Community Review: "Remedial Chaos Theory"

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Following an underwhelming episode, Community bounced back in the grandest of ways with "Remedial Chaos Theory," as Troy and Abed hosted an apartment warming party and we got to see seven different ways the night could've gone.

Due to a clever move by Abed, Jeff had no excuse to leave early for the fictional "Single Malt Platinum Boobs and Billionaires Club." Besides, who would want to go there when you could experience so many different timelines?!? Especially when there was a model of the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in Troy and Abed's apartment?

Dapper Troy

Things that happened in every timeline included Pierce's need to tell everyone that he had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom; Shirley being obsessed with her baking; Britta wanting to sing Roxanne; Jeff hitting his head on the ceiling fan; and an ugly Norwegian troll terrorizing Troy.

I'm a huge Troy and Abed fan, so I really loved this episode. I felt that everyone was at their best and the different timelines gave us such a variety of situations; they offered something for everybody.

The result? Troy going to get the pizza resulted in the worst possible outcome with Pierce getting shot, Annie having a breakdown, Jeff losing an arm, and Shirley becoming a drunk. Abed leaving created the most honest timeline, but also resulted in everyone being unhappy. Jeff getting the pizza created the simplest, happiest timeline. So what does that say?

Weigh in with your thoughts on this week's hilarious and chaotic Community and hit the quote section for our favorite lines!


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This was by far the ep of season 3 and imho top 5 for the series
for me it started off a little slow. I wasnt really feeling the first couple timelines. I thought they felt slightly choppy and rushed and while watching it, i was even thinking that i might have enjoyed it better had they only done like 3 or 4 more detailed timelines. but as soon as we hit troys timeline [by far my favorite one] i just loved every minute of it and never looked back
my only real qualm [and it is small] i hated that stupid little pizza dance britta did in the first few timelines, what is she five years old. idk why it annoyed me so much but it did. I really hope they tone down and correct her "caricature-ness" soon b/c it is really starting to rub me the wrong way
another smaller nit-picky thing i did wonder about was why they brought up the Eartha Kitt again, pierce already mentioned he told the group about Eartha Kitt last week [the scene where they were trying to convince the prof. to let them partner amongst themselves.]...its not like community to use the same bit twice, let alone one week after another. overall 5/5


Now, that's the stuff. A case of Popeye likey. Abed's smile at the door. It was a "bottle Episode" neatly disguised. What are we saying here, though? Jeff holds them back from the enjoyment of their lives? Without his "too cool" guidance, they'd be happy and fulfilled? This is the kind of ep that works best on this show....One where every character gets a piece. Everybody gets to put one in the win column. A good creative ep.


4.5?!? Clearly you don't understand anything about defeating trolls.


That was such a great episode, definitely an instant classic.


oh my god that was so funny! love high britta. the surreal episodes of community are always hilar


loved this ep so much! i was in actual pain from laughing when pierce got shot. one complaint - wish they'd stop ruining jeff/annie moments by comparing him to her father. at first it made total sense but now its like we get it! he's old! lol still the best ep of s3 though :)


Best episode of the season so far. The use of separate timelines was inspired and allowed for hilarious results without long term consequences and the fake evil beards? classic Abed.


Love this show! I enjoyed this episode. It showed quite a bit of the bromance that Troy and Abed share. I also liked that Annie and Jeff made out. Can't wait for those two to get together.

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Community Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Just so you know Jeff, you're not creating six different timelines.


Man, pizza guys are getting worse and worse looking. I guess all the good ones went into porn.