Castle Review: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!

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If any series can do a Halloween-ish episode around Halloween - without the holiday being the center of the episode - it’s Castle.

The latest outing tracked down the murder of a ghost hunter, while also breaking up a favorite couple. So let’s waste no more time: grab your flashlights and let’s start looking into “Demons."

A Ghost Did It?

Who You Gonna Call? With this ghost wrangler's killing, the series did it again, providing another fun and light hearted episode that couldn’t help but make you smile.

There were many things that were clearly awesome here (the rat crawling on Beckett’s shoulder... the body falling on Castle), including the four detectives taking on their theories of the murder. Seriously, who knew they could all talk so fast? Castle’s discovery was once again in normal conversation with the ladies in his house. As enjoyable as this usually is, time to switch it up a bit, don’t you think?

Daddy Castle. We have seen many sides of Rick Castle - playboy, business mogul, celebrity, funny guy, serious guy, smittem guy. One of the best? Dad. The scenes between Castle and Alexis are often short and to far between, but there are times that these set the tone of an episode. The father/daughter time was very sweet and Castle’s parental knowledge once again proved why he is The Nan. Who else is loving that Alexis is becoming her own person? Castle - you did good.

Something Awesome. Castle is one of those shows that nine times out of 10 you know you’re in for a good hour, an hour that will make you laugh and smile. This is part of the reason I love it so much. Everyone is entertained by the concept of cops (I mean, there are like 10 shows out right now that revolve around the idea), but this is the only one off the top of my head that can still be light and funny. 

Another example: The second Scooby Doo reference to date. Last season, we experienced, “Zoinks!” and here there was:

Beckett: Maybe Shaggy will help keep Scooby out of trouble. | permalink

Something Not So Awesome. It was finally happening. More screen time for Ryan and Esposito. And now more screen time for the partners and their ladies. This was a recipe for amazing disaster. The short-lived double date resulted in a break up for Lanie and Esposito!! When the M word gets brought up, things do have a way of getting tense. Hopefully, they will work it out because I, for one, cannot be teased with the possibility of these four sharing the screen only to have it swiped away. One thing is for certain: I am not the only one looking forward to Ryan’s wedding.

Another solid episode of the hit series. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you have fun with the Halloween-esque shenanigans or was it a let down? Who else is upset about Lanie and Esposito? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Demons." Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week - and view the trailer for next week's bank robbery-based episode now!


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I thought this episode was another Castle gem - smart, funny, and full of all those wondrous in-jokes and one liners. I loved the ghost busters, Scooby doo, and apparition-American lines. Also I think Castle and Alexis' scenes are some of my favorite moments of all.
Stana is gorgeous as always she is awfully thin this season compared to last. I can't decide if that's on purpose or is drinking the Hollywood kool aid, but I will go for the optimistic view that any police officer who has gone through the trauma that Beckett did would sickly for awhile. Anyone notice that Nathan seems a bit heavier this season than last? I think there's more of him to love, but just a data point. When are we going to see some traction with their relationship? Sigh.


I love this program, find it very entertaining; however if Beckett/Katic doesn't gain a few pounds I will(sadly) have to stop watching. I have a policy of not encouraging shows that show bad images of female figures. She is gorgeous, but way, way too thin. Let's get real, women are NOT meant to be skeletons , no matter what the camera adds.


Did anyone catch that the cop who did it is fredric Lehne from the "Heart of Gold" Firefly episode? I swear I thought for a minute that he and Nathan were going to bust out laughing when they were discussing the old investigation.


Stana's long hair is beautiful!! I thought the curly side braid and loose updo in the last episode was a great addition to her usual full curls or straight all-down look (though I do love those looks as well). Her old short hairdo was a little too butch for me, the long hair is much sexier!


There were a few of Scooby-doo references in a season 2 episode (the one about the mummy museum). Beckett: No. That would make this Scooby-Doo, and I'm not Velma.
Castle: Velma? You kidding? You're Daphne. You're hot, smart, but not aggressively brainy. Long legs, short skirt.... And then at the end of the episode: Beckett: Ruh-roh.


I loved this episode! I also loved RISE and Kick The Ballistics. One of the things I love about Castle is you DON'T get the same tone or vibe week after week. Life doesn't run that way - sitcoms do. It makes it more "realistic" to me to have fun lighthearted episodes like this - mixed in with a Rise or Kick The Ballistics. I would hate if it became all of one or the other. Plus, the more serious episodes add weight and color to the lighter ones. I have noticed Kate's wardrobe is different, but I'll also felt it was a nod to the fact that she nearly died four months ago. Between... SPOILER ALERT:
the scar on her chest, (which we we've been told about online but haven't seen on the show)... END SPOILER
PTSD issues, and the fact that she's probably still physically a bit run done - especially since she IS back to work, I've found the wardrobe changes and her overall look a nice piece of continuity. So many shows have a character nearly die and then in the next episode it's like NOTHING happened. I really appreciate the levels of, and attention to, detail that Castle has. Along those same lines, I know there's been mention about Stana's weight. Yes she's a little thinner than last year, not horribly so, but it noticeable. Honestly, I don't know if it's personal choice or for where her character is at. She is, after all, a method actor...


Such a great Halloween episode!! I see I wasn't the only viewer who noticed Josh Hopkins who plays Grayson on Cougar Town make a cameo appearance as a police officer who walked up to Beckett's desk. I even noticed that Stana had a slight grin on her face when she saw him...LOL :)


Oh man, how I enjoyed this episode. Nathan Fillion screaming like a girl just warms my heart. It's fun to see Castle and Beckett work without angst and tension - it reminds you of WHY they would make an awesome couple rather than WHEN. I was happy to get some Ryan/Esposito time! But I thought it was hilarious that Ryan preferred to go off with Castle to hunt ghosts. Lanie & Esposito breaking up actually didn't bother me. The couple didn't really get much screen time, so there wasn't anything to really get attached to. But I'm sure they'll get more screen time now...Lanie was almost as mad as Perlmutter. I have to say though, I actually did notice Beckett's hair and makeup. She doesn't dress and carry herself like the confident, smart cop we knew in the first 3 seasons. I don't think that's a coincidence at all, or just sloppy wardrobe - I definitely think it's deliberate. Somehow I think the writers are going somewhere with that.


Thanks to Gabrielle it is>>
Grayson Cougar town
I've never even watched cougar town so that's the limit of my knowledge.


Who was the actor who played the officer that walked up during the table discussion?

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Castle Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

If you say ghost, I'm sending you home.


Alexis: Dad, are you using me as a shield against flesh eating zombies?
Castle: No, I'm just trying to give you a better view.