Community Review: "Remedial Chaos Theory"

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Following an underwhelming episode, Community bounced back in the grandest of ways with "Remedial Chaos Theory," as Troy and Abed hosted an apartment warming party and we got to see seven different ways the night could've gone.

Due to a clever move by Abed, Jeff had no excuse to leave early for the fictional "Single Malt Platinum Boobs and Billionaires Club." Besides, who would want to go there when you could experience so many different timelines?!? Especially when there was a model of the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in Troy and Abed's apartment?

Dapper Troy

Things that happened in every timeline included Pierce's need to tell everyone that he had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom; Shirley being obsessed with her baking; Britta wanting to sing Roxanne; Jeff hitting his head on the ceiling fan; and an ugly Norwegian troll terrorizing Troy.

I'm a huge Troy and Abed fan, so I really loved this episode. I felt that everyone was at their best and the different timelines gave us such a variety of situations; they offered something for everybody.

The result? Troy going to get the pizza resulted in the worst possible outcome with Pierce getting shot, Annie having a breakdown, Jeff losing an arm, and Shirley becoming a drunk. Abed leaving created the most honest timeline, but also resulted in everyone being unhappy. Jeff getting the pizza created the simplest, happiest timeline. So what does that say?

Weigh in with your thoughts on this week's hilarious and chaotic Community and hit the quote section for our favorite lines!


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Top 5 episode. Character study. Hilarious. Many Worlds Theory.


did anyone notice the fridge in the kitchen? It has some kind of cover that looks like a vending machine. In the bottom right corner you can just make out Troy's face from that time when he got stuck in the vending machine at Greendale (or am I just making that up?)


I think people are forgetting that Annie is 21 this year, so she's not been a teenager for a while now. I know some are never going to be okay with Jeff/Annie, fair enough, but there's no denying they have insane chemistry & I think it's evident that Jeff really does care for her a lot. I would like to see where that leads, as long as it doesn't take over the show. I'm all for it being subtle. It's one of the reasons I like it in the first place, because Britta/Jeff in the beginning was too much for me. I just hope they're not forcing a J/A overload to switch the fans off because what a waste of natural chemistry that would be!


Loved this episode, but am I the only one who doesn't like the Jeff-Annie hookup? He's in his 30's and she's a teenager! It's kind of creepy. I'm glad they eluded to that in one of the timelines and I hope they keep moving in that direction. Other than that - brilliant.


Actually, it was not britta bein' britta with the 'me so hungee' dance, she posted this in her twitter commenting live while Community was on the air: @GillianJacobs - All it said in the script was "Britta does a silly dance." So...I'm totally responsible for the "Me so hungee dance." #Community I didn't mind it at all but after reading some comments about people being very nit-picky about it, i thought i'd post this.


Finally! After three straight duds, THIS is the show that we love and the show that Community can be. A creative concept and the characters that matter most in a funny, silly episode.


I noticed that Jeff was tricking everyone with the dice from the very first timeline. I knew that there was seven of them, so i also assumed there would be a seventh timeline where Jeff's plan would be found out before rolling the die. I'm so glad that this was the timeline that would be used for the rest of the show because many of the others tore up the group or pushed love interests.


I love this show so damn much. Evil Troy and Evil Aaaabed!!!


This is why Community is one of the best sitcoms on TV....shows may do 2 timelines....but SIX!!! WOW!
I loved all the timelines but the TRoy one had to be my favourite and the continuation during the credits was amazing with Abed making them fake goatees and Troy being the only one to put it on.
Also, I have to say that I think I winced everytime Jeff hit his head.
Also, I have to say I think I prefer Jeff & Annie and Troy & Britta.

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Community Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Just so you know Jeff, you're not creating six different timelines.


Man, pizza guys are getting worse and worse looking. I guess all the good ones went into porn.