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  • Kepner tries to work on her Chief Resident skills and gets Meredith to help her on the trial she is doing with Bailey.
  • Meredith is working in OB. Her patient, a new mother, has a butterfly tumor that Derek operates on.
  • Callie and Cristina team up to take on a spinal patient to fix his neck.
  • Owen and Cristina are hooking up all over the hospital and Derek & Meredith are getting along again.
  • Kepner gets tough on the residents so they will start taking her seriously. 
  • Sloan and Arizona are cooking together to Callie’s dismay. 
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Mer/Der can retire....they are tired characters.


Loved the Arizona and Callie dynamic. Just give them their own show...please :O)


Anyone knows what christina's ringtone is??? She's with Torres during an operation and christina's cellphone starts ringing... thanks :)


Does anyone know the name of the song that dr yang has as her ringtone at about 11min 13 seconds?


i sure hope they don't break calzona up already. they have great chemistry and callie will go bolistic on arizona if she leaves.


Firstly, no... Merideth and Derek should not get back baby Zola. One baby is already enough for the show. It's already complicated that Mark, Arizona and Callie have the kid, but it works fine enough because they are somewhat able to keep it in the backround, THOUGH for the entire 8th season so far... Callie has not had much screen time at all . But, with Merideth and Derek, you can't keep a baby in the backround, it's just not possible without messing things up. Derek had a right to be upset, and i assume with the coming episodes he'll slowly start to forgive Merideth, he already showed some softness towards her when he mentions that she took a bullet for him, and he knows why she does all of it, that it's what he loves about her... he'll come around. What i'm concerned about is the intensity of Merideth... of the show on the whole... Grey's Anatomy... is an intense show, it's more on the depressing, dark side... and i'm afraid it's losing that. Cristina's personality has stayed true, so has Alex's... Merideth's is seeming to dwindle away... I want the show to regain the emotional depth that it once had for the entire first 6 seasons. I'm not saying the show has lost this depth... but it's dwindling away slowly. A true Grey's Anatomy fan.


i love this show so much but come on derik is being a jerrrrrrrrk, meridith doesnt deserve all this ya she made a mistake but come onlet the fun be back..... i love christina i love her how she is so cute with meridith baby but she doesnt want one. can u please think about getting back off the map it was such a great showwwwww


Let Meredith And Derek Get their little girl back already! Hasn't Meredith been through enough? She deserves some happiness already.

Avatar's just a show people.Just enjoy the different stories.They are creating a little suspense and drama for you.The characters aren't real in case you forgot.


I love the show but i hate how derek and meredith aren't being together!they deserve eachother through thick and thin!derek why dont u understand!!!!):If grey's go on season 9 without merder i won't watch it for sure.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Can you go have sex with him so he'll be nicer?


So, I'm a tumor mule?

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