Hawaii Five-0 Review: Together Again

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Ka Hakaka Maika’i: The Good Fight.

Now that all the members of Five-0 are back together, we got to see them get their fighting on on "Ka Hakaka Maika'i," as they were faced with a murder during a home invasion.

It was back to business as usual for the team, from Steve going toe-to-toe with MMA champion Chuck Liddell to watching the now five-person unit take down those robbers - and business was good!

White vs. Wo Fat

Watching our heroes go at it with these antagonists was one of the best actions scenes we've been treated to this season. It was nearly perfect, but one had get away, of course. Enter the requisite chase scene!

This happens so often, my wife has started keeping keeping track. Tonight the count was two: first the last home invader, then Boriero. 

Elsewhere, we got a visit from Wo Fat, or rather Joe White got a visit. You have to admit, White held his own pretty well, given Wo Fat’s history. On the other hand, I’m sad that Mokoto is dead, he seemed like a gentle old man and really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Did you agree with Joe that he and Steve asking questions go Mokoto killed? I don't. I’m with Steve. The responsibility lies with the Wo Fat, as he made the choice. 

I have a question for the anti-Lori TV Fanatics, too: What do you think of how they started reshaping her character? Did you notice she was never “dressed up” (ditching the sexy business woman look) and was actually showing a strong tom-boy side when she talked to Steve about sparing with her ex-boyfriend when she learned MMA and Judo? 

I’m pretty lonely in the “I ♥ Lori” club, but it looks like Alex Kurtzman and his team were working hard in this episode to bring a few more converts over. I’ve said it before, I have no complaints with her joining the team; she has added a strong element with her profiling background and she prevents Kono from being the only girl. That’s “win/win” in my book.

That said, it was disappointing that the show stuck with its current trend of advertising a guest star and then only featuring one scene with him/her. This week we got to meet Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: Los Angeles. She clearly had a history with Joe, which I had hoped meant we would see her for more than three minutes. Alas, it was not to be.

In the end, with Wo Fat back on the war path and Steve having learned a bit more about what his father was talking to him about, I suspect Joe and Steve will need to be a bit more careful.

Whatever comes at Five-0, however, it will be nice to see them all face it... together.


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When the ratings keep going down and this show fails everyone needs to remember it is the WRITERS not the actors that are to blame. Instead of adding new useless characters to the show, why not add new writers? I do like Max-he serves a purpose. Joe is good but I think he's heading for a spinoff. Lori is irritating and useless. I feel sorry for the actress-hope she isn't watching herself. I would be embarrassed.


I certainly don't agree w/Jim G thinking Lori is a win/win. She brings absolutely nothing, zilch, zero to the show. She can't act and has the personality of a wall. Her only skill is being annyoing. Alex Kurtzman isn't winning any converts over to Lori - if he has a brain, he'll write her out completely. Danny and Steve and Chin and Kono, as the team, make the show. They have a great dynamic. And, with the exception of Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono are being sorely underused. The best scene last night was Danny being true-to-form with the empathy he showed for the 14 yr. old boy. We need to see more of that. The show is not old enough to have so many changes made to it. The writers really need to keep developing the current stars characters before adding so many other extraneous characters (especially Lori) - last season's writing was so much better. Very disappointed with the season so far.


Lori was better acted this week, Ill give you that - and yes, she's covering up more. Her obligatory weekly "mesh with a team member to show how well you're fitting in" scene was not as painful as last week's Chin meet. But she still irritates me like no one else has on the show. Of course she's a Muay Thai expert, she's an expert at everything. She doesn't need the Fab 4 with her, she can be Hawaii One-0 all by herself. And is she going to ogle Steve in every episode? Why don't we have Kono develop a schoolgirl crush on Danno too? Then they can have fun lunches and discuss their men.
I'm just grateful (and surprised) that the best scene, Danno rushing to the victim's son, wasn't given to the caring empath.
The promo hype is better than the actual episodes. Kensi was on for what - 3 minutes? And all she came up with a lot of tantalizing tidbits that will never get mentioned again, and one word. True, it'll be an important word, but .... that's it????
Joe is getting too shady. Why not mention to Steve while he's laying on the mother of all guilt trips, that he's the one that tipped off Wo Fat? (but it was wonderful to see Wo Fat taken aback for once).
Since I don't care for MMA, that part didn't do much for me, except it was nice to see the whole "team" turn up to support Steve, but it was a neat tie-in to the twisty murder investigation, which I did enjoy.
The team seems to be getting back to how it used to be (although Kono never kicked their asses for having ignored her during her time of need, and the guys never acknowledged the lack of ohana). Have Wo Fat kill Lori off soon, and we may have our team back as they grieve for her and reunite in mutual hatred. It seems like they will be the only ones who'll miss her.


michael i think you are about the only one who hates ziva on NCIS


More of Joe, Please! I am a big fan of his!That fight scene was fantastic, he held his own and obviously surprised Wo Fat. It was worth watching the show just for that fight... Yes, I agree that the bromance between Danny and Steve needs to come back even stronger than before, it's a very important thread that keeps the show strong. Strong relationships between the characters in a show are what make it successful. The 5 characters( 5 with Joe, he needs to stay) in this show are fantastic, work off each other very well and are interwoven. If the writers are having problems coming up with good ideas with interaction between these 5 excellent actors I would suggest that the producers need different writers because you won't find better actors.


So it sound like Hawaii Five-O has it own Ziva type character in Lori because a lot of reason that people are hating these Lori character is the same reason a lot of people hated Ziva from NCIS.


I don't have a problem with Lori, I have a problem with her taking presidence over other team members. The Danno/McGarrett friendship has been pushed aside and McGarrett is with Lori half of the time. What happened to his resentment towards her? It lasted one episode. Why was she backstage at the match instead of one of the other 5-0 members that McGarrett should be closer to? I was very glad when Danny appeared backstage. He belonged there, not Lori. She has been pushed to the front and Danny, Kono, and Chin Ho are in the background now that Kono's "issue" has been solved. What about Danny? His ex-wife ditched him (again). Where's Grace?


I hate that Kensi was only there for one scene. I was really looking forward to her being in the episode. As for Lori, I don't hate her. I just don't think she is a ever going to be a permanent member of the team. If you want to bring someone in for a few episodes, fine, but any ensemble show like this is delicate in terms of casting. Kona, Steve, Danny, and Chin are the main team. They got lucky bringing Max in more, because he fits well and we don't see too much of him. Besides, I really resent that Lori continues to be showcased as a potential Steve love interest. Is it even necessary? I know the guy is gorgeous, but can't he date behind the scenes??


Kono didn't appear in this episode until 20 minutes into the episode. That's freaking ridiculous. I hate when a show introduces a new character and takes up all the time from the other characters. Having said that, Joe White has been PHENOM. He had an epic fight scene with Wo Fat and they are using him just the right amount. Now if only they have more scenes with him and Chin Ho. I'd be happy. Kono has been CRIMINALLY underused this season, even with her BIG storyline. She popped up in scenes but never really contributed to the episode's narrative. And Chin-Ho and Danny have become supporting characters to what I thought originally was an ensemble show has become the McGherrett show with back-up dancers.


Great action tonight. But seriously??? Do I really need to see Lori in the 1st 2 seconds of the ep??? WHY are the writers/producers shoving her down our throats. And they had the nerve to say that she is so good in martial arts?! I am sorry but that was hilarious! I haven't even seen her character kick or punch anyone. That is not believable at all.

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