Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Put Me In, Coach"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursda's episode, "Put Me In, Coach," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: My favorite scenes definitely consisted of Meredith and Cristina playing and drinking in the outfield. Favorite quote has to go to Teddy though: "You have to go back to the beginning to understand the end." That's what the show has been doing this season, getting back to the basics and it is absolutely paying off.

Sean: Aside from Derek wearing his Bowdoin gear (my hometown represent, what what!), it would have to be Lexie throwing the softball at Sloan’s new love interest. That girl can throw.

Christina: I loved all of the Surgeons in the Outfield scenes. Best quote, though, was Lexie’s: ”I thought she was stealing second!” The only thing that was safe was Lil Grey’s green eyes and killer arm.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Derek’s patient underwent a risky first time surgery. If it was you, would you take the risk?

Courtney: It would really depend on the situation. If I was the patient that Derek had in this episode, then yes. They said she would never be able to get better so it's worth the shot. Besides, anytime Derek is faced with an extreme challenge he always pulls through. Aren't TV doctors the best?

Sean: Well, Derek has a pretty good track record, so if it was him conducting the surgery, I’d be more inclined to. Sometimes the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Christina: Me? No way. I’m simply not McDreamy and only slightly color outside of the lines. Derek, on the other hand, is passionate and pulls off miracles by taking risks. I always love his medical cases.

3. Who is the most bad ass surgeon at Seattle Grace - Derek, Cristina, or Callie?

Courtney: Given the chance to vote for Cristina in anything, she is usually my choice. But this time, I have to go with Callie. She doesn't often get the coolest or life saving surgeries but the ones she does get are awesome. I mean, you saw it. She rebuilt that guy's smashed hand! Remember the girl from one of the earlier seasons who was bent over all the time and Callie fixed her? She's done some insane stuff. She may be a bone breaker but she is definitely an artist.

Sean: Is this a popularity contest? Callie certainly knocked it out of the park with the smashed hand, but pretty much every surgeon at Seattle Grace has his or her own style of bad ass-ness.

Christina: Tough question because it’s all relative ... it just depends on the day, case, challenges, etc. If I had to choose though based on the previous episode alone, I’d go with Callie, the artist. She has always been able to connect with her patients and is purely awesome. Heck, she rebuilt a smashed hand. That was so cool and amazing.

Whistle Blower

4. Has Alex redeemed himself for selling out Meredith?

Courtney: Meredith has forgiven him so it looks that way. The best part about him going down to the family court is that he didn't tell anyone. He wasn't doing it to get back in everyone's good graces. He was doing it because he believes Zola belongs with Derek and Meredith. He is a great peds doctor and that is where he belongs. In my world, Alex redeemed himself when Zola was taken away and he was the one to comfort Mer.

Sean: Meredith doesn’t know what Alex did and I’m glad that he didn’t jump up to tell her either. That wouldn’t spell redemption, just a chance to get off the guilt train. He may be abrasive and arrogant, but the guy has a heart and he’s willing to go above and beyond. In my eyes, he’s on the fast track back.

Christina: Definitely! I loved that he took matters into his own hands and pulled out all of the stops for the McFamily. Even better, he worked selflessly and silently showing he was trying to make amends with Mer.

5. The love triangle is back. What do you want to happen between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson?

Courtney: First, let me say that Little Grey is the luckiest girl on the show. She has the two hottest guys in love with her. Okay, so she makes a better fit with Sloan. They do have better chemistry, despite their age gap. You don't see the sparks between Lexie and Jackson, although he is probably the better guy for her. I would like Mark play the field for a bit now that he's back in the game, but not with the eye doctor. End game - Mark and Lexie. 

Sean: I’m kind of surprised how googly eyed and jealous Lexie was towards Sloan. I thought things were good with her and Jackson. It almost seemed too quick too soon and frankly, not fair to Jackson at all. He even recently left viewers with the notion that he loves her. Now, it’s hard to see their relationship headed in a positive direction anymore. So is it really a love triangle?

