Gossip Girl Review: Who is the Father?!

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Gossip Girl has been all about Blair Waldorf this fall. Sure, there are some other developments, but B's pregnancy and all her resulting quotes and facial expressions have been the defining story.

Tonight's episode, "The Jewel of Denial," was no exception. Although the episode had other intriguing and funny aspects, everything else seemed less relevant as the anticipation slowly built around that pesky envelope. Finally, thanks to the inaugural Chair scene of the season, we finally learned the identity of her baby's father.

Or did we?

S, B and C

When Blair revealed to Chuck and Monkey that she was pregnant with Louis' baby, the tension was so thick and the heartbreak so evident, I believed her too. But a couple of scenes soon gave her away.

That glance at the envelope didn't look like something one with closure would give. Did she even open it? If she had, she'd have just tossed it after, right? Or does she actually, secretly know it's Chuck's?

"Part of me really hoped it was yours." Blair wants to be with Chuck but feels she can't. The surprise pregnancy combined with the fairy tale convinced her of this, and with this lie, she tried to let him go.

By doing so, she can embrace her new life, for better or worse. Lying may not be right (you could see it hurt her), but it is as good a solution - in her mind - as she can find for an impossible situation.

That's my theory. It could be wrong, and there are still several directions the show could go with this as the season progresses. Only time will tell, but three things are undeniably clear right now:

  1. Chuck, as evidenced by his awkward o-face/heart attack/emotional breakdown at the end, can feel again. His four-legged friend may have twisted the proverbial cap, but Blair's bombshell opened the bottle. The question, obviously, is what he does now, and when and if Blair's "situation" changes.
  2. Dan's bond with Blair grows stronger weekly, romantically or otherwise.
  3. Leighton Meester is carrying the show this season.

I love Leighton and the way she conveys a wide range of emotions with such authenticity. I'm genuinely wondering what happens with Blair every scene, no small feat with storylines that stretch belief.

[Don't get me started on the practical impossibilities of having a paternity test done on an eight-week-old fetus without the potential father's involvement, or the publishing plot ... or Charlie, in general.]

Dan's involvement with both Blair and Chuck, independently of the other, was a highlight tonight. We can only hope for more scenes of Duck trading advice, constructive criticism and good-natured insults.

It's pure gold. As for Dan and Blair, if next week's promo is to be believed ... did they actually have sex, or did he just invent that in the book because he wished they had? If it's the former, he's still alive in the poll below! What else did he embellish (besides making you-know-who gay) and what is real?

Will Lonely Body be more lonely after Inside's release than he was in Season One?

Crazily enough, I actually liked Noah conning Dan into stepping forward and claim authorship. Come what may, that Muppet needed to man up and reap what he sowed ... be it acclaim, abuse, or both.

Nate and His Lovah

The rest of the episode, sponsored by Jenny Packham, featured the full-on ridiculous Charlie story taking even more twists, Nate starting work at the Spectator, and Rufus and Lily actually playing a role!

I realize watching Gossip Girl implies a certain suspension of reality, but something about the Ivy/Charlie story just does not click with me. At some point, I keep think she'll become interesting. Not yet.

Ivy getting paid by Carol to masquerade as Charlie, then wanting to stay in this affluent world ... fine. I just don't care. Thank goodness Nate found Ivy's phone, which could finally raise the stakes a bit.

Speaking of our favorite intern/boy toy, his hair and sleuthing were both surprisingly slick this evening. The good news is that our boy finally impressed the boss with something other than stamina.

The bad news? It's legally questionable, to say the least.

At least he made sure Blair and Dan's phones weren't among the ones he and Diana combed for gossip, a la Newscorp (great reference by the way), but wow. How far will Diana push him next?

We learned that she will stop at nothing to remake the paper and compete with Gossip Girl, and that Nate may prove invaluable in that endeavor. Invaluable and so easily manipulated.

Will he be forced to go up against his friends? I'm guessing that in future weeks, we'll see him in a situation where protecting the NJBC isn't as easy as stashing phones in a separate drawer.

