Grey's Anatomy Review: Head-Standing Fun

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Bad outcomes. There risk looms over all of us, but what happens when you grow fearful? For Cristina, it means getting booted off a spinal surgery.

The latest installment of Grey’s Anatomy, "Poker Face,” featured all the residents outside of their comfort zone. So sit down and get ready to dig in to the latest adventures at Seattle Grace.

Oh, Oh, Owen. Cristina and Owen avoided talking by hooking up. All over the hospital. Conference rooms, on call rooms, dirty texts during surgery. They had it all going on, even in front of Webber. Poor Richard. Not once, but twice, did he catch his replacement getting it on. At least it was hot and dirty, you know, stand on your head type of sex.


No Neuro = Happy Marriage. So it looks as though the “not working together/not talking about work” idea is working out for Mer and Der. This is the couple fans have spent the last eight seasons rooting for and loving. I could not have been more pumped to see the two of them back to themselves. Meredith knows her man. She sent Lexie with the scans and Derek realized how great he had it when Mer was on his service. Hopefully these two can get their work lives back together enough they can each practice neuro. Girl is a genius and she deserves to work in the field she wants to.

How cute did Meredith look in her baby pink scrubs? Even if she was an embarrassment to her friends, she just proved it was another field at which she excelled. 

Who else has been waiting for the run in between Mer and Bailey? Miranda ripped in to Mer for helping on the trial, and from the looks of things, that tension is going to spill over to next week.

Case Load. Two cases were front and center on “Poker Face.” Callie worked with Cristina to rebuild a neck and Derek and Lexie operated on one of Mer’s new mothers for a tumor. Both were pretty great. I didn’t realize it until this episode, but I do miss the Callie/Cris time. These two are pretty funny together and are both bad asses. Let’s team these two up together more often. You hear that, Shonda?

The butterfly tumor was one of the most emotional and satisfying cases in recent episodes. They Grey’s formula is back to its original version and boy does it work.

Unhappy Callie

Kepner. Push over. Chief Resident. April finally stood her ground against the other residents and let them know who is boss. Loved the deeper, trying-not-to-be annoying, voice. Karev nailed it when he let loose on her in the hospital. 

The Callie/Arizona/Sloan relationship has taken a backseat so far this season, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing the funny. They say be careful what you wish for, don't they? Callie’s wife and baby daddy as cooking buddies is hilarious. For those of you McSteamy lovers, make sure to check out the latest spoilers. Looks like our boy might not be lonely too much longer.

Poke-Her Face

Joe’s Makes a Quick Appearance...Again! The docs are back to their old ways and for some, that means ending the night at Joe’s Bar. Who else is with me in wanting this to happen way more often?

Overall, another solid episode from Grey’s. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Jackson or not even notice he wasn’t around? Are you glad Mer and Der are getting along again? Sound off below, don’t forget to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table and get an early look at next Thursday's episode HERE.


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I wasn't enthused about this episode at all. For starters: Whether you're a Mer fan or not, I can't believe all rationale is going out the window in regards to what she's done and why Bailey and Derek have been giving her a hard time. I'm in agreement with the couple of people (Thank you by the way for not falling in the norm) who said that Mer is a notorious rule breaker and still hasn't truly faced consequences. Derek is not the bad guy in this matter. The man's human for pete's sake. His career is permanently damaged because of her actions. I refuse to make Mer some victim in this matter. He and Bailey have a right to be pissed and I can't criticize either of them for that. Anyways. I also agree with whoever was saying what's up with Alex. Why are they dumping on him? It's annoying to watch. He's been competent and a decent surgeon and for whatever reason he's the puppy the show wants to kick all of a sudden. I hate that. He's a badass too and they are dropping the ball on him this season. It started with everyone being pissed at him and now he's being kickd off of surgeries for stupid reasons and the like. It's ridiculous and frustrating to watch. Mark. While I'm eternally thankfu for him and Arizona finally getting along. I am sick of him being regaled to babysitter. I can't wait for his love interest to come in, because Calzona dumping Sofia on him just for the hell of it is getting old. He has the kid more than they do. It must be nice. That's the third time he was told (never asked) to "babysit" while they entertained guests, went on vacay, or had sex. Really. It must be nice. I can't wait to see what happens whne Callie can't have the best of both worlds because her bestie is occupied and she loses her inhouse babysitter.
I still find Arizona to be as annoying as Keppner. I will never like her. Honestly the best moments of this episode for me, were the Chief. Seriouslly I love that this guy is finally getting some more time to shine and he's really a comedic foil. Who knew the Chief was this hysterical? His catching Owen and Yang every time they were doing the deed was hilarious, as was his trying to work on the mouse trial w/o bailey knowing. The man is a scene stealer. Keppner. I'm not a big Keppner fan, but shockingly she too made the show interesting to watch last night with her trying to assert herself. While I fear they are tryig to go in the direction of her and Alex being together (something I don't want to see honestly) her changing her voice and threatening people was fun. Even though I can't stand her, she had those remnants of George where no one ever takes her seriously, but she tries anyways. She was funny. I still don't care for her but I'm tolerant of her now, she's somewhat grown on me. And for the record. Yes. I personally missed Jackson. What can I say? I like the kid when they use him properly. He has loads of potential. Overall though...I wasn't crazed about the epiosde. The previews were misleading, it wasn't really entertaining. It was kind of a snoozefest compared to most of the episodes this season. The Chief and Keppner for the win.


