The Vampire Diaries Review: A Case of Jungle Fever

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Is it possible for The Vampire Diaries to feature too much action?

I never thought I'd ask that question, either, but, in many ways, "The Hybrid" left me as confused as Caroline. No, my estranged, creature-hunting, formerly horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing father did not just walk through that door.

But the fast paced, dark developments in the woods have left me scratching my head a bit. I really hope I don't have a werewolf bite...

Damon v. Elena

Okay. So Klaus' grand goal has been to create a hybrid army. That much I follow. And this was the point of his sacrificial ceremony last season, right? But it failed to work here because - as we know, and as Klaus appears to now know - the Doppleganger is NOT actually dead... right?

Also: why can hybrids only be made out of werewolves? Those are apparently very difficult to track down, whereas vampires are abundant.

Is it because Klaus already possesses vampire blood and can just drip that into the werewolf's throat to complete the process? But then why not use a nearly-dead werewolf, such as Ray, to do the same thing for any number of vampires he and Stefan could easily track down?

These are all questions of practicality. I may simply be over-analyzing. I may be forgetting a plot point. But there is one overarching question from this storyline that the show definitely wants us to be thinking about:

Who told Klaus about making the army? Who is pulling the strings of the blood sucker we were previously told was the oldest, most powerful vampire alive? Might it be the individual Julie Plec has teased will steal Klaus' thunder later this season? There is some Wizard of Ooze out there, hiding behind some curtain, we can be certain of that. Fascinating.

Elsewhere: give it up for a battle between ghosts! I've been assuming all along that Anna and Vicki were back for the same purpose, whatever the heck that is. But the former says the latter cannot be trusted, which does jibe with Kayla Ewell teasing that her character is back for revenge. But against whom? Stefan killed her. The audience might not want Vicki to go after him, but why would Anna care? Why would she issue this warning to Jeremy?

And where does Matt fit into all this? He couldn't see Vicki in that scene, but she saw him. Or at least felt his presence. Matt is such a good guy, offering to assist Tyler with his chaining, let's hope he isn't in for more heartbreak somehow here. The guy has already lost his sister once, along with his girlfriend to his best friend, please tell me the show won't put him through even more.

You know, like having him kidnapped and tied up by a father whose family has been in the vampire-killing business for 150 years. I did not see that ending coming! (Editor's note: I never see any episode ending coming.) Where has this Bill guy been? He's clearly familiar with Tyler's mother and the counsel, yet he hasn't been mentioned once by them.

Other notes from the episode:

  • We can only assume Jeremy used Bing to educate himself on ghost summoning, right?
  • Careful to avoid the True Blood threesome trap, Vampire Diaries. I'm a big fan of Elena with Stefan, period. I get we need the longing glance with Damon, I understand there's an attraction there. But there's only so many times the show can focus on teasing these two as a couple before it gets more irritating than intriguing.
  • Aren't they more akin to brother and sister than lover and lover anyway? I got a fun sibling vibe from Elena and Damon when they bickered over leaving the woods, when he pushed her into the lake and when Damon burned his hand on those chains and Elena sighed: "I said Ric."
  • Katniss Everdeen would not have needed Stefan's help with Ray. She would have scaled a tree and shot arrows right through him. Just saying.
  • One thing was for sure this week: the gang wasn't bird watching!

WHAT DID EVERYONE ELSE THINK? For an advanced look at next week's installment, watch this Vampire Diaries promo!


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Also, it's funny how many people have spelled the characters' names wrong even though it's supposedly a show they regularly watch (and bother to comment on).


So Klaus' sister is comin to town..wat if Bex is really his sister?shes been around for awhile n Klaus chose Stef for a reason..his sister wanted him to bring Stef back to her? Guess we will hav to wait n see..


Delena fans should just get 1 thing straight,the writers r jst giving u a chance to be happy after 2 seasons of stelena,they have already made it clear for u elena and stefan r going 2 endup together coz they already made it seem like elena wouldn't exist without stefan,and she as her xter wouldn't want to b with sum1 lyk damon even thou he's changed bt dat doesn't excuse what he's done in the past and all d pain he's caused to elena.STELENA 4 ETERNITY.


I don't miss Bonnie either :-) Hope she stays away for more episodes. I really don't like that character. Klaus, on the other hand, is quite interesting. When he said something like "you're my only comrade now" to Stefan I almost wanted to give him a hug o_O The poor (strongest, oldest, most evil) hybrid is LONELY. Maybe he shouldn't have killed his entire family in the first place... AND "Mister former H.R.G." PLEASE DON'T KILL CAROLINE.

Strawberry fields

Btw, I disagree with the statement that there is a "fun sibling vibe" between Elena and Damon. There are tensions between siblings, but not this kind of tensions. At least I never had something like this with neither one of my brothers (it would be creepy). The scene in her bedroom was so intense, I was sure that the kiss will happen this time.

Strawberry fields

"Why can hybrids only be made out of werewolves?"... probably because you can't MAKE a werewolf at all. That is why Klaus is a hybrid in the first place, his father was from a werewolf bloodline. I had a feeling that something will go wrong with the plan of creating an army, but the whole "the doppleganger is not really dead" thing puts us right in square one. At some point Klaus will find out that Elena is alive and he will come to kill her AGAIN. Everyone will try to protect her AGAIN. Because it would be too simple if she was safe for once. I get that she is the main character here, but after a whole great season of saving Elena I don't want the show to fall into the same pattern.


i thought the episode was pretty good, liked the action and I didn't think that there was too much of it!
What if Vicki is actually good in the end and that it's Anna that we really shouldn't be trusting?? I think that would be a good twist!
And what is going to happen when klaus figures out that Elena is alive?? Btw why is Stefan so special there's something deeper going on there!!
I MISS ELIJAH!!!! Please bring him back soon this season!


Dint see that caroline/daddy story line coming! BTW Kat Graham said theres goin to be a big death coming..mmh who cld it be?maybe mrs lockwood?!


I think hybrids only be made out of werewolves cause none can be turned into a werewolves, I mean they just have it in the blood, but anyone can be turned into a vampire. I don't know, its just an idea


One off the best Episodes yet!This season is really special! Every episode is strong, emotional and action loaded!
The hunting part really was entertaining,hoped for more fighting less back stabbing! This Klaus/Stefan Bromance is really nice! I see them really connecting! I get Klaus a little better now! He always felt left out because he is what he is adn he doesn't want an army he wants friends!
The last Delena scene was nice even when I'm not a fan it was hot and emotional!
The Caylor story is really interesting. And the scene between Mrs Loockwood and Taylor was really touching! The Hunter is really great and soulless, and It's Daddy!!! What a twist!
WHERE THE heck is BONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in hating mode so much for it! She would take out this Hybrids so easily! OMG!
I thought the Jeremy story would be better! Currently is very superficial and just talk!

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