The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Hybrid"

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Klaus failed, Anna warned and Caroline's father paid his daughter a visit on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Which ghost do you trust? Who inspired you the most? And might the show's love triangle be growing tiresome? Come along with Round Table participants Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Dan Forcella as we delve into "The Hybrid."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Klaus actually losing it for a change. The guy is so calm and collected, so I took his anger over the hybrid failure to mean he's seriously scared of whoever the heck has been giving him directions.

Steve: Damon's speech to Elena at the end. Hanging on every word and moment of silence, I was legitimately unsure if they would go there. Full-fledged couple or not, the chemistry is palpable and the relationship complicatedly spellbinding.

Dan: Klaus in all of his glory, with all of his dead werewolves in the woods, just waiting for them to wake up and become the army of hybrids he dreamed of. Just listening to him declare "You build your army so big, that no one ever dares pick a fight" gave me chills. It's just too bad that it all came crumbling down around him only a few hours later.

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Elena's torn heart: Growing more interesting, or growing more tiresome?
Matt: Teetering on the edge of tiresome. Elena said it herself to Damon last night when he kept pressing her about leaving the woods: yes, she cares about him, why must he keep bringing that up? She's with Stefan and that isn't changing, so let's stop catering to the Delena shipper with such frequent teases.

Steve: Interesting. See my first answer. If they keep dragging this out interminably, my mind will change, because this is the kind of thing that seems destined to grow tiresome. But when Damon called her out about why she was ready to leave, that caught my off guard and raised the emotional stakes. Brilliant.

Dan: I'm going to go with interesting. For a while I had no doubts about her and Stefan, but as of late that has changed. I don't care how many Ian Somerhalder quotes I read that say there will never be Delena, I'm holding out hope for it. And as long as Damon keeps showing up in her bedroom while Stefan is out and about with Klaus, there's only so much longer she can keep denying the blue-eyed beauty.

Who do you trust: Anna or Vicki?
Matt: Anna. It's easy to forget because it's been awhile, and we tend to place the dead on a pedestal, but Vicki sort of sucked when she was alive.

Steve: Vicki. Why? Because I'm on Team Matty and they're sibs. Step off, Anna.

Dan: Neither. Never trust ghosts.

More inspiring speech: Elena telling Alaric he's part of the family, or Damon telling Elena to remember how she felt in Stefan's absence?
Matt: I know I bashed it above, but taken on its own, Damon's words to Elena were moving: When I drag my brother back from the edge and deliver him back to you, I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.

Steve: Elena's. Ric needed to man up, and after Coach E all but begged him to summon whatever he had left to carry on, he'd have run through walls for her. Maybe Klaus should try to be a better motivator with his next hybrid army.

Dan: I have a newfound love for Ric and his fancy haircut so I'm going to choose the former. He's basically Elena's father at this point, or at the very least, her crazy uncle, so why not break down and make him a part of the family? He deserves it.

More surprising development: Bill as Caroline's father, Tyler tracking down the pack's whereabouts off Elena's phone or The CW not mentioning that Jeremy used Bing to learn more about ghosts?
Matt: Tyler's incredible phone navigation. He had one piece of information - Stefan is in Tennessee - and once they got into the mountains, Elena pointed out to Alaric the precise spot where Tyler said the pack would be. Impressive. We could have killed Bin Laden years ago if Tyler was on the case.

Steve: The last-second reveal of Bill's identity was tremendous, but I've gotta go with the lack of Bing plugs. How do you work that in so shamelessly for 1-2 years, then not in EITHER STORY LINE in which characters look things up online? Maybe the CW is really TV to Google Map about.

Dan: I have to go with my man Jack Coleman as Bill. I did not see the former Noah Bennett being Caroline's father. The best thing about having single mothers and fathers on television is that you can bring their former spouses in at the most opportune times, as we saw here with Mr. Forbes: NHRG. The biggest question becomes, what will Bill do with his daughter locked up down there?


Favorite scene: Klaus telling Stefan that he is his only comrade left. Elena heart: Boring, It is all about Forwood now and this show was base on a love triangle that I am not even seeing even though I am a Delena shipper. They will lose a huge fan base if they keep this up. I think I will trust Anna on this.


Favourite scene was Klaus, just any scene with him. LOL Jack Coleman is a great actor and looking forward to seeing how he is going to "cure" Caroline. Sorry to say I think the fact that Nina and Ian are dating it is starting to affect the show. It is obvious that Nina would prefer acting with Ian. I'm not into the shipping wars. Just an opinion.

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My favourite scene was definitely Klaus surrounded by a dead pack of wolves. He looked so disappointed and angry... and, dare I say, sad...? I almost felt sorry for him. And the way he gave Stefan the bottle with blood - epic. Side note: it's so typical for every show ever made - first they spent half a season preparing us for Klaus, calling him the scariest badass vamp in the history of time, and now they make it look like there is someone even worse out there somewhere. Come on people, I'm so tired of that! I wanted Klaus to be IT. I even fear his name! Ghosts? Normally I would say: don't trust them, period. But now I will let myself do a little wishful thinking - I always liked Anna better. Vicky was a crazy psycho even when she was human, got more crazy as a vamp, I don't even want to know her as a ghost. Caroline's dad showing up was definitely the most shocking development but Tyler and his suprising knowledge of wolf habits in Tennessee? Impressive. I love that guy more each day.


1. Fav scene - Klaus and STefan converting the pack
2. Triangle? - Damon keeps trying to make it a triangle but it's really just a line from Stefan to ELena
3. I hate Vicki and everything she says and does... Matt too
4. We love all things Alaric. If they could tone down the proportion of Delena shipping and Matt-Jeremy bonding and give other characters a little screentime (Bonnie, maybe?) that'd be swell
5. Psyched for some HRG parenting.


1.Fav scene! The 2 scenes between Tyler and his Mom, the confession and transormation! I really felt these 2 strugeling!
2.Elena, I don't see the drama here! Elena loves Stefan and they are endgame! But I love to see her stugeling and Damon showing emotions( Ian does such a great job)
3. I can't decide! Vicky Iloved because she was fearless! On the other side I loved Anna and Jeremy together! Go with Team BOTH!
4. Elena and Alaric! I loved them interact together! A real nice family!
5. I'm Caroline fan all the way! And really love Candice(sucker for blonds)! But is there really a cure for Vampires? Really hope they don't leave it just in the air! Hoping for a Bill vs Taylor! Show us what U've got Daddy!

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