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@ QueenNoBS: he said that to her?! I need to see it and I can't right now (cries).


I used to like Derena.
As much as Chair.

I don't like either of them more.
things change, and now it's time to DAIR.


Louis to Eliza : turn Chuck back into the monster he was! While he hands her a envelope full of cash
The Canadian promo :O


Awful episode. Anytime Louis or anyone of his family members is on I just want to FF.




i think diana was chucks real mom...thats the reason why she wants scandals with blair..maybe for revenge or maybe she wants to split blair and louis


As cute and epic Derena was S1 and S2, THEY SHARE A FRIGGIN SIBLING.



i didn't think the episode was THAT bad. i recall the beginning of the second half of s4 being way way worse.

diana and ivy were boring. and nate too. but i love the dog park scene with all the gossip guys! lol so funny! XD

i'm glad that derena seems to be starting up again, but i was seriously annoyed with serena for what she did to get the movie rights! that was low.

i think sophie and/or beatrice might know the baby is not louis'. and i'm so glad louis found the paternity results! now i just hope he actually reads them, otherwise it will just be stupid.

blair needs to wake up.

i loved chuck!


@frantrack: That pic Diana burned was of herself, so not sure what that is about... I'm puzzled why Bart would keep a dossier of himself in the safe... weird.


That might've been an old picture of diana?


and please let something come from having ivy around... it isn't a bad idea to resolve conflicts & the season goes... all conflicts do not have to be resolved at the end of the season. remember season 1??? it was wonderful... every episode something occured... omfg moments, grand schemes & solving issues as the season went on. i wish ivy would call up georgina to take down diana & soon... she & her operation insider is completely irrelevant. it's by the wayyyy & by the wayyyyy issues must serve some greater purpose & since they don't currently fit into the grand issues of blair's marriage & dan's book... the insider really needs to be explained. i get the point of suspence & mystery... but the audience needs to know at least a little of what's going on to be curious to not know more. do u understand?? sigh* this season would have been perfect without this episode.

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