Chord Overstreet to Return to Glee!

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Chord Overstreet is on his way back to William McKinley High School.

After departing the series this summer because he wanted to focus on his music career over his acting career, Overstreet has reportedly booked a return to Glee, sources confirm to Michael Ausiello. Simply put:

"We missed Chord and Chord missed us,” a show insider says. β€œIt’s a win-win.”

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On the season three premiere, it was said in passing that Overstreet's Sam had moved away with his family. No word yet on how he'll be written back, or for how many episodes, or how this might affect a relationship with Mercedes that had just started when the actor exited. She is dating Marcus now, of course.

Still, sound off now: Are you excited for his return?


Ah my spelling: hear*


I'm glad to here that Sam is coming back!


kind of feel bad for shanes actor though, if samcedes reunites. I can imagine him at home "omg! I landed glee, holy shit yay!"(or something) and then Chords like "eh, maybe I will go back to glee, whatever, *does impression*" and then Ryan would be like "sorry dude, blondies back" and then shanes actor would be all "who the f do you think I am, Blaine? I've got more going for me than just dating a gleek" and then Darren would be like "woooahhh, bro, no, I'm mad liked, a breakout star... and if all I am is Kurts bitch, why would you think you'd fair better?"... some of these people might be a tad ooc


Please. This season was already great without Sam. He hogged most of the spotlight in Season 2 and took away screentime from the main cast members Tina and Mercedes.


When I found out I... A)ran around my house
B) screamed
C) and did both of them together. I am chords biggest and craziest fan, I just can't wait until episode 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day I will meet chord. I know I will! :) Oh and isnt Mercedes boyfriend named shane??


OMG holy love triangule ,looks like Mercedes has two guy fighting for her love, this gonna be interesting to see.then again welcome back Chord Overstreet, we glee female fans missed you on the show.


Good, I hope Mercedes and her boyfriend break up as a result, that new guy is a d*** (turning Mercedes against Rachel and her friends, why did he do that?!!). Sam would have encouraged her to be competitive without alienating everyone. Hopefully we'll get some of the Samcedes we were promised (was one of the only things I was excited about for season 3).


I love sam!! so excited!!!


good to hear that! but i hope he gets back with quinn, not mercedes.

Uncle jackass

I hope he comes back for good, but it made perfect sense that there were "too many one room" or so to speak on glee.

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I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.