The Vampire Diaries to Explore The Originals, Focus on Bonnie

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What role does Klaus play in his family? How will Bonnie fit into the overall mythology? Do vampires have souls?

Season three of The Vampire Diaries will delve into all these topics and more, according to producer Kevin Williamson, who offered a number of teases to Collider in an extensive new interview. Excerpts from it are posted below...

Origin of the Original: In the first half of the season, I think we’re going to really enjoy Klaus, and him being not only an Original, but the bastard child of the Original Family... He has a whole plan behind it all, and Stefan is part of that plan. He sets his plan in motion in the very first episode, and we play that out for a while.

If Vicki and Anna are ghosts, does that mean vampires have souls? We do touch on that. Within our mythology, what else is out there? In a regular human life, we all have some sort of faith, where we believe in some other world and a heaven, but where do vampires go? We don’t know... We’re going to touch on that, without being religious.

Where does Bonnie fit in? Bonnie is very pivotal. As we left Season 2, the man she loves was seeing dead people. He’s seeing the only two other women that he’s loved in his life, and that story plays out, right from the get-go. Bonnie is right in the center of it because, in our mythology lore of our original family and Klaus, a witch is at the root of all of that, and Bonnie is our own resident witch.

The ongoing struggle of Elena: She’s going to be faced with what Katherine said at the end of the [finale], which is that it’s okay to love both of them, because it might not be. Not for her. That was Katherine’s choice, but it may not be Elena’s choice. That’s going to be the rest of our series. It’s that one line she uttered. She does love both of them, but it’s what she does about it. You can love a lot of people, but it’s the actions you take. It’s going to be her turn, which I’m so excited about.


Uhm ya Jeremy..if hes seeing the women he loved wouldn't Miranda (his mom) be a ghost as well? Or is it only the vamps?


Series three is supposed to be The Year of the Originals, but there's been no mention of them returning. Anyway, if they do return, won't they want to either bind Klaus werewolf side again or kill him. The so called recipe for the curse, the doppelganger (Elena), werewolf (Tyler), vampire (Caroline, Stefan or Damon), the witch that does the spell (Bonnie), the moonstone and Elena's birth place are all still in one piece. Does that mean Elena and her friends are heading for the so called sacrificial altar again? BTW doesn't Elena's latest suitor i.e Elijah owe her one for not killing Klaus as promised?

David and sabrina 2014

The startup of season 3 will sure be filled with insane events, mysteries and strugglements. For sure I know that Klaus will be working on a plan but I want him out of the show by the time the 3rd season ends or else he'll regret it and continue tormenting Stefan, to make him bow down to the dark side. We'll also know that Jeremy will be around Anna and Vicki, two recent dead girlfriends with Bonnie trapped in the middle and if she ever sees them, boy will she freak out. Since Elena will be struggling as well, she'll have to deal with crazy events and mysteries and from her feelings of loving both the Salvatore brothers, she might have to eventually end up with loving one and I just know that us Stelena fans will be the victorious ones. The Delena fans will just screw the show up. My best idea is that love will always truimph over evil and I can't for its arrival next week. It's whetting my appetite a lot. =) XD =D. =O =P =*

L stefan

Woop, badd ass stefann


As if. The carrot is tied to a stick, people, and they will never let you get a taste. Ten thousand dollars says the "focus" involves two extra lines per episode, to fill in the Jenna time. Once you read the books, you end up with this Bonnie affection and this series is playing with that so cruelly. I want to say that I don't care, but i keep checking here to see if there's any "Bonnie gets a plotline" development, and even now that there is one, i'm still not happy because i have to see it to believe it. Yay for klaus.


i'm excited to see some more Bonnie.


omg Bonnie? cant wait!!!! i really wanna see more of her!!!

Gaby ee

The "Origin of the Original"! Yes, I want to learn more about Klaus and his family. I absolutely love his part in the current storylines, and I want to see how Stefan fits in his plan.


Bonnie? i think she's gonna be pissed off this season because of both Anna and Vickie. they're back. btw,
i love seeing ripper Stefan get back to the town and have fun with Klaus. he kinda deranged but very sexy.


Bonniez real awsome n sweet,,,,caroline n tylor r real hawwwt,,damon n stefan wow n hot stefan cant wait!!

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