Hawaii Five-0 Review: Together Again

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Ka Hakaka Maika’i: The Good Fight.

Now that all the members of Five-0 are back together, we got to see them get their fighting on on "Ka Hakaka Maika'i," as they were faced with a murder during a home invasion.

It was back to business as usual for the team, from Steve going toe-to-toe with MMA champion Chuck Liddell to watching the now five-person unit take down those robbers - and business was good!

White vs. Wo Fat

Watching our heroes go at it with these antagonists was one of the best actions scenes we've been treated to this season. It was nearly perfect, but one had get away, of course. Enter the requisite chase scene!

This happens so often, my wife has started keeping keeping track. Tonight the count was two: first the last home invader, then Boriero. 

Elsewhere, we got a visit from Wo Fat, or rather Joe White got a visit. You have to admit, White held his own pretty well, given Wo Fat’s history. On the other hand, I’m sad that Mokoto is dead, he seemed like a gentle old man and really didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Did you agree with Joe that he and Steve asking questions go Mokoto killed? I don't. I’m with Steve. The responsibility lies with the Wo Fat, as he made the choice. 

I have a question for the anti-Lori TV Fanatics, too: What do you think of how they started reshaping her character? Did you notice she was never “dressed up” (ditching the sexy business woman look) and was actually showing a strong tom-boy side when she talked to Steve about sparing with her ex-boyfriend when she learned MMA and Judo? 

I’m pretty lonely in the “I ♥ Lori” club, but it looks like Alex Kurtzman and his team were working hard in this episode to bring a few more converts over. I’ve said it before, I have no complaints with her joining the team; she has added a strong element with her profiling background and she prevents Kono from being the only girl. That’s “win/win” in my book.

That said, it was disappointing that the show stuck with its current trend of advertising a guest star and then only featuring one scene with him/her. This week we got to meet Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) from NCIS: Los Angeles. She clearly had a history with Joe, which I had hoped meant we would see her for more than three minutes. Alas, it was not to be.

In the end, with Wo Fat back on the war path and Steve having learned a bit more about what his father was talking to him about, I suspect Joe and Steve will need to be a bit more careful.

Whatever comes at Five-0, however, it will be nice to see them all face it... together.


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I'm sorry - I don't get what you see with Lori at all. She still adds absolutely nothing to the show for me. This was the first episode where she actually pitched in with some 'profiling' info on the case, and she's not even doing what she is supposedly there to do - act as a watchdog for the team. It was Kono's first week back with the team and she had very few lines and screen time, which was disappointing. And they never really showed how Lori and Kono interact with each other as people. Who cares if there is only one girl on the team? It doesnt matter to me what the male/female ratio is, as long as there is chemistry between them. Definitely a missed opportunity for some great mcdanno scenes during the fight. I'm losing interest fast.


I agree with all of you. Last night's episode was a complete let down for me. If you blinked you would have missed Kensi. I wish I could blink and Lori would go away. Her part last night was so stupid I actually threw my remote contol out of frustration. The dynamic is so out of wack. Kono and Danny are forced into the background now. This show is not the same as last season. Are they trying to commit show suicide? If you want to kill anything, kill off Lori, PLEASE!!!!


I gave this show every chance. I'm going to dvr it now. This episode was all hype. Kensi was in one scene for less than 5 minutes. What the hell was that? Also it seems like Danny is now in the background and Lori is Steve's mate, again what the hell is that? Danny should have been with Steve before the fight-not Lori. What does she know about wrapping his hands? I'm over the show. This just pushed me over the edge. I will watch it but not live. It will be taped and I'll what it when I get a chance a day or so later. I am so pissed right now. They took a fantastic show and made s*** out of it. The ratings will tell and I do believe TV Guide was correct, like it or not.


