Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Poker Face"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursday night's episode, "Poker Face," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further discuss, debate and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: I'm torn. I loved Meredith pulling the strings to get Derek to work on her patient's butterfly tumor but I equally loved Sloan and Arizona's new found love of cooking. Loved Sloan coming in at the end of the episode and Arizona getting up to tell him how amazing the food looks. Sorry Callie, but it looks like your wife has a new friend, and that friend is your baby daddy.

Sean: I liked Callie telling Sloan to get lost and get laid. She managed to get a hold of her relationship and hopefully set the wheels in motion for Sloan to find his own love interest. Let the steaminess begin!

Christina: I liked the Sloan and his scones scene, but I also loved the simple sister bonding scenes between Meredith and Lexie. Lexie’s been MIA for awhile, but she made up for it with some pretty funny lines. Here, let me remind you of a couple: “Can you go have sex with him so he’ll be nicer?” “So, I’m a tumor mule?”

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy is one of the largest on TV. If you could cut out one character completely, who would it be?

Courtney: I thought about this for a while and definitely have mixed feelings. The characters I disliked the most are already gone (Izzie Stevens... Erica Hahn). If I'm cutting one, its probably Teddy, just for the fact that she is underused and is not nearly as big of a Cardio God as Preston Burke.

Sean: I’d have to agree with Courtney and cut Teddy. She hasn’t really done much recently in terms of the larger story and I can totally see her fading further into the background.

Christina: Although April has kind of sort of grown on me, I’d cut her in a heartbeat. Alex’s impersonation of her annoying voice was dead-on.

Better case: The spinal surgery with the annoying parents or the new mother with the butterfly tumor?

Courtney: I call butterfly tumor, no doubt! It was emotional, had the opportunity to be tragic, and it allowed us to see Meredith in her vagina squad scrubs!! In all seriousness, the thought of giving birth and then no longer being here in six months is one of the saddest stories we have had all season. Derek had to fix up that tumor because I'm not sure I could have handled watching the husband/father leave that hospital with his baby and no wife.

Sean: Definitely the new mother with the butterfly tumor. It was filled with an emotional punch not only for Derek, etc., but even for me as well. I was afraid for the bad news when he came out to talk to the father. Thank goodness, it wasn’t. Man, what a classic Grey’s Anatomy case.

Christina: Definitely the latter. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen such an emotional case. I may have shed a tear or two.

C-Yang Action

Cristina and Owen: Avoidance seems to be working for them. Is it going to catch up to them or will the two make it for the long haul?

Courtney: These two can be a mystery. Sometimes I think it feels forced, other times they are the perfect fit. Obviously they will not be able to go on without even mentioning the children subject, but for the time being it is working. Who knows, maybe one of them will change their mind, but Owen knows who he married and he has to accept that. I hope these two make it for good because Owen is one lucky guy. Seriously Cristina? Stand on your head type? Kudos to you!

Sean: It’s going to catch up to them eventually. Nothing ever goes perfectly. That said it was rather funny watching them act like a couple of bunny rabbits all around the hospital.

Christina: They say you can avoid reality, but you simply can’t avoid the consequences of doing so. It appeared that avoidance was working for them last night, but I definitely think that it’s going to catch up on them eventually. Hopefully, it’s later rather than sooner.

More underused this week: Sloan, Arizona, or Jackson?

Courtney: Jackson by default because he only appeared in the last minute or so. The one that needs more screen time - Sloan!! He has been the main character providing the laughter for the past couple weeks, but the man needs a great surgery and a woman (Oh hey, Grey's Anatomy spoilers section!). Remember the days when Mark reconstructed peoples faces and performed groundbreaking surgeries? I miss those. But I would totally settle for watching some Food Network with him given the chance.

Sean: I’m going with Jackson but I think that was because he had a fair amount of screen time last episode. At least he managed to pop in for a moment. Granted, I think someone always is going to be underused each week with such a large cast.

