The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Clip: He's Gone Full-Blown Ripper!

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On the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, Elena learns what TV Fanatic readers have been reading about for weeks: Stefan is playing a key, murderous role on a "great summer ripper road show."

How does she come across this information? What role does Damon play? How has he been lying to her? All these questions are answered in the following sneak peek at "The Birthday." It airs this Thursday - yes!!!!!!!!! - and TV Fanatic will be your destination for a detailed review soon after it concludes, replete with photos, quotes, analysis and more.

Is Stefan really gone for good? We doubt it. But Get your first true look at the premiere now:

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I never thought Elena could be so thick ..I mean to not realise what her bf is up to :/ she's usually pretty smart so why did she take longer to figure it out? well at least we might get to see her with Damon. cant wait for tomorrow..unless someone knows about an online LIVE CW streaming site available for fans in Europe


im completely obsessed with this show and its going to be interesting to see how it goes this season..i love all the characters and i love both damon and stefan i have no fav..hey id love them both lol...but im thinking that elena wont give up on stefan..but who knows cant wait to see tomorrow..but as someone else had said focus on other relationships as well because jeremy and bonnie make a great couple and hoping matt can stand to be with caroline because she loves him so much....cant wait until tomorrow


i tink it doesn't matter,i knw it will really upset her to find out what he's been up to or about his ripper ages,sumtins he has never told her bt he's a different person nw,and he's paying for his brothers cure she shouldn't blame him for that.


So excited its going to be great


Damon has wanted Stefan to drink blood now he's drinking blood. Stefan gave his life up to save Damon. Now Damon can throw himself at Elena. Oh yeah, he did that already, again and again and again, etc. Please stop making this all about Damon and Elena we've had it for 2 full seasons. Here's a crazy idea, focus of the rest of the cast Bonnie & Jeremy's relationship would be a start.

David and sabrina 2014

This clip for the season startup probably got Delena fans all messed up. It doesn't matter if they're not into each other cause us Stelena fans are better. After Elena and Damon got mad over the reviews that she's been reading, I hated to see her upset cause she still keeps wondering where Stefan is, when will he come back, and if something terrible happened to him that he's a goner. What I want to see happening in the show is to have Klaus finished and out of the picture for good so that way, he would stop tormenting Stefan and keep him in his good, normal self. Damon isn't like that anymore when he's around Elena especially since the beginning of the show when he didn't care about anything but Katherine and just snatch, eat, and erase. The events may feel shocking and sad, but I'm sooooo excited that it's finally coming. XD =) =O =P


love this show cant wait for the new season:)


You can see in his eyes that he thinks about soothing her for few seconds, but then he decided to go. I suppose, because it wouldn´t be correct because of Stefan...


2 days to go! Can't wait..........


once again , Elena failed to cover up that she's a sociopath. Good job Mrs. Cardboard

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