Up All Night Review: Shut Up, Matt Lauer!

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With an all-star cast headlined by Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, I expected nothing less that a gut-busting comedy out of Up All Night.

But I had to remind myself a few times that this was just the first episode. Chemistry takes time, even with such comedic talent involved. Heck, even Michael Jordan missed a jump shot now and again. With that in mind, though, I fully enjoyed the pilot and think after a few baby steps it will be off and running.

Regan and Chris

As Reagan struggled to fit into her skirt for work, all while under the critical watch of Matt Lauer, it was clear her return from maternity leave was going to prove challenging.

Her boss, Ava, an emotional eating Oprah wannabe, showed potential for laughs with her cries of "office cleanse," and her cover of "Raining Men." The door was left open for more funny office moments in future episodes. After Reagan's comment about how she is the same woman except for the occasional peeing incident, I saw the opportunity for some funny clashes between home and the work place. Perhaps a breast milk pumping incident down the road?

Chris, meanwhile, shined in his search for normal cheese, his fear of the old lady at the supermarket and then his budding bromance with the surfer, video game player dude. It was a nice switch from the cliche of having a stay-at-home dad cozy up to a hot single mom.

Overall, Applegate and Arnett both had their moments, making it clear the sitcom already knows how to use its biggest names. The show increased Maya Rudolph's role after the success of Bridesmaids, which is fine and welcome... as long as they keep Ava a bit grounded, as they did in her final scene of allowing Reagan to stay home. There's potential for this character to become a caricature.

What did everyone else think? Visit our Up All Night quotes section for a rundown of the best one-liners and chime in now.


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my boyfriend and I love this show. Its hilarious and loveable. Seriously people who don't find this the least bit entertaining are not laid back enough to enjoy a comedy tv series.


Mike's comment is very true. Not funny and overacted.


I think that the people who did NOT find this funny must NOT have children! I have a four month old and I found the pilot to be HYSTERICAL. It is spot on for this stage of life. Pilot episodes are often tough, but I thought that this was smooth and funny and I am smitten. I can't wait for the next episodes. Smart, funny, relevant humor - at least for anyone in a similar situation.


First time I watched this show I thought eh. After rewatching it with my husband I found it much less annoying the second time. I did find the "Body By Nordictrack" comments quite funny as well as the grocery store scene. I can't relate to the baby business because I don't have children. I love Will Arnett (RIP AD & where's the movie already, sheesh) so I may give this a few more episodes before I decide yay or nay. Right now it's leaning toward the latter.


So i decided to write about this show... WOW completely horrible what the hell was up with that show.
It was not funny at all, the bleeping was so annoying, the acting was as if they where movie stars in a B rated movie.
I am not sure how people found the story line amazing. This show really needs to go off the air and make room for something better.
Also I am a real parent as well and sure it is similar to real life but it is still crap.


will arrnett will never b as funny as he was on arrested development. running wilde was better than this and thats not saying a lot. 2/5 for effort, but i dont see this passing midseason.

Leigh r

I agree with you Chris. Wasn't too impressed with the pilot but I can see potential for sure.


i miss running wilde


I wanted to love it--I love Christina Applegate. Unfortunately I thought it was awful. It's only a half-hour and I didn't make it past the 15 minute mark.


great show! such funny jokes. good review too; looking forward to more of this show!!! "body, sponsored by nordictrack"

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Up All Night Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Who knows, maybe I'll get the old Nordic Track out.


Reagan: Stop saying baby in there, like there's a baby hiding in the closet with a knife or something.
Chris: Why are we whispering?