How To Make It In America Review: "Money, Power, Private School"

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Summer may be gone, but there was plenty of heat on "Money, Power, Private School."

Like Kappo, I, too, wanted to throw up on Ben's face for breaking up with Julie, but I respected his honesty. Ben freed up his dance card just in time, as it seemed Nancy might want the next slow jam. Ben also gave the Heisman to his ex, Rachel, and opened the door for Domingo and some love in an elevator. Just prior to that scene, Rachel told Domingo she wanted to smoke something that would make her feel like her body didn't exist. Lucky for him and us it does, as we got a full glimpse of her ridiculously hot resume.

My only issue with their hook-up was what happened to poor Moo Shoo tied up outside?

Elevator Romance

From old flames to actual flames, Rene's skateboard stunt went up in smoke, but he may yet get his viral video thanks to Wilfredo attacking the protester (Eriq La Salle) with his flaming flannel. You had to feel for Rene as he lamented about his bad luck in trying to go legitimate. Catching Debbie's daughter making out with Wilfredo, though, provided some good leverage in his attempts to impress his spokesmodel girlfriend.

Of all the storyline advances this week, the best had to be Cam's. Lulu's father, Felix (Joe Pantoliano), served up some savory food and sound advice to his daughter's suitors. Felix's explanation of why the painting of his father's finger was so successful resonated with Cam and helped him inspire Ben to redo the school shirt, which ended up being a hit with the students and Nancy.

Often portrayed as the more knuckle-headed of the Crisp duo, Cam showed this week why he is just as vital to the success of the label as Ben is. 

The feel-good moment came in the final scene, as we saw Cam wheeling his new stove down the street toward his new apartment. While it was rather humorous - as he told the landlord about his nightmares as a child where a crack head would emerge from the dumpster outside the window of his room - it was a well placed reminder of the lives these guys from which these men are trying to rise up. For Cam it was all about the heat and timing, and I hope both continue to sync up for him as he tries to win the affections of Lulu D while taking Crisp to the next level. 

The show gained some serious momentum this week in what was by far the best episode yet. With so many dynamic storylines developing, I hope the writers take the advice of Domingo's grandmother and go slow and steady. Until next week, be sure to let us at TV Fanatic know what you thought and check out my favorite quotes from the episode

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word up! i didn't bookmark this page hmotns ago or anything but i was googling cam newton articles and this came up. as a hardcore panthers fan i've been analyzing why people hate this guy so much. i didn't liek the draft pick at first either, but then i did some actual research. the kids a winner, a champion, all he cares about. his phyiscal gifts are obvious, he's got the best in thebusiness. to say this guy isn't smart is ridiculous. We all did dumb thins when we were 18 and 19 man, seriously, get over it. i pulled some pretty crazy shenanigans my first 2 yeras in college too. The kid grew up. he got a 21 on the wonderlic and a 1300 on the SAT's(the old one). theres no reason to think his intellegence isn'tt here and now he's frying

How To Make It In America Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Ben: Who knew she had an ass like that?
Cam: I did, listen you want me to come over and brain storm with you?

I want to throw up on your face right now.