Get ready to find out what you're made of. Because to survive on the Upper East Side, you better be fearless. XOXO — Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl

Face your fears and the rewards can be profound. You can discover the true depth of a relationship. Or what you're capable of withstanding. The problem is, the more you gain, the more you stand to lose.

Gossip Girl

Louis: You're pregnant? You're pregnant!
Blair: Oh, you're happy.

The true author of the tell-all tome has been revealed. And the author's name is one everyone will recognize. But the question is, will anyone want to say it again once the book is out?

Gossip Girl

Ivy: I'm going to make sure that Cece reinstates your access to her checks.
Carol: You are on your own now. Good luck.

To my beautiful wife, her freedom, and the end of the ankle bracelet.


Destiny is a scary thing to face. We all need a little push.


There was a part of me that really wanted it to be yours.


Chuck: You must have very been relieved when you realized you weren't carrying my offspring. It certainly would have derailed your fairytale.
Blair: This fairytale is complicated.
Chuck: Blair. Meet my dog, Monkey.

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