I liked it very much but a few points bother me like always. The opening scene pisses me off, why was Lori handtaping Steve? where was Danny really she needs to go ASAP!! There was a murder and goz no Kono at first we had to wait till 13 min when she shows up with a scar from the shooting last week and once again Noooo welcome or apologies from Steve or Danny. HOLY SHIT!!! Steve and his sweaty smokin' hotness he looks STUNNING!!!
Seriously. could look at him all ight *drooling* There are no words for how FABULOUS!! Alex O'Loughlin was in this ep. Hands Down great great job Alex!! Sorry to say this but I wished Wo-Fat had killed Joe don't trust him anymore!!
The way Joe started blaming Steve for Mokoto's death? Yeah, I really wished Wo Fat had killed him. For me Joe and Wo-Fat shares some things about each other for sure they met before why o why would Wo-Fat comes to Joe?
When Joe say's to Steve "If you continue to go down this road, you have to ask yourself, how many lives it's gonna costs" I bet the next one is Jenna in 2.10.


To answer your question directed at anti-Lori fans, well my answer is still no good. I hate that she is being forced upon us continuously and when one angle receives poor reviews, they try to force her another way. The sex kitten business angle didn't work, so now they are trying the tough, tomboy, she could be Mcgarett's equal angle and guess what it still doesn't work! Can we please just get rid of her? I have a few problems with Lori, the first being she changes the dynamic of the team and the show and not in a good way. The team was perfect just the way it was. Secondly, do we really have to have a love interest s/l in the forefront? Can't it be in the background like Steve & Cat were? And if McGarrett must have a gf can we please have someone who actually has some chemistry with him? Hell I saw more chemistry between him and Kensi in one scene than he has ever had with Lori. Lori is not a good match for Steve in any way, she isn't a good match for the team, and lastly, she is the coldest woman I have ever seen, I cringe every time she speaks to a victim or their family. I think if Lori is ever going to work, she needs to get a heart and for the love of god writers, please stop trying to hook her up with Steve! Maker her just as platonic with him as he is with Kono, they have no chemistry that way!!


this episode did not flow at all. It's like there's too many little random subplots going on that don't really make for an exciting hour. The Wo Fat bit was not even addressed until the last seconds, which is a writing fail. Also, Why bring in Kensi for one minute? There was too much hype surrounding her visit. She should have been more integral to the whole episode. Why wasn't she? The writers are not able to juggle this many characters-that's why. Writers--Get rid of Lori, please. You struggle with giving her lines to say that don't mess up the team dynamic, but it all comes out sounding lame and annoying. I hope Lori is collateral damage, and that Jenna is undercover for Joe or the governor. If Lori turns out to be the true one working for Wo Fat, I will forgive the writers for this character. I have started fast forwarding through her lame lines, and last season I did not have to do that with any character. This episode (and all episodes) would have been better without her presence.


As someone who does like Lori, I have to say I don't appreciate having her shoved down my throat in this episode. Honestly, if they want to convert more viewers into Lori fans they need to use her in a way that enhances the other characters - such as giving her more storylines with the underused characters of Kono (how about a scene where the ladies bond and joke over having to use their sex appeal when going undercover?) or Chin Ho. The way they presented her in this made it feel like she was taking screen time that would have gone to Kono and Danny. The bromance between Steve and Danny make the show and Steve/Lori is a poor substitute!


I have to agree with some that Lori is a tool. Nice to look at with little substance. I thought the episode was kind of weak. I knew the brother in law was guilty when they visited the gym. The gun in the Jeep was an obvious plant. As for Wo-Fat, they better kill him or he's going to kill the show. He's becoming like Haskell on CSI. Enough already. The mystery with Steve's father is the hook.


I think Lori will develop into a love interest for one of the two white guys, first, and it may be season finale when wo fat and Lori and others are killed off from the show. Before that they will likely show that Lori Weston and Malia Weston are related. Other villains will emerge later in the season to continue to the next. Whatever happens, I sincerely hope they dont try to whitewash the show by removing the two main Asian characters.


I also think they are building up to Lori being killed by Wo-Fat. Joe warned Steve about "how many more people will die because of their questions..." I think (hope) that was foreshadowing. I also like the show focusing on the original 4. When you add too many extra's it takes away from the 4 main characters interacting. I loved last night's show, however.

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