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We got a whiff of Klaus' master plan this week: he wants to create an army of hybrids. He and Stefan used Ray the werewolf to try and accomplish this task, trekking into the mountains of Tennessee to track down a pack and turn each one.

But there was a problem: the transformations didn't take. Ray even escaped, running into the woods and into the path of Elena, Alaric and Damon, who somehow figured out where this was all taking place because Tyler used Elena's phone to determine where a pack might hang out in Tennessee.

Damon proceeded to chase Ray away from his friends, only to be near death in a struggle with him - when Stefan appeared and saved his brother's life. But he told Damon to take Elena home and keep her there. Once back, Damon told Elena he'd help bring Stefan back because Stefan wouldn't let Damon die out there. He and Elena also shared a moment when she admitted she didn't want to see him harmed.


- Klaus was angry over the hybrid process failing to work. He railed about being "told' to make the army and wondered why it didn't work. Didn't he do everything right last season? Didn't he kill the Doppleganger? Hmmm... actually.

- Back in town, Jeremy and Matt tried to summon Vicki. They eventually succeeded, although Matt didn't see her. But she told Jeremy to help bring her back. As soon as she did, Anna also appeared and warned Jeremy not to trust her fellow ghost.

- Tyler's mother called in a guy named Bill to help with the Caroline problem. But she was also witness to a shock via her son: after realizing that his mother put vervain in his coffee as a test, Tyler took her down into the dungeon during the full moon and proved he was a werewolf. This made his mother also realize that she made a mistake with Caroline and she called Bill to change their plan. But he said it was too late, his family has been hunting vampires for decades.

We ended the episode with Caroline tied up and Bill walking in and her looking up to utter: Daddy?!?

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode always annoys me with Klaus and his dumb hybrid army and he thinks that this army will solve all his problems. This is why Klaus should get lost sometimes. ;P




Once again stefan saved damon's life,u guys(delena)should be thankful coz it's our stefan dat always saved the damon u love,u gotta give him a credit for that.


Yep! It is coming on 29 september.sorry!:)


4/5 .Wow!! Better than 1st episode.caroline is just getting into more trouble.good stefan.elena-damon, ummm something fishy....overall great!!! Waiting for next, why so big gap?(10 october)


http://youtu.be/IL95gJUGy4I The Hybrid episode. Music on ending of the show. Jason Walker "Echo"


If your looking for who the last song on tonight's episode was it is "echo, by Jason Walker". Cant find it any where. Greta episode by the way. I love Damon and Stefan


I love the Klaus and Stefan scenes and the daddy part was OMG.


Sorry Girlz!! I think Tyler is the *Bomb*...can't wait to c wot happens between him & Caroline.


aww Damon and elena like..who knew they would get soo close ...awwk i love him soo much xxxoxx

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Elena: You've been dodging my calls.
Damon: Busy day. Dead fake girlfriend and all.

Stefan is gone. And I don't mean geographically.