The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Birthday"

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Welcome to The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

We posted our official Season 3 premiere review last night. Now three TV Fanatic staff members - Dan Forcella, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger - have gathered to discuss "The Birthday" in a Round Table format.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following questions and answers...


What was your favorite quote from last night?

Dan: Definitely "It's your party, you can cry if you want to" because it was classic Damon charm with a stone cold demeanor. 

Steve: The Season One-evoking "Hello, brother," with the Salvatores now in completely unfamiliar, opposite roles. Awesine.

Eric: Pretty much most of Alaric and Damon's mocking of being at a high school party. It's so easy to forget these are high school kids until Damon mutters something witty about beer pong.


Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?

Dan: Of course. That phone call to end the episode said it all. Stefan's still in there. He will make his return. I don't know how. I don't know when, but the Ripper (still love calling him that) will cease to exist, and our favorite do-gooder vampire will return.

Steve: Eventually, he has to, but I have a feeling the Ripper is here for a very long haul. Stefan would have to free himself from Klaus first, and the O.G. vamp ain't goin' out like some punk.

Eric: Duh. Like Dan, saw Stefan's facial expressions during the phone call. And much like Klaus, I just believe Stefan is putting on a show and that good guy can't hide that deep.

Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?

Dan: I really want to say yes. After all, the chemistry is obviously there in spades and Damon at one point was a good person, so since Stefan is now becoming this crazy Ripper, why should Elena not have reservations about him as well? But if there is ever any actual romance between the two, it will be short-lived. Elena will be with Stefan once he returns to his old ways, and that's just a darned shame.   

Steve: It sure looked like they took a step back last night, but clearly there's still palpable tension of that nature. The question is whether some turning point or event will cause them both to embrace those urges fully and simultaneously. Given her obvious feelings for Stefan, I'm skeptical that it'll happen.

Eric: You can ask me in as many round tables as you want, but I will never give in. And besides, they had their chance this week when Elena asked Damon to put her necklace on her. Who does that??

How much do you love Forwood?

Dan: I love For-anyone. Since I just finished catching up on TVD yesterday (watching all 44 episodes in a span of a couple weeks), I need to take this time to reveal my love for everything Caroline Forbes. Since day one, when she was just a bratty, neurotic, selfish non-vampire, I have been hook, line, and sinker for the blonde beauty. I loved her with Matt, I love her with Tyler, and I'd probably love her with anyone.  

Steve: Um, what Dan said? What I guarantee Eric is going to say? I really don't have much to add other than that 1. Caroline and Tyler stole every scene last night, even before they hooked up, and 2. This Round Table panel is apparently, collectively in love with Candice Accola.

Eric: OMFG. Did you see that hot sex scene!!? Did you hear their witty banter? I love Forwood enough to get over my jealousy of Tyler for stealing my crush.

Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?

Dan: This is a tough one. I think they want him to say "I see dead people" at least once before they attempt to do anything else. Maybe they want revenge on those that killed them. Johnny Gilbert and Stefan better watch their backs. Jeremy and his fresh haircut might be after them soon.

Steve: Jeremy was brought back to life against what we were told was the natural order administered by the witches. Perhaps now he and he alone can help them the same? Not that I know how that would work. Maybe he will do some Internet research on it next week. This is TV to Bing about, I'm told.

Eric: Avenging their death seems to easy and obvious. I mean, that's Ghost 101. Maybe they just watched True Blood's awful last season and need help finding a medium to hop into.