Christina: Jackson, for sure. Truthfully, I didn’t even notice him missing for all but two seconds of the episode.


cristina dosen't want to be a Mom, I'm wondering whether Owen provide PP-Addison his sperm and then get the deal he can be kid's dad, Crowen needn't get the divoice!


@Aussie Unless there is a remix of Poker Face by Lady Gaga that I don't know about, the ringtone is definitely not that. I really want to know what Christina's ringtone in this episode is- and if it was created for the show, I want to download it!


I would lose three characters if Dr Burke came back.He was perfect in that role. Its a big cast but they try to make it work.


it's grey's anatomy, not Yang's anatomy, Burke's nothing to s8ep6, please everyone's comment focus on 14 regular actors, or the epi of "Poker Face"


MJ_McBelle said Isaiah Washington is an exceptional actor unfortunately he is also an exceptionally scummy workmate


I agree, I would cut Teddy out. There was once a time I would say April as well but she is growing on me. There's not a better Cardio God than Preston Burke. Isaiah Washington is an exceptional actor and very appropriate as Preston Burke. When I watch the reruns, I liked Burke and Cristina together. Then I remember how Cristina and Owen are together. I feel like with Burke and Cristina, the passion for cardio was mutual. He understands and indulges her in her cockiness. With Owen, howewer, I feel like he's holding her back...but only because he doesn't her jeopardize her career. And I remember how Burke left Cristina on the altar, saying that if he loved her...he would let her go. It's quite interesting, I think. Burke and Cristina matched with their Cardio addiction but he didn't understand her as who she is. With Owen, he might not be into cardio as she is but where it counted, he was there. He understands her little quirks, about not wanting kids and he understood what Mer said...that Cristina can have the kid for him but letting the responsibility get in the way of her career will destroy her. So to sum up, Cristina is better with Burke when it comes to their careers but emotionally, she's better with Owen. I actually don't know how I end up talking about Owen and Cristina. I like them. And I think they should talk about the abortion soon or it's going to fester. Same with MerDer, she's the perfect resident for him. Not talking about neuro will be a challenge. I agree that Mark has been underused. He's McSteamy. I need a little McSteamy! I need to be reminded how sexy McSteamy is. I mean, I don't mind the scenes with the baby and cooking...but I miss McSteamy. Jackson is not bad. He's the Gunther. And Mark's letting him do most of his surgeries. April is getting better. The voice thing is funny. Bailey's method of getting her way is the staredown. It's cool that April got her way. The scene at Joe's where she's telling them to do what she wants or she'll torture them is quite awesome. Can't wait for the next episode. Oh and I don't like Teddy but I like Henry.


@notreal yeah I was trying to work the ringtone out as well and pretty sure it's poker face by gaga.
Fav Scene: can you have sex with him and make him nicer was best line, otherwise Mer showing she can do anything and be great, still want her back in neuro though.
Cut: Teddy, Jackson, or April don't miss any of them.
Better Case: Butterfly tumor definately back to season 1/2 sort of cases love the old formula.
Owen/Cristina: there avoidance of talking about the subject
is gonna blow up, I can see the storm clouds brewing and I also think Mer is really gonna tell her what she thinks.
This couple is heading for a divorce I say.
Underused: Jackson this week but didnt miss him.


What I can't understand is why the love/kissing scenes with Calzona are so watered down. They are a great couple and we should see the more intimate moments in their relationship. Other than that great episode.


all of the scenes with callie, arizona, and mark were great..especially callie telling mark to get lost...also enjoyed callie surgery with cristina and her telling her to get out...really great.


Best scene was Alex and Cristina on the couch with the sexting: Alex: Hot. Cristina: I know, right? ROTFL. Love these two together.
They need to cut Teddy, April and Jackson at least. Cast is way too big, and these three add nothing.
Cases were awful this week. Derek's miracles are so over-done they shouldn't even bother with the cheesy suspenseful music anymore. She lived? Shocker! Except not. And - yawn.
Cristina and Owen need to split up. They're horrible together.
Cristina and Alex are being underused in their crappy story line. Seriously, these are two awesome characters. WTF are the writers doing to them?

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