Hawaii Five-0 Review: Together Again

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Ka Hakaka Maika’i: The Good Fight.

Now that all the members of Five-0 are back together, we got to see them get their fighting on on "Ka Hakaka Maika'i," as they were faced with a murder during a home invasion.

It was back to business as usual for the team, from Steve going toe-to-toe with MMA champion Chuck Liddell to watching the now five-person unit take down those robbers - and business was good!

White vs. Wo Fat

Watching our heroes go at it with these antagonists was one of the best actions scenes we've been treated to this season. It was nearly perfect, but one had get away, of course. Enter the requisite chase scene!

This happens so often, my wife has started keeping keeping track. Tonight the count was two: first the last home invader, then Boriero. 

Elsewhere, we got a visit from Wo Fat, or rather Joe White got a visit. You have to admit, White held his own pretty well, given Wo Fat’s history. On the other hand, I’m sad that Mokoto is dead, he seemed like a gentle old man and really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Did you agree with Joe that he and Steve asking questions go Mokoto killed? I don't. I’m with Steve. The responsibility lies with the Wo Fat, as he made the choice. 

I have a question for the anti-Lori TV Fanatics, too: What do you think of how they started reshaping her character? Did you notice she was never “dressed up” (ditching the sexy business woman look) and was actually showing a strong tom-boy side when she talked to Steve about sparing with her ex-boyfriend when she learned MMA and Judo? 

I’m pretty lonely in the “I ♥ Lori” club, but it looks like Alex Kurtzman and his team were working hard in this episode to bring a few more converts over. I’ve said it before, I have no complaints with her joining the team; she has added a strong element with her profiling background and she prevents Kono from being the only girl. That’s “win/win” in my book.

That said, it was disappointing that the show stuck with its current trend of advertising a guest star and then only featuring one scene with him/her. This week we got to meet Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: Los Angeles. She clearly had a history with Joe, which I had hoped meant we would see her for more than three minutes. Alas, it was not to be.

In the end, with Wo Fat back on the war path and Steve having learned a bit more about what his father was talking to him about, I suspect Joe and Steve will need to be a bit more careful.

Whatever comes at Five-0, however, it will be nice to see them all face it... together.


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Joshua, all, what you saying it's right. Lori must gone, now and fast.


Are Lauren German's 12 episodes up anytime soon?...please! I set my dvr to record the show now. It's just gone downhill. The dynamic is gone. The bromance between Danny and Steve is gone. Grace and Danny are now background elements. Why would you F***up a show that was doing so well. Fire Lauren German and her boyfriend Peter L.


I am finding that Lori messes up the whole dynamic of the team she needs to go. I don't want her to end up with Steve its just too contrived. The Woo fat story needs some consistency its getting old. If Moonlight proved anything its that a sexy lead and great concept is not enough to carry a show with bad story telling.


A Charity fight event on the island would be so full of local legislators using their $200 free ticket that there wouldn't be room for anyone else but their relatives. Wo Fat without his posse is quite a stretch. As said in an earlier comment Wo Fat and Five-O has turned into Family Guy and the Chicken.


Patti if you want realistic then they would never have put that Lori character on the team and she sure would not be front and center. They obviously are not being realistic with ANYTHING on this show. Having said that, I don't mind a little unrealistic story line, this is tv. But Hell at least get someone who can act. Lauren German is terrible.


I don't really care for Lori, was interesting to see the mixing with NCIS Los Angeles although i would have liked to see more of them there like Callen or Sam since Steve owes him a steak dinner. The repertoire between the two former seals would have been interesting. The last thing I remember seeing Joe in was NCIS where he went nuts & before that on JAG. I really like this character for him.


I love Lori! I think they are starting to develop her character nicely but I think they are grooming her to become Steve's love interest and she will probably be killed off by Wo Fat soon. I think it would be nice to see the softer side of Steve. I disagree that the dynamic between Steve and Dano has been compromised. They still have there thing going on. Glad Kono is back. Didn't like the little side trip she took. I hope they develop Chin's relationship with the doctor. I think they need some love interests for these characters. It helps them seem more real. What happened to Rachael and Grace? It's like they don't have lives outside of 5-0. It's not realistic.


They can dress Lori up they can dress her down w/e but there is NO way they will ever improve her acting skills and character - get her off the show already and bring someone in who can actually act like...c'mon this woman has the personality of a rock...wait a rock has more lol Loved the episode and I think asking questions is what got the poor old man killed; but WoFat is ultimately to blame. focus on the show's main characters and story lines more - bring in the big guy and kono as well as Steve and Danno...where the heck has gracie been? :( seriously get rid of the blonde bimbo and bring in someone who can act and has a personality! or none at all....


The whole show was great, but my favorite part had to be seeing Steve in his boxing trunks...yum!


Loved it!...WoFat_Joe scene was nice twist! I just wanna know, from the ladies out there...who's butt is nicer? Steve or Danno!!!

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