I loved this episode! The best thing was definitely Callie, loved all of her stories in this ep, her surgery and handling the AZ/Mark situation. She was MIA for quite a bit. It's good to see her back. Mer/Der and Calzona were cute in their scenes. And that's about it.


This show is just plain silly.


This episode was hard to watch because screeching, whining fingernails on a chalk board April was everywhere! Hate, hate, hate this character. Please, ABC, make it stop! Send her away, along with Avery and Teddy. Useless, useless waste of screen time - all of them. I love, love, love Cristina and Alex, and hate how they are being kicked around by the idiot Attendings. When did they become incompetent chickens? Why? How? Oh, right, to prop up the truly incompetent April and idiot Avery. I'm on Bailey's side against Meredith. Meredith continues to break rules as if she did nothing wrong. WTF?! I used to love Meredith but her attitude lately is awful. She's way more of a problem then Bailey is. I really hope this is the beginning of the end for Cris/Owen. They're awful together, and I really can't stand Owen. He needs to leave with Teddy. I did enjoy Richard this episode, he was LOL funny, but that's about it. Come on, Grey's, you were doing so well, and then... this?


I do like Kepner! She's not my favorite but I still like her scene! And from the last one, I think maybe Alex could like this "new" Kepner too^^


I am a bit shocked about this episode as I think it may have spread false hopes to all kind of people that are affected by a "butterfly tumor" or glioblastoma. Until today there has not been anybody to cure this cancer with a surgery and I feel like this episode was spreading false hopes to all kind of viewers that may be affected by such a tumor.
Having this condition means you are going to die in the next 6-12 months and McDreamy is not going to change it, so I thought it was horrible that they send out this message... you shouldnt create false hope in people. otherwise the episode was great. I think Bailey is so rude. she needs to be told that her work attitude is out of line. I have never met a surgeon like that. and her attitude is harmful at work. I hope they bring mark and lexie back as that was the only couple that I ever really liked. and cristina and burke. please... can you imagine how ugly christina and owens children would be... a ginger-guy with a korean woman. horrible.


Again insulting Derek for being angry? Mer made something illegal, and he is the bad one? She betrayed him by doing what she did, she lied and that could have ended Derek's career. Why shouldn´t he be angry? Why would he let her come back to Neuro when she broke the law and created problems for Der, the chief and the poor people of the trial? What is wrong with you, people?


Great episode. My only complaint is Meredith being in OB, get back to Neuro girl, it's where you need to be before you fall behind and lose your fellow!!! That's it, the only thing wrong was the Neuro thing!!! No Jackson was freaking amazing!!! Just get rid of him for good and I'll be happy!! What a pointless character!!!


loved Calzona too!!!!! loved the ep but i am strangely territorial, i hate that Lexie is in Neuro, i want Mer to show her genius and be back and Neuro!!! McBastard is such a douche and egoist, he is taking away her carrier because of a temper tantrum and now he is happy in her exile!!!! hate him!!!!
i don't know why but nothing! nothing! can make me like Keppner, she is just annoying!
Didn't miss Jackson at all, and Lexie is annoying because Shonda is making it look like she is a competition for Mer, it's like she is trying to replace her and i hate it.


Loved CALZONA!! So happy to see Callie back to being the badass surgeon she is! Love her scenes with Christina. Mark and Arizona scenes hilarious! The way Callie looked at Mark..... Whoa watch out!! About time she let him know that boundaries have to be set! Glad to see the love between Calzona once again :)

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