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A review of Charlie's Angels quickly turns into a list of silly questions. I know they are inquiries I'm not supposed to ask ,but I simply can't help myself. So for the sake of my sanity, I share my list from "Bon Voyage, Angels."

Starting off with the flashback scene, why was Kate the only dirty cop to follow the reporter? Wouldn't they all want to hunt down the woman taking pictures of them accepting their bribe money? If Kate is being portrayed as the tainted cop with the heart of gold, who fell in with a bad crowd, something tells me the rest of that crowd wouldn't hesitate to take out a reporter to keep their dirty little secrets.

Angel on a Cruise

On that note, I really do need to learn more about why Kate turned to the dark side in the first place. Knowing she believed she was taking bad money but doing good with it simply isn't enough to make me like this character. I'm guessing she had to do something to earn that bribe money and it wasn't anything moral.

Later on the cruise ship, why does Abby have to run out of the security video surveillance room when the guard left knowing she was there and working on the system?

Does Eve really just leave all of her winnings on the table to go off to Roman's suite? I know she's undercover and doesn't really care about the money but that was a huge amount of cash. And on a side note, I can't imagine a cruise line giving a guy that huge suite just to roll a little ball on a roulette wheel. Of course, maybe the suite is for being a drug lord's right-hand man.

If the bad guys are going to engineer a specific flower and wear it as a boutineer, do they have to make it so ugly?

I know manufacturing drugs on a tropical island must be hot, sweaty work, but do all of the workers have to be gorgeous, young women in their underwear? Then again, if you're a powerful drug lord, maybe that's just a perk of the job.

Elsewhere, I'm sorry, but I can't watch Minka Kelly fight some guy three times her size and take it remotely seriously. I can suspend my disbelief when an Angel takes down a bad guy by surprise with her mad martial arts skills, but Eve got punched in the face three or four times! That guy would have shattered her jaw. Instead she managed to kick his ass and walk away with a tiny cut on her lip.

When the bad guys found out Amanda was a reporter, wouldn't it make more sense to just kill her and dump her body in the ocean? Of course, if they'd done that we wouldn't have much of a story.

So this drug is meant to be akin to heroin on steroids and Amanda is being pumped so full of it that the only word she can mutter is "more," but in the next scene we see her looking perfectly healthy. Could Kate have at least visited her in a rehab facility just to give us some nod towards reality?

I know, this is Charlie's Angels and I truly have to suspend any sense of realism to watch and enjoy it. I'm trying. But it's difficult. I'll admit I'm having a bit of fun asking all of the silly questions as I watch the show. I hope you are, too.


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Once again. I didn't hate the show. It's growing on me. I'm just hoping they give it some more time. I haven't heard it was cancelled...yet. Abby is starting to grow on me. Eve is now getting on my nerves. It was weird to me that she has all of the sudden becomes Kate's best friend. Isn't she still a newbie. Also the guy playing Bosley... I'm thinking now that you just can't act.


@Liz, if only it was that simple.


I think people are reading to far into the show. Stop looking for the bad things and focus on the good.


i like the action, but the very same questions that bug you bug me too, there is another one though, when Eve connected the poison to kill the evil florist's creation, afterward she was fighting with that guy she was dripping with it, isn't it bad for her, wouldn't she at least start coughing? first i thought that he stopped her from connecting the last valve but after the fight you can see all the pipes going from that poison barrel.
plus, it takes a whole new kind of patience to survive their cheesy cliched dialogues.


i noticed a bit of a continuity in the episode. in the scene where minka is fighting that guy she is wearing combat/camoflage pants but before that when her and the other two angels get off the boat it is something completely different. it is not the first continuity problem from this show that i noticed.


The part where you wrote "Does Eve really just leave all of her winnings on the table to go off to Roman's suite"
She didn't. Roman told one guy (staff) to watch her stuff meanwhile they do their business. But yea, I liked this episode. Hopefully, it doesn't get axed.


I love this show. I don't understand why people are giving it such bad reviews.


after such a bad review i have a feeling it will get axed today, but i really really wish the wouldn't! I love it.

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