Castle Review: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!

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If any series can do a Halloween-ish episode around Halloween - without the holiday being the center of the episode - it’s Castle.

The latest outing tracked down the murder of a ghost hunter, while also breaking up a favorite couple. So let’s waste no more time: grab your flashlights and let’s start looking into “Demons."

A Ghost Did It?

Who You Gonna Call? With this ghost wrangler's killing, the series did it again, providing another fun and light hearted episode that couldn’t help but make you smile.

There were many things that were clearly awesome here (the rat crawling on Beckett’s shoulder... the body falling on Castle), including the four detectives taking on their theories of the murder. Seriously, who knew they could all talk so fast? Castle’s discovery was once again in normal conversation with the ladies in his house. As enjoyable as this usually is, time to switch it up a bit, don’t you think?

Daddy Castle. We have seen many sides of Rick Castle - playboy, business mogul, celebrity, funny guy, serious guy, smittem guy. One of the best? Dad. The scenes between Castle and Alexis are often short and to far between, but there are times that these set the tone of an episode. The father/daughter time was very sweet and Castle’s parental knowledge once again proved why he is The Nan. Who else is loving that Alexis is becoming her own person? Castle - you did good.

Something Awesome. Castle is one of those shows that nine times out of 10 you know you’re in for a good hour, an hour that will make you laugh and smile. This is part of the reason I love it so much. Everyone is entertained by the concept of cops (I mean, there are like 10 shows out right now that revolve around the idea), but this is the only one off the top of my head that can still be light and funny. 

Another example: The second Scooby Doo reference to date. Last season, we experienced, “Zoinks!” and here there was:

Beckett: Maybe Shaggy will help keep Scooby out of trouble. | permalink

Something Not So Awesome. It was finally happening. More screen time for Ryan and Esposito. And now more screen time for the partners and their ladies. This was a recipe for amazing disaster. The short-lived double date resulted in a break up for Lanie and Esposito!! When the M word gets brought up, things do have a way of getting tense. Hopefully, they will work it out because I, for one, cannot be teased with the possibility of these four sharing the screen only to have it swiped away. One thing is for certain: I am not the only one looking forward to Ryan’s wedding.

Another solid episode of the hit series. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you have fun with the Halloween-esque shenanigans or was it a let down? Who else is upset about Lanie and Esposito? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Demons." Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week - and view the trailer for next week's bank robbery-based episode now!


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I love how the show can change up the partners - Beckett with Esposito and Castle with Ryan - without unbalancing the chemisty that makes the show so great. Watching Castle go from being serious as a supportive dad and positively gleeful at the possibility of hunting ghosts and then back again make me adore Nathan Fillion even more. And this episode was wonderfully Gates-free. Now they just need to get Esposito and Lanie back together (and give her more screen time!).


I thought it was another fun episode. I'm more in anticipation for next week's. I love it when Alexis and Castle have their daddy/daughter moments. I'm a sucker for a good family scene, so at the end especially I smiled. They are just so adorable and I just love seeing a positive father/daughter relationship out there, w/o the kid being an entitled brat, and the parent being an overbearing prick. I'm sad about Esplaine. I hate the fact that as the reviewer said we finally get some more time for them and it was about a minute or two tops and ended in a breakup. I LOVE that we have more of Ryan and Esposito...I do miss Lanie too. She hasn't been having much of her girl time with Beckett or her sassy quips with Castle or her romantic stuff with Esposito. She needs to be fleshed out like the boys have been. I like the partnering up. I like when they switch things up Ryan and Castle, Ryan and Beckett. Good stuff.


Wow. I'm surprised by the negative comments. I thought Beckett looked beautiful and I loved her hair and wardrobe tonight. She could stand to gain 10 pounds though. Sorry to see Esposito and Lanie break up but we should have seen more of them since last season. My guess is they'll get back together around Ryan's wedding.


I wonder if it's just shocking makeup or are they trying to convey a message by the way R/K are made-up, how she wears her hair etc?
I remember when Kate used to wear those tight tops and look as sexy as anything..hubba hubba! :).
As a lady I'm sure you could comment on how Rick looks, not me, not going there lol


loved the episode, always entertained. Someone wrote in another blog (and I agree) that the makeup/camera/filming of both Fillion and Stana are AWFUL and constantly makes them look old and hungover. Have seen both on other talk shows and they are very attractive people. My only complaint is Stana hair, when the show started it was short and modern, now she looks like an aging Nashville star.


No The way to check is to have a look at Stana's recent video interviews and compare the difference at the moment I think their making Kate up to be the shot in the chest victim, quite a severe look for Kate tonight at the start reminds me of an old school teacher of mine :)
nough said on that xxx


Anyone else notice Grayson from cougar town handing a file to Esposito? So funny!


Was I the only one who thought Beckett wasnt looking her best in this episode? Her makeup seemed to be overdone and the hair color is doing nothing for her. Overall she looked tired and old.


Good. I agree with the review. I don't care about Esplanie though. I didn't suspect the cop. They should mix things up more. I liked Ryan with Beckett(previous episode) and I liked Ryan with Castle. It would be nice to have something truly unexplained in a police procedural sometime.


To be honest, I didn't feel too bad about Lanie and Esposito breaking up. How am I supposed to care about this couple when they never have any scenes together?

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