Christina: I’ve been shipping Slexie since day one. Goodbye, Jaxie.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


1.Didn't care for the ep, but the antics on the field were amusing. Bailey and Mer arguing.
2.If I were the patient?probably not. If I were Der? probably not.
3.Most of them are otherwise they wouldn't be there. I'm always impressed by Yang.I like Hunt's style as well. Callie's cool for her area even though I never found ortho interesting. Honestly the ones that I never buy is Mer,April, Lexie..
4.No he didn't redeem himself because I still don't believe he actually needed too. I'm usually a stickler for loyalty but Mer was dead wrong and she jeopardized the entire hospital during a crap economy, costing two people their jobs to some degree, and she STILL hasn't faced consequences (hence why Bailey is so pissed...forgive and forget my ass.).
5. Is it really a triangle. As a fan of both Jackson and Mark, and a former Jaxie and Slexie fan, neither of them need to be with her. They both deserve better. Because Mark deserved better than someone who bailed on him when things got tough and who couldn't understand his need to put his family first, and Jackson deserves someone who loves him as much as he loves the person and won't cheat on him if the timing is right. Granted he did know what he was getting himself into a tad bit as well, but still. Lexie needs to be single, and they all need to stop jumping from one coworker to another.


Lexie is starting to get annoying.... She doesnt do anything special in the Hospital and is often just flustered when asked to do simple task. Jackson and Mark could do way better. Little grey is looking more and more like a doe-eyed rookie. Her act is getting old. I thought she'd be satisfied with Jacksson but she decides to attack Marks new girlfriend. Wow! She does not deserve to be loved by anyone!
Mark and April anyone?


1. best scenes/ quotes?
Meredith to Bailey: "mind your own DAMN business!"-loved it!
when Lexie hit Mark's girlfriend with the ball(I hit the rewind button like 8 times on my DVR)-HILARIOUS!!! and I must say Im GLAD Mark is having sex again(or is it just me?) because Mark being the squishy lovey dovey daddy was nice in season 7 but McSteamy lost his hotness factor for the fiest few ep. of the season. 2. if I could be a paitent and have McDreamy as my doctor-heck yeah I'd the surgery!!! lol 3. the badass surgeon?
uh Derek duh!!!! um hello this dude's like Hudini: he can break your brain almost and put it back together that to me =badass Callie is a badass artistically she could build you some new bones out of anything NEXT!!! 4. has Alex redeemed himsefl?
I guess so...I mean he 's taking the risk of going to jail for attempting to bribe a jugde that to me is real love for a person 5. Mark/Lexie/Jackson love Triangle??? Idk about this one because Lexie left him when she found out he got callie pregnant and she had the berve to get mad at Mark for sleeping with Addison(season 6) wheb he was in California...Jackson stands no match for Mark, but I dont want Lexie to end up with Mark either....he has 2 kids, and she cant accept either one of them (Sophia and Sloane) yet she told Mark to leave her alone because she was happy with Jacson but yet she gets mad and throws the ball at Mark's girlfriend #jelousmuch


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode? When Christina finally got it and demonstrated that it wasn't always about her being the rock star. I loved it. Christina back from the trauma of the shooting, the depression, not knowing whether she wanted to be a surgeon, then not being humble about learning the basics, has come full circle. I love it. Derek’s patient underwent a risky first time surgery. If it was you, would you take the risk? Derek's ego is too huge not to, but frankly I would have done something that was less risky that increased the patient's survivability. Attempting to do something that has never been done because you're sick of compromise because you can't get your baby back doesn't give you license to go all rogue on a teenager just cause it's more interesting and daring. It was irresponsible and it simply didn't feel. But he was successful so he's not about to change his ways. Who is the most bad ass surgeon at Seattle Grace - Derek, Cristina, or Callie? Got to be Derek the brain surgeon. He's done some amazing reckless totally crazy stuff. But he's good. He's the original McMarcus Welby lol Has Alex redeemed himself for selling out Meredith? Alex is pathetic. He dimes out Meredith because she compromised the trial, but he compromised their adoption by going to see the judge. What if the judge doesn't appreciate the tampering and decides to punish Derek/Mer because of his meddling. He can go into a deeper whole of self loathing. Did Izzy just suck the good out of Alex so he can only act like a human being in a crisis? Alex was becoming a better man. Now he' a scumbag and I don't care what he does. It still has a sleazy smell to it lol The love triangle is back. What do you want to happen between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson? Jackson should have known better. He picked up Sloan's sloppy seconds and now he's about to get his heart broken. Over Lexie? She ain't even blonde lol...well not anymore. She ain't even that beautiful that two totally hot guys should be fawning over her. She ain't even a rockin' surgeon...she's a dweebie with a photographic memory. Ain't know love triangle is was always a line with an intersection.


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?
When Miranda asked Meredith why she had her mother's diary and her answer was simple: Because she was my mother. Classic Meredith response. Derek’s patient underwent a risky first time surgery. If it was you, would you take the risk?
No, not if the patient was my daughter. I think I would let the first time be on someone not so important to me. Who is the most bad ass surgeon at Seattle Grace - Derek, Cristina, or Callie?
I'm going with Callie, she is always doing something out of the ordinary where Derek's are boring, zzzzz and Christina's are never out of the ordinary. Has Alex redeemed himself for selling out Meredith?
I think he did that last week when he could of lost his job just for letting us friend know her child was in the hospital. Well done Karev, I'm back on your side again. The love triangle is back. What do you want to happen between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson?
I dont know, I love Mark and Lexie... But after they finally got back together then for her to leave him, again. I'm over Lexie can she have neither? Hell I wouldn't care who it was... Jackson and Mark are both hot!


1. I have two favorite scenes this episode; Meredith and Cristina drinking on the field and Meredith kissing Alex on the forehead. It's a great reminder of the original Grey's. I'm glad we're seeing a season that focuses on the original cast's growth from interns to residents to attendings (almost!). 2. I'm not sure if I would have risked losing my child immediately to prolong her life if the surgery was successful. I pray that I never have to face those odds and that decision as a parent. But, if I'm a "patient" in the Grey's Anatomy world and Derek Shepherd is the surgeon, I might just try my luck LOL. 3. Callie had the badass surgery. It's funny because my husband and I discussed the fact that Callie is never highlighted as the kick-ass surgeon she is. She rebuilds bones for heaven's sake -- that chic is AWESOME! 4. Yes, Alex redeemed himself and I think he needed to be redeemed because he told on Meredith to suit himself NOT because he cared about the hospital, the FDA or most importantly, all of the other patients affected by her actions. Alex told because he thought he was losing the Chief Resident race to her and didn't want her to win. There was no moral or noble reason behind his action. Without question, what Meredith did was wrong but what Alex did was wrong as well. Alex cleaned up his mess. Meredith got around hers because Richard loves her like a daughter. It may not be fair but hey, Izzie got away with cutting a patient's L-VAD wire which could have killed him; she essentially stole a heart from the person at the top of the list; and she did it all for herself - not anyone else - and everyone, including the people who condemn Meredith's actions, wanted her to get a free pass. If it's good for a secondary character, it's great for the MAIN character of the show. 5. I don't like Lexie and Mark together. I think she's immature for him and I've always wanted to see him with an equal. That said, I'd like her to stay with Jackson but I know that won't happen. Oh well.


@Jen How do you feel about Izzie cutting Denny's wire?


Thank you, AlexIsAwesome! I'm tired of hearing how Alex needs to redeem himself when all he did was TELL THE TRUTH. I would hope that if medical trials were being tampered with a doctor would expose the truth. If anyone should needs redeeming here it is Meredith who stole the medicine from the Alzheimer patient that rightfully should have gotten it. Not only that, Meredith ruined the trial which prevents Adele and all the other Alzheimer patients from potentially receiving a cure or medicine that will slow down the progress of the disease. On top of all that, she ruined Derek's professional reputation and he will no longer be able to set up medical trials because the FDA won't ever want to work with him. Chief Webber took the blame for Meredith which ruined his professional reputation and blacklisted him from the FDA too. Meredith's deliberate actions caused so much collateral damage that she shouldn't even be allowed to step foot in the hospital yet, she doesn't suffer any consequence (Derek and Bailey being angry at her for a while doesn't even qualify as a slap on the wrist!) and, in fact, is put on another medical trial. WTF? That makes absolutely no sense. I used to like Meredith but the way the writers have gone OTT this season with their painting of her a Mary Sue has me really disliking the character.


1. Best scene was Meredith kissing Alex at the end. One of my favorite scenes of the whole series. Love, love, love them together. 2. What risk? I ROTFL at the weekly McDreamy miracle. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Yawn. 4. Alex never needed to be redeemed. Meredith stole the drug from someone who needed it as much as Adele did, and screwed up the clinical trial. I'm still waiting for her to redeem herself. It's absurd how easily she's gotten off the hook. 5. Both guys could do way better than Lexi. She needs to go back to junior high. Are there no grown women in Seattle for any of these guys?


Best scene was the drunk argument and I loved the end when they were all sitting on the bench after the game drinking and talking. Ep really played being drunk well and the sparks were flying yet again between her and patrick.
Callie = bad ass
Will alex be caught out? He never mentioned his name so the judge doesn't know him, but could also backfire for mer/der at the hearing oh no worst case scenario.

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