are supposingly telling the family your trying to work it out and lying to everyone.
Would anyone want to find out that your best friend had a one nighter with husband way before you knew her ? If he did tell her she still would of hit the roof the truth hurts even yrs later.
I just had a crazy thought that Peter could have Alicia and Will followed very easy through the SA office. LOL


I'm tired of this whining about Alicia not being the same person from season one or her having an "excuse" to leave Peter to be with Will. Why are some of you so stuck on Peter and Alicia getting back together? As much as I enjoy Alicia/Will, I don't mind if Alicia gets back with her husband given time. BUT, people want her to be a little angry and pretend as if her husband didn't cheat with a hooker, get caught by the media, then told about the affair from the media, and had to go back to work and be a quasi-single mother. She asked Peter if there was another woman and he said no. She asked Kalinda did she sleep with her husband and she said no. It is understandable why both would deny it, but it is also reasonable why Alicia leave her husband and end of her friendship with Kalinda. Personally, I don't know what it is like to be stared at and talked about behind my back once incredibly embarrassing information was let out, but I don't think anyone else would take to kindly to this happening to them. In addition with befriending your husband's former mistress and practically becoming best friend's with her. Alicia left Peter because he was doing all this talk about becoming a new man and being honest and he was still keeping secrets. Even if Alicia was interested in Will, she never acted upon it until her "separation" from Peter. Alicia wanted it to work, but she finds it hard to forgive Peter, again, understandably. The only reason she hasn't filed for separation or divorce is because David (Family attorney man) told her it would be better to wait and so it wouldn't hurt Peter's recent re-election into the office. Not only that, plenty of people separate and it takes them years to divorce. So, I don't think it's a problem for her to date. But, it would be a problem to pursue other relationships if she was still trying to make it work with her husband and she isn't. But, let's keep in mind that the title "The Good Wife" is not to be taken literally. It is a role these women play for cameras or become because they think they will obtain happiness this way. Alicia suppressed her true self and her aspirations to be Peter's wife. Not saying she didn't genuinely love Peter, but she decided not to pursue her passions. At the same time, I don't believe all her reasons are good or will be good--just that she put herself on hold to cater to her husband and kids. This season is about reclaiming herself and learning who she truly is. The reason Alicia isn't the same from previous seasons is because it's called character growth. This can either be upward or downward--not everyone's lives improves--but characters change and grow like people. How can everything she has been through not change her? She wants to get out and do stuff, but she afraid to. Everything is about image and protecting her family rather than enjoying life. So, yes, she has change and their is a difference, but does that make it wrong or bad, no. As far as season 3 episode 1 goes, I really enjoyed it and wasn't let down. I like the whole "frosty" situation at work between A/W. Diane wasn't featured enough. I enjoyed K/A scenes. I still love my love/hate relationship with Cary. Peter is Peter--meaning despite his good intentions, there is always something up his sleeves, but I enjoy the character. Eli was great. Grace was undecided. The case...ehhh


1. My favorite scene was Alicia in Court, esp once her husband walked in and they talked afterwards. I do love her confidence. 2. I think the whole Will/Felicia storyline has taken a turn for the worse. This isn't who Felicia is, and it looks like she's just getting back at her husband. This show shouldn't be about her sexual needs getting filled by her boss, and what's so disappointing is that she is STILL married and is no better than Peter. I liked this show when they focused on her complexity, and her searching for meaning, and finding part of that going back into the working world and dealing with her husband's infidelity. Now this show is showing Felicia compromising her morals and becoming Peter, and the show will no longer be about trying good cases, but about what sex scene will she and Will perform next week, further pushing unbelievable boundaries. Even the new day and time is a bad idea. 3. The case overall is a B. I liked the topic matter and agree with the last post (from Blu), but feel there was too much personal drama and not enough case storyline focus.


After watching the first episode i'm through, the writers have crossed the line on two subjects (racial and morality) this is so sickening that we have to be subject to this kind of TV programing. They put together sex scenes that are nothing short of being a porno about a mother of two kids who thinks she is still in high school getting banged by the class clown.
Why couldn't a storyline be put together for season 3 starting with a divorce then dating the boss not sneaking around acting like sex maniacs.


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode? Will and Kalinda in the bar and they talk about emotions. Especially after what happened between him and Alicia. 2. Will e Alicia deve ir a público com seu romance? No, Will be only a stepping stone to a new phase of life of Alicia.Everybody has secrets. 3. Give a grade to the case of the week A-, I agree with Steve. 4. Grace's tutor: Cool and quirky, or just plain weird? Just plain weird.


I didn't even watch the show, which by what I have heard, was the right decision.I haved watche TGW since the first epi, but no more. I actually thought the Kings tried to show that Peter had changed at the end of S2 and was not the scumbag he had been in the beginning. The one-night stand with Kalinda, as wrong as it was. was years ago and Alicia didn't even know Kalinda at the time. Maybe Peter should have come clean to Alicia about Kalinda, maybe not. He knew if he did, it would probably ruin their friendship and make it very hard for the two of them to continue working together. I don't think his sole reason for not telling Alicia was to avoid Alicia's wrath. Obviously, it was much more complicated than "hookergate." Still, it gave Alicia the excuse to leave him and pursue Will, which is what she had been wanting to do for a long time. Alicia had her secrets too about Will (the kiss in his office, the phone call asking her to leave Peter, her feelings for Will, etc.) but of course, to many fans, none of that mattered because of what Peter had done to her. She essentailly had a free pass to be as dishonest as she wanted to be. Regardless, the Kings wanted to get Alicia and Will together, sexually, so they did, giving the marriage reconciliatiion hopefuls the one finger salute in the process. And now Alicia is having hot sex with her boss and many fans are thrilled(and I'm sure Julianna Marguilies and Josh Charles were elated to turn up the heat on their on screen relationship as well). Forget the fact that an office romance with your boss nearly always ends as a nightmare for everyone involved. Reality no longer has a place on this show. Now Alicia is The "Don't Let the Name Fool You" Goodwife" and it's all about doing what makes you feel good and to hell with the consequences. She and Will probably won't be able to pass a broom closet at work now without jumping inside for a "quickie." Just change professions and you have Gray's Anatomy. I guess later in the season thery will show Alicia and Peter ripping each other to shreds in divorce court. I'll pass.


It sucks that kelli who play sophia is leaving I wantd kalinda and sophia to start something hopefully lana will come back I don't want cary and kalinda to have any type of relationship exept as friends.

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