Seeing Nate in a situation of real significance and struggling with a moral quandary, bolstering his career by blurring professional and ethical lines? He may not use words that big, but we're intrigued!

It was good to see Lily and Rufus too. I missed them. They don't need to dominate the show, but it's nice when they're around ... and the first shot of Lily being her ankle monitor was pretty classic.

At some point, Serena is going to step into the forefront again. Chances are her storyline will also involve Ivy/Charlie and Lily in some capacity. Cross your fingers that it's entertaining.

As for Rufus, he'll fire up that waffle iron for more than two people if nothing else.

That's all for now, but "The Jewel of Denial" should give you plenty discuss with TV Fanatic as you hit the comments! Come back tomorrow for news, promos and our Round Table! Finally, tonight's poll:

Who is the father of Blair's baby?


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@ whateva: I agree with your points about Blair. @ S: I still think it was uncalled for, but I'm not going to keep talking about that, I'm leaving it behind.


you totally missed my point and as for studies... Blair has made no mention of continuing her education once she marries Louis so that point is just null.
Yes Miranda was in her 30's but out of all the women except Samantha no one imagine her with a baby and being lawyer was her first priority and believe it or not many women in that profession opt out of having children as companies do use it as an excuse.
Blair has money and would be able to provide for a child, rather she is mature enough is up to the writers and the viewers but in reality there are people way older than her that have no business having kids but still do.
I am pro-choice so technically I don't considered her fetus as a baby just yet but I do find it strange that so call Blair fans are wishing her more pain by hoping she miscarries yet bitch that Blair gets shit on a lot.
I do find serial monogamous worse as they are people who reel people in emotionally and always tell you they love you but never really able to fully to commit and I think that is Dan problem, and despite Chuck's big ass screw ups with Blair he was for the most part very committed to Blair while they were together and even help her out of NYU situation. Yes, Dan supports Blair but so does Chuck, who in my opinion is actually the most supportive of everyone around him cause despite his dislike for Dan he virtually help Dan to take ownership of his book. As Derena in 2x03, it made sense for her to say that as logically she lived in the god damn building and her Bart, her step dad owned it. ARe you telling me you wouldn't had done the same if you were stuck on an elevator?
I actaully love Dan and like you enjoy Vanessa but to me Dan and Blair do not fit romantically. I don't think Dan would ever be happy being UES like Rufus, who is still very awkward about it. you pointed out how Serena couldn't choose between Dan and Nate but Dan later turns around does the same to her and Vanessa (when he is the one pushed for the relationship with Vanessa) and wussed out on it and imo drove Vanessa to behave insane over him that to me, doesn't seem like someone growing the hell up. It was definitely immature to take someone's word you just met over someone you know for years as Rufus pointed out Dan didn't even attempt to talk it out with Vanessa. Also while I found Blair being fickle, a person who wants what best for her would have told her where Louis was in 5x01 and I know if Chuck would have done that everyone would be calling him a shit for it.
IMO neither one is good for her right now, Blair imo has yet to prove she can be something on her own yet to even be in relationship.
However I am enjoying the friendships between Duck and Dair as it has taken way too long for them to come about.


@ Jamey & Kookakicha
Finally a voice of reason in here!
Read your latest comments, brilliant, my thoughts also. @hommer "spanking the monkey" LOL, I may be from Sweden but that was funny!




Amen to that!
Dair's connection is so sweet. The fact that she is herself with Dan and that he likes her that way is just absolutely amazing. I am very much satisfied about the way the writers wrote Dan and Blair. It doesn't feel forced (like I feel whenever Chuck and Blair are thrown together for the great pleasure of Chair fans)but natural to me. If they don't mess it up, they might actually do something right in this show :-P
No offence to Chair fans of course. I was a Chair until it became repetitive and predictable.


Be assured, we're definitely watching the same show :-P
I never hated Vanessa for one. I think she was one character who had great potential but was misused by the writers.
You might view things differently. From your words, it seems you don't hold Dan high in your esteem and that's just fine. I don't think Chuck is a better man than he is, at least not for a relationship.
I feel like Dan has changed somehow, one of the thing being that he supports Blair despite his feelings for her and advises her on what to do. May be you would say he is playing the hero (again), but to me he is being caring.
I never thought Serena was good with him. He might have effed up with her but she also shares a role in that. Also, her not being able to decide between him and Nate or the fact that she is sort of looking to Dan as a safety wheel doesn't very much appeal to me. She knows of his tendency to "act a hero" and depends on it at times. Perhaps she has changed now but I think she and Nate go better together.
Every character has his flaws, I never denied that. It's just that as much as I loved Chuck in the earlier seasons, he is getting repetitive with his little depression story lines. It's time for him to grow up and be an adult.Everything between the two is just as it used to be and that scene in Jewel of Denial seemed to me like a deja vu. It would be refreshing to see how Blair and Grown-up Chuck would interact. But for now, I find Dan much more appealing as an option. It might be also because I know a great guy like him too :-P


I love how the story of DAIR is still building. Dan is the outsider who has become somewhat of an insider. Blair admitted his influence when she said that she knew that he was the only one who would protect her from her own worst instincts. Throughout the show - Dan and Blair have had this sort of we are opposites and thus we can't be friends or more attitude, but that attitude declines every episode. Dan has been their for Blair every time she needed him, and he has made sure that she succeeds at what she us doing. He wrote a novel where she was his muse. Every time that Blair really needs someone, she runs to Dan. She doesn't just show up in Brooklyn behind the door to his loft, but she sits on his couch and rests her head on his shoulder. She loves him. Remember that line..."the kiss changed me." I am still not buying that she felt feelings for Chuck when she kissed him. I wholeheartedly believe that Dan and Blair have the true romantic story on this show. I was once a Chair fan, but as I have watched every single episode of this show... I now see the beauty in Dair. Reality tells us that most people's love for their high school sweetheart is passionate and intense. It is the kind of love that usually does not ever go away completely, but that does not mean that one is destined to be with their high school sweetheart. Chuck and Blair are great apart, and they are completely different people than they were when they fell in love. Moving on is hard, but it is time that Chair moves on. The writers were brilliant in brining Dair together. Josh Safran said that the writers knew from the beginning that Dan and Blair would have a connection that was surprising for the both of them. We are starting to see this connection play out, and I personally think that it will result in a deep and passionate love. Leighton Meester said in a recent interview that she thinks Blair has a different relationship with Dan than anyone else- she can really be herself around him. How can people not see the romance in Dan and Blair's journey together? DAIR.


@Whateva Maybe stop with all the hating, it's exhausting.
In sex and the city Miranda had a kid in her 30's. She had finished her studies long ago and was full swing into her career.
This baby that people 'wish death upon' is a fictional non being, so technically it should be allowed.
And why is being a serial monogamist a bad thing...?
Also, he didn't snap at serena in the elevator scene for 'using her brain', he was upset that no one would come to let him out the elevator because he, unlike serena, is not rich and famous. It was a very good point. Serena was clearly using her status- not her brain.


@whateva: I also cited Dair fans if you read my post. I did emphasis on Chair because it is the major fanbase, even before the Dair storyline. But the attitude is valid for both and extendable for all fandoms actually.
And I think I try to explain that I didn't target ALL Chair fan. I myself do not really do "couples", I think I enjoy all scene with Blair, so I am happy either way. As for the baby storyline, even if I can't really imagine Blair with a baby, I hope we won't have to suffer another "accident/miscarriage" cliché and I would rather like to see her struggle with maternity (even if this can also be a cliché^^).


@pty Let us not suck the humor out of comments section now.
@b's comment was rude but funny nevertheless!
These are fictional characters, we should be able to poke fun at them if we please...
We don't want things getting dull around here ;)

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