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Wow: I thought Caroline was for the first time, are ready, an award winning actress. I never thought she would grow to become the most beautiful woman. She just shines now as an adult female. But, it hear the words "horny" out of her mouth was stupid. She should be more sophisticated than that. The "horny" was just silly. Duh, I'm horny. That is just lame dialogue. The 2nd season propelled these characters past high school "acting". Now, it seems they are trying to put the grown-ups back in the kiddy box. That was the worst episode I have ever seen. The whole party was stupid. A teacher would never be as dumb to be caught there. And, then the smoking of weed. Stupid. Was it a device to excuse Jeremy's visions... which were so lamely done. Please, graduate these characters from the high school mentality. Last season was not like that... except for the dances. Damon was awesome, Caroline was incredible (they gave her some bad dialogue that SHE saved do to her growth as an actress.) The sex scene was powerful and she was hot.. growing into her own sexuality as an adult and not a silly girl. Her whole look was incredible. I don't know what's different, but "Caroline" has matured into a run of the mill cute girl... into a beautiful absolutely perfect 10 of a human. Wow, props up to Caroline. Loss Matt, there is nothing for him to do. The weed was just overkill. I don't want to see them smoke weed and chugalug booze bottles. It cheapens them. I felt that, damn, I forgot his name... the werewolf that Caroline made hot sensual love with... anyway.. he's blossomed too.. but take it easy on the tooth whitening... yikes did those things look "too pretty" on a werewolf guy. Just lay off the bleaching trays for a little while and drink some coffee. I like white teeth, doesn't everyone, but "glow in the dark" teeth. Man the guy just doesn't neet them because his acting has grown also. He presented himself so amazingly... except he could not execute the dialogue "horny" without a gleamer in his eye (I would never say I'm horny to Caroline of all people) "I'm horny"... I was embarassed for the both of them. You can see horny a million ways... like there actors... so, they can say it just in there eyes, no dialogue. Or they could just say the show standard "I get it, I'm so frustrated all the time.. I get it. I get it. That works for everything on this show "I get it". Were the DUMBING down the characters and the juvenile party scene to fit in with that horrrific witch show. Kevin, oh my gosh, please, don't lose focus on the prize. You're writing was the bomb last year... don't stretch yourself to thin. Two series at a time is wicked on anyone. PS, all the actors on the new witch show were flat, except I thought Grandma was hot hot hot. She can act and is extremely naturally beautiful. She was natural beauty, not plastic. This show is just to 2D for me and the bartender who looked 15 doesn't have the chomps... trust in this. The witches are weak without unique beauty like Caroline, Damon or any of the characters on Vampire Diaries. The lead girl is cute but nothing unique but big beautiful lips. Other than that, the only thing that stood out for me was the grandmother character. Milk her man. She's got it. Make her seem good but DARK. She has the power to do both. Just my opinions. Peace out,


What was your favorite quote from last night?
Excuse me. ExcUUse me!! :D Caroline in all her pissed of glory! Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?
Of course.... he's the good guy. But it will take a while I'm sure. Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?
No I don't think so. At least not for real. When she has to choose between Damon and Stefan we had our answer in season 2 (I'ts always gonna be Stefan) How much do you love Forwood?
Oh Gosh they are the hottest couple on the show and after Chair in the whole world! I always loved the two characters because they are both so ridiculous hot and charming and together well they blowing us away with their sex appeal. Delena has chemistry too but it's kinda awkward to watch. So Forwood rocks this show!! Candice and Michael need a raise ;-)


@Anna: Well Damon once killed Lexy! Since you can't compare Andy to Elena I think they are even.


Love that round table LOVE caroline/Candice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i just really want to see a lot more of DELENA! (BTW. nina dobrev started calling them that too! awww) we all know theyll never get to be the couple everyone wants them to be and that sucks. but OMG i felt so bad for stefan at the end. this episode was just insanely good. the production was massive. and well..its the vampire diaries.


What was your favorite quote from last night? "I’m every parents worst nightmare. I’m the chaperone teacher from hell."
Alaric Saltzman, Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old? Yes I think Stefan is going to come back to his old ways but i really liking how he is now. it a different side to him that i kinda like. Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense? I really hope so this season i want more of them getting closer this year. How much do you love Forwood? I actual do like them together i did not like them at first but i start to like them now.


What was your favorite quote from last night?
Tyler: "I'm horny all the time!". Yes, we'll all be horny at the sight of Candice Accola. Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?
Meh. This is a TV Show. The chances of he returning to his old self is like 10000000000000000% Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?
Nah, Damon's too cool for Elena. The scene where he checked on Andy. I thought I see a bit of love. How much do you love Forwood?
Words can not contain how much love I have for them. Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?
For the 352nd time, in the name of foursome with Beremy!


All I have to say is CAROLINE AND TYLER!! That is ALL...

Anna maria

I CAN'T BELIEVE STEFAN KILLED ANDY! I HATED IT! I thought he was only gonna scare Damon! Evil Damon would never have killed elena, I hated it! That being said, I LOVED Carolina and Tyler!!! THEY'RE SO HOT TOGETHER! The rest of the ep was ok..Klaus is cool and I really want to know what's behind Jeremy's visions cause till now they mean nothing..


Don't worry,we're all in love wuth Candice.

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It's your party. You can cry if you